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Anyone Have Pain 6 Months After C-section?

Has anyone had pain at the incision site of a c-section? I had my c-section 6 months ago and on Friday 7-18 I began to have alot of pain and hardness around the incision. I went to the emergency room tonight and they couldn't find out why. Was just wondering if anyone else had this problem and what you did to correct it. Thank you!

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Thank you all for your advice. I went to see my doctor and I had a sono done. They found NOTHING! I am feeling better but still have sharp pain every once in a while. I have learned to deal with it. Thank you all again for helping me to understand my pain.

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Hi, I did and it was scar tissue. It is comon after c section. I had a stomach ultrasound just to be sure and it went away after a year or so. hope this helps.

Yes, C., sorry to say, I had pain in my c-section incision up to and beyond 6 months after each of my children. The two are three years apart, so the pain at the site did nearly disappear in between pregnancies, and did not really bother me too much while pregnant with my second child, but it never really 100% stopped. It especially hurt me (the way I think that yours might be from your message) and felt like "pain and hardness around the incision" after my second child's birth--way beyond the 6 month mark, post-op. My doctor explained to me that it was built-up scar tissue, and that I would always feel some sensitivity. My second child is 17 months old now (today, actually), and I will tell you that my incision site does not really bother me much anymore at all (compared to the shooting pains of earlier days)...though it is sensitive at certain times. I am concerned how it might be if I go for one or two more kids/sections. Good luck to you.
P.S. after reading Aura B's response (below), I remember that I actually had "adhesions to the uterus" and I was supposed to do things to break the tissue apart--I remember that my doctor suggesting "leg lifts" to me, and saying that some people go for physical therapy. I think I tried it a little (it hurt that much), but the leg lifts only made the pain worse. I think I remember her saying that we would have to revisit the topic before I thought about getting PG again. Hope your pain subsides soon...

Hi C.
My advice is call the OB. Probably was not an emergency and probably they were not OB experts in the ER.
Incisions don't feel like the rest of your skin.
I also don't think it feels like dead skin as I have heard it decribed. Mine was uncomfortable for years. When I had my twins they took the old incisions out and at least now it is only one incision that itches, it is an 18 year old incision at this point.
Just thought if it was really hurting--thinking what kind of pain would have made me go to the ER, you should have an answer, because for me that would not have been just discomfort or itching. Ruptures are possible. In fact my gastroenterologist says that mine has but they will simply watch it as it is a small portion. That does hurt at times.
God bless you
K. SAHM married 38 years with 4 children, 37, 32, and twins 18.

Hi C.,

I am a physical therapist who worked with women with chronic pain and fertility issues, and have done a lot of work with post surgical scars. You need to do a lot of tissue mobiliza-tion after the scar has "healed" or it gets bound down. It might even have adhesions to the uterus and surrounding tissues. Check out clearpassage.com for more info.

Hello C.,
I have had 2 c-sections and yes I experienced the pain and hardness around the incision. I can almost guarantee that you have formed adhesians (scar tissue that may have attached to another organ) Hence the pain. In my life time I have had 6 abdominal surgeries and each time they have gone in they have to clean up adhesians. The only reason they have cleaned them up though is because they are in there already for another reason. You can live just fine if you can stand the pain. And the pain is usually tolerable except around your period.
I did want to ask if they did blood work at the emergency room to rule out an infection. If they did not, follow up with your family Dr and get that done. You can have a low grade infection in there for months and not know it. I had that too.

Hi C.,

Most likely it's scar tissue. I had the same issue after my first c-section and it was an emergency so it wasn't the most carefully done surgery. I just had my third c-section last October and they cleaned A LOT of the scar tissue out (I had a ton). It should go away soon (the pain that is, the hardness may not for a long while). Good luck.

over a year after my C I still have pain and numbness in certain areas. Like, if I tug at the skin 5 inches above my scar it feels like the scar will tear open.

What I've noticed is it gets worse during certain weather...like rain or humidity. (Yes I feel like a 90 yr old woman whining about her hip)

I've hear dit's just one of the many crappy side effects of this dreadful procedure.

Hi C.,

It has been six months for me as well. I have not had constant severe pain, but I find if I overdo it I am sore and if I actually lean against it, it HURTS. There was some hardness but that abated ahwile ago. To be safe you should pobably visit your gyn. for a check out.

What helped me was exercise - specifically walking a lot. It gently exercises the abs. I am only just starting the sit up routine.

I hope everything works out!

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