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Anyone Have a VBAC After 2 C-secs??

Trying to research this as I've had 2 c-secs. Erin was 9.3 lbs and I was a failure to progress after 25 hrs, then Xan was born sched. c-sec 19 mos. later. He was 8.12 lbs and I was gest.diab. I am 4 1/2 mos. preg now and am reading up on VBACs. I am concerned a VBAC would be like a first-child birth with a long labor and end up in a C-sec. I'd have to switch OBs;my Dr. won't do VBAC with me, anyway. I've read there is a greater chance of uteran rupture if you have two incisions that could result in an emer. c-sec and hysterectomy...truly, we'd like to have a fourth child after this one...don't want my uterus out! What do YOU think/know/have experienced?

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I did have the c-section with my third child this past December. My Dr. would not do a v-bac after doing two c-secs and after talking to a wise Chiropractor, I decided not to change doctors mid-stream and go for it. I have recovered well and my now 4 mos. old is thriving, thriving. Thanks to all.

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Hi there. I have had a VBAC and it was a great decision. I can even recommend a doctor in the Atlanta area who specializes in them. His name is Dr. Joseph Tate and he was great! (He's in Norcross I believe) I highly recommend VBAC's. A lot of people told me all the statistics and told me how dangerous they are and all that. But if you ask, most doctors will tell you that although the risk is there for uterine rupture, they have never seen one. Don't let anyone scare you off. I was very nervous going into it but Dr. Tate was so calm and understanding and really helped to allay my fears. I drove an hour each way from Canton just to have him as my doctor and would do it again. Good luck and make the best decision for you no matter what anyone tells you!

I have 4 boys. The first 2 were born C-section, and the last 2 were VBAC. My oldest weighed 6'13, and my second was only 3'14 (he was 11 weeks early). I was shocked when my doctor asked me with #3 if I would like to try for VBAC, and then I said "YES". His delivery was pretty normal. He weighed 5'9. My last was 3 weeks early, and he weighed 5'9 too. Usually the doc will go for it unless there is another reason for not trying. I did have gestational diabetes with the last one, too. I think the biggest risk is the type of incision you had with your C-sections. The horizontal "bikini" cut is safer for VBAC than the vertical "old" cut. I would talk to my doctor and see what his reasons are. If it is just reluctance on his part, check around and find someone who is willing to at least discuss this option, because it is definitely quicker and easier to get over, not to mention lighter on the pocket book! Good luck!

I had a VBA2C in Texas 19 years ago am still thrilled when I think about it. As a doula, I've worked with VBAC moms here in the Atlanta area. It's very important for VBAC moms to prepare themselves by taking a good VBAC class or other childbirth class. Also, get support from other VBAC moms. ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) has an email group you can find at www.icanatlanta.org. That email group is full of moms who have and/or are planning to VBAC.
It's also critical to find care providers that REALLY support VBAC births. Many say they do, but are only giving lip service. My experience is that Dr Joseph Tate###-###-####)is incredibly supportive. The midwives at North Pointe OB/GYN are supportive. There are a few others in the area that really help, as well. It makes no sense to me for a mother to "return to the scene of the crime" If she is unhappy about the outcome of her first birth, why would she follow the same path to the next.
Last but certainly not least, I, of course, think it's very helpful to have a doula or at least someone you know and trust who is knowledgeable about birth to support you ongoingly through your labor.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I come at this from two angles, one as a woman who had 4 c-sections and, two as a nurse.

I have safely had four c-sections with no real problems. I had a tubal ligation with my fourth so that is the end for me. The ONLY time a VBAC was discussed was with my second child and when I developed gestational diabetes and he started measuring really large, we stopped that discussion and went back to a c-section. I had four different docs, because of moving and inusurance, docs three and four definitely agreed that VBACs were too risky.

Now, as a nurse, I have seen the research and the risk is there, but not HUGE. However, I would never take that risk myself as rupture can lead to massive hemorrhaging and death. Even if a person lived, that would be the end of childbearing and that in and of itself, was enough to make VBACs not an option in my mind.

Good luck to you.

You may also want to look at the hospitals that you would be going to. I read up on C-sections during my pregnancy (I have only had one) but came across info that some hospitals in the atlanta area will not allow that procedure. Check with Atlanta Parent Magazine, and call the numbers for the hospitals. Also, I think I read (and someone correct me if my info is wrong-please) that the chance for hemmoraging is somewhere around 2-5 % of the population. So hope I helped! good luck.

I'm not a health care provider, but I can tell you what I was told.

If the first incision made on your uterus was vertical most Drs will not perform a vbac at all because there is almost a 100% chance that you will not be able carry long enough to deliver a healthy baby. Horizontal incisions, while there is a chance that the incision will rupture causing side effects listed to you, usually allow for stronger muscle growth during recovery and thus result in a greater chance of carrying to delivery date.
with increased pregnancy (3,4, etc) the chances of the muscles being strong enough to support a fetus decrease consideraly each time.
I am well aware of multiple c-sections and what all is invovled in delivery and recovery. I wanted a VBAC with my 2nd but I could not have one due to incision type of first and no doctor I talked to in Alabama or Georgia would agree to take me as a patient if I insisted on a VBAC delivery.
I had strong muscles before preg, recovered well and had strong muscles at time of 2nd preg. I was in good health with no complications during 1 preg (delivery was another story), recovery, or later. However, simply because of my incision type I had to have a 2nd c-section.
If your incision allows for VBAC, you find a dr to take you as a patient, I'd suggest do serious research on the subject, get all info your dr can give, and you and your husband weigh the pros and cons (write them out if you have to) of having a VBAC.

Good Luck
A. C

Good luck finding anyone who will allow you to v-bac after 2 prior c/sections. The risk is higher for a uterine rupture, due to the two incisions. You mentioned you wanted another baby
after this one....take a good long hard look at the risks and benefits...than make a desion based on information obtained from your OB/GYN caring for you.

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