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Anyone Else Have a Toddler Who Is Addicted to Yogurt???!

We have a 19 month old who has become a much better eater in recent months. Up until about 2 months ago, she wouldn't eat cereal and milk, bread, and several other things...and lately she's just really taken off with food (though not as well as I would like, but I'm not pushing the issue). About 2 hours after breakfast, she usually asks for yogurt and can consume a regular 8 oz container. In the evening, usually about 30 minutes before bed, she also asks for yogurt and I allow her to have another container (she may or may not finish it, depending) that I mix with some cereal. She is not a milk drinker so yogurt is her main source of calcium (she does like dark greens which are also loaded with calcium). Do you think 1.5 or 2 containers of yogurt is too much? As a side, she's a peanut...quite petite...so the more she eats, the happier I am!


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My two year old also loves it. I buy organic for her. She would eat it for every meal if I let her...

I've got this same issue. My almost 2.5yo asks for it at every meal and gets very mad if I tell her no or that we don't have any. I try to limit it to one container a day as it does tend to make her a bit constipated if she gets more than that. I'll be interested to see what other moms say.

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As long as it isn't junk yogurt, she's good to go! Has she tried Chobani or another Greek yogurt? Those are outstanding and much healthier than say, Yoplait or Dannon. We got our son hooked on Vanilla Chobani with Kashi cereal; he calls it his "sticks and cream" breakfast lol

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I think it's fine. Some yogurt can have a lot of sugar though...

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Healthy yogurt is good for her... I see no problems with it. Just dont use the kind with all the sugars and additives. That's defeating the purpose :)

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We switched our son to greek yogurt at about 15 months. Yobaby has way too much sugar in it.

Yogurt - if the organic kind jam packed with probiotics and regular sugar - is GREAT!! My 5 year old loves the stuff too.

Yogurt is sooo good for kids so 2 a day isn't a bad thing. My only 2 concerns are: diaper rash, my grandson got horrible diaper rash after eating yorgurt and Austistic kids crave yogurt and it makes them violent. My granddaughter falls into the autisim spectrum and she loves yorgurt, she was about 3 and visiting me, she went and got 3 yorgurts from the fridge and brought it to her Mom and me, we thought it was okay at the time and let her have the yorgurt. Fast forward about 2 years and my daughter finds out that yorgurt makes her violent. Simple things like 'honey it's time for bed, pick up your toys' and she would lay on the floor and kick and scream. So if you don't have the issues with diaper rash or behavior, I see no problems with giving her yorgurt. You might also let her have flavored milk and cheese. But cheese can cause constipation.

I've got this same issue. My almost 2.5yo asks for it at every meal and gets very mad if I tell her no or that we don't have any. I try to limit it to one container a day as it does tend to make her a bit constipated if she gets more than that. I'll be interested to see what other moms say.

OMG, my son is just like you describe!!! He also does not drink cow's milk (or any milk, for that matter) and he eats LOTS of yogurt...I mean LOADS of it, in the morning for breakfast (with cereals) and whenever he wants a snack in the afternoon...sometimes even after dinner! I never thought it could be a problem, actually..how else would he get his calcium otherwise? He does not eat enough cheese to replace yogurt, so I guess it's a good thing. The only consideration I have is to change brand and flavor every once in while, just in case there are unforeseable issues with just one (for example preservatives or bacteria or issues in the production/factory), so they don't pile up in his system. I think your child is fine!

I think yogurt is good for her especially if she doesn't drink much milk. My daughter is 13 months and won't drink much milk either. She loves Yo Baby Organic Whole Milk Yogurt (4 oz) and eats 1-2 a day.

My son became addicted to yogurt as a toddler and remains addicted to it as a 7 year old - so there went the theory for us that it was just a stage. Like another poster mentioned, he wants it with a breakfast and as a snack and an after dinner treat. I tend to indulge him since he doesn't eat sweets or desserts. So in my opinion the 1.5 or 2 containers a day is fine.

We started off with the yoyo baby and found that it had a lot of sugar. now we stick to the larger containers of organic vanilla yogurt and just put fresh fruit (an sometimes granola) in it. Less sugar.

I think it's great that you have an option for the calcium! Maybe just double-check the sugar contents.

My two year old also loves it. I buy organic for her. She would eat it for every meal if I let her...

My son loves un-sweetened greek yogurt and he is 12 months old. He also isn't really into milk so we have just gone with it. We are also pretty happy that he likes things unsweetened. I think it is excellent because it has the high fat content he needs right now, lots of protein, and the calcium...without the sugar. We let him have the yogurt for breakfast and sometimes a little snack in the afternoon...he would eat it all day if he could. I don't think you should worry about her 2 containers being too much especially since she is not drinking milk.

It does have a LOT of sugar. I usually mix the sugary, flavored yogurt with nonfat plain yogurt and my kids don't seem to mind.

I'd just make sure that it's plain, whole-fat yogurt. She needs the fat, and anything other than plain (including children's yogurt) has TONS of sugar. If you've been giving her flavored yogurt she may resist the plain at first. If so, blend it with some berries like a smoothie. Over time you can reduce the number of berries until she takes to the plain yogurt. Good luck!

Mine would eat two a day as well. I don't let her- too much sugar. Sometimes I keep the small containers around and make my own flavored yogurt by adding my own jams to plain yogurt. That way I can make it less sweat. Will she eat fruit shakes? You can add kale to fruit shakes and never even taste it!

YES, addicted is an understatement~

Yes and she will not eat it unless she can feed herself. Huge mess but she loves it.

Sounds like she is craving what her body needs!

When my daughter was that age, she ate a LOT of yogurt too, and wouldn't drink much milk. At the time we were receiving WIC and I had to go in to get the coupons and the woman there, yelled at me, literally YELLED at me telling me I needed nutritional counseling for feeding my daughter yogurt. (Needless to say I never went back and decided that we made enough money that WIC wasn't needed THAT much for me to have to go through something like that again) I decided to talk to my daughters doctor, as she was not gaining much weight at the time. Her doctor said that it was completely fine and a good source of calcium and milk fats. People have a lot of opinions, most of them not worth the breath they used to speak them. I will admit there tends to be a lot of sugars in some yogurts, but if you want to cut the sugars back, you can get the Yo-Baby yogurts for toddlers, they are organic and such, but they do cost a bit more, and are a smaller portion size. Another thing if you are worried about sugar intake, you can look into some of the fruited Greek yogurts. Other than that, I wouldn't stress about it, maybe ask your doctor to get a medical opinion the next time you go in.

Not at all. At this age the often like/love one food for a while - then they are done... I love the Chobani yougurt - very high protien (which is great for my kids as they don't eat much meat). I personally love it too. Black Cherry!

I don't think so. My son who is 3, loves yogurt! He eats 2-3 8oz containers daily and he loves milk. He limit him on his milk, he would drink the whole container of milk, but the milk he drinks is soy milk-vanillia. So.. my thoughts are, I would rather give him yogurt then something sweet like candy or cake.

Take care,

Do as you are. This is the best way for her to develop an appreciation for food.
Yogurt is very healthy. My Celiac child chose it over any other milk product throughout the day until she discovered she liked to cook. She began to learn how to cook at age six.
I think you are very sensible about your daughter's meals.

Both of my boys ages 2 and 4 have been addicts since they first started solids! I'm just happy that it's good for them. Mine will eat almost any variety, but the GoGurts are like crack! I rarely buy them because they eat entire boxes in one day, and there are healthier choices, but they love it!

A lot of the yogurt on the market has more sugar than chocolate pudding. Will she eat a healthy yogurt with no high fructose corn syrup?

My daughter loved Yo Baby's at this point. I still like them and get them sometimes. The portion size is perfect and they are REAL yogurt. Seems like other products that say they are yogurt aren't, so be careful of those when she gets a little older. Hope this was okay to mention, it's a pet peeve of mine.....products labled as yogurt that's really not yogurt ;-)

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