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Anyone Else Get Swollen Gums During Menstruation?????

Am I the only one that this happens to? I started my period yesterday and noticed the gums right behind my front teeth were a little sore, but thought maybe I poked them with my toothbrush. This morning the gums in front are really swollen and sore and even my gland on that side is sore. I know this is directly related to my period, because it happens in some form every month. Sometimes it is very mild, and it is usually in a different spot every time. Does anyone else go through this? I have very good oral hygiene...brush at least twice a day and floss 3 or 4 times a week. I read that this can be from a surge in hormones around this time, but this is frustrating!!! Like my body is not in enough pain this tme a month SHEESH!!! Thanks for listening ladies!

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I had this to a small degree during my pregnancy. I'm sorry it happens to you monthly! It's not any fun. I guess you could always use oral gel or a gum numbing creme, or suck on popsicles.

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Hey, C....

Sorry to say, but yes, your problem is due to the fluctuation in your hormones. One thing that might help with the swelling and tenderness is to use a toothpaste made by melaleuca. I had a really bad tooth ache one day, very soon after I joined. I put some Melaleuca Oil on that spot, and haven't had it happen since! My husband and I both love their tooth gel, too.

Call me at ###-###-####, or email me at ____@____.com if you'd like some more info. My websites are www.workathomeunited.com/J., and www.livetotalwellness.com/J. if you'd like to check them out. There are lots of other great benefits for using the products, too!

In the meantime, try gargling with some warm salt water 2-3 times a day, and see if that helps with the tenderness. (yes, it will taste "yucky", but definitely helps the tenderness!)

Hope your mouth gets to feeling better soon!

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My teeth, esp. molars get very sensitive during my period. It was quite a plague during pregnacy & one of my first indicators I was even pregnant. Hormone fluxes seem to be the culprit!

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Hi C.,

During menstruation it seems the body sometimes becomes inflamed, causing migraines, swollen body parts, etc. In the past I've taken 3 ibuprophen (Advil), a total of 600 mg. That really seemed to help me.

I did that for years. Now I've noticed it activates asthma so I've had to quit. But for years it sure helped.


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That happended to me when I was pregnant. They even bleed and hurt.

WOW....I thought I was the only one with this problem. I guess because none of my friend or even my sisters experience this. I usually have problems behind my very back teeth and sometimes have some drainage as well. Mine is usually every other month. I take an anti-inflamatory...helps some. You are not the only one and me either..:).

Oddly enough, I went for a teeth cleaning last week and the night before I noticed my gum was swollen and tender. I pointed it out to the dentist and she said that definitely could be related to hormones. My period was about to start. So, yes, it is related. Sure enough, after a day or two, it went away. Hope you feel better.

Hey, C.! It's your cousin, H.. As you know I am a dental hygienist and hormones definitely play a large part in the health of your gingiva (gums). It's very common to have swollen gums that bleed easily during menstration. It is also common during pregnancy and menopause. There is nothing you can do about except what you are already doing (good hygiene). The only thing I could suggest is using a peroxide rinse (Colgate Peroxyl). It might help but it might not since it is directly related to your period. Hope this helps and gives you some peace.

In my past life I was a dental assistant and for about 4 years a periodontal assistant which is all about the gums! This is very normal. Many women get a form of periodontal disease (gingivitis) during their pregnancies due to the hormones. There is nothing to do about it really. You could use a topical like Orajel, to releave any minor discomfort. Sorry it's so bothersome! Keep up with the good hygiene.

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