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Anyone Develop Dark Skin Under nose..looking like a Mustache?

I have a 10 month old son. I noticed about half way through my pregnancy I look like I have a mustache. I have olive colored skin tone and just under my nose the skin is much darker and seems to be a little hairier. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go away? Will I always have this mustache? It has only bothered me recently. I don't wear any makeup, and don't want to start. Any ideas??

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Wow...thank you for all of the great suggestions. It is nice to know that I'm not alone!

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I had never waxed my upper lip area and one day as I was waxing my eyebrows they asked me and I said yes and since then I got it and when I asked them they said because I went in the sun after getting it done. It has faded over time and I never wax there anymore never needed it in the first place. I was told facials and micro something also help it go away.

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Hi A.,
Any extra stress? Every dark patch of skin I have ever heard of leads back to extra stress. My sister had the butterfly patch on her face and the doctor was assuming she had Lupus. As it turned out, she was living with a JERK and after she divorced him, the patch was gone right along with all her other symptoms that misled her doctor.

It is a variation of the pregnancy mask. It will most likely go away. You will need to give it some time, mine was with me for about 4 years. The hormone changes leave us different after birth.

I used a product called Time Defiance/Illuminating Essence. It is made by Artistry and can be gotten at www.we-us.mychoices.biz or contact me if you wish. It has a 6 month money back gaurantee so there is no risk involved.

Now that I am older I continue to use it and related products as I deal with "age spots" and sun damage. I have been using it for a long time to maintain an even looking skin tone. Make sure you are using a good sun screen and every woman needs a great skin care system!

Hi A., Hormones are great !!!! They give us all types of treasures! Pregnancy can be so strange, it will probably fade, but use sunscreen all the time, you may want to ask your OB next time you have a check up. It sounds like a prego-hormonal reaction. Your melanin may be going overboard on activity, and my hair was great when I was pregnant, I think it all fell out after the baby came. that's a 6-8 month cycle...
Don't shave it! give it time to go away...Deb

I had this during my previous prgancy 2 years ago. I mostly had it under my lip- my whole chin area but my upper lip was a bit darker as well. No hair- just darker skin to where it looked like my face was dirty. It slowly went away after my baby was born.

When she was 15 months old, I got pregnant again and it immediately started coming back. It would get really dry and even kind of scally, so I just started making sure to wash/scrub well and moisturize afterwards. It is significantly better now. (A dermatologist told me they don't like the word "scrub". I use a sponge- not rough like "Buff Puff"- and an exfoliating wash (occassionally) as well as a regular wash.) I also make sure to always use sunblock.

I know it is not a HUGE deal, but just that slight discoloration made me feel ugly and dirty- especially because it showed up through make-up. (Mostly it seemed make-up did not stay on.) Good luck to you. I hope you find something that helps you. From skimming through your other replies, I can see that what works for one does not always seem to work for another. (I guess it's due to our individual reactions to hormones.)

Also, my vote would be to try the waxing or a cream hair remover to get rid of the hair. It is a risk but I find that even the few, hardly noticeable hairs I get around the corners of my upper lip make a diffence when they are gone. MY face just looks cleaner- more radiant. (Sorry if I sound like a commercial.)

I use to! It is the worst! I had it for a while! I also eventually had it on my forehead. It did go away! Stay out of the sun for sure. Sun block every day. You can get a bleaching cream at the dermontologist. I believe it has to do with hormones. One time I put sunblock on it and went to the tanning salon hoping i would tan all the rest of my face and it was a terrible experience. That doesn't work. I would go to a derm. doctor. They can help. It wasn't fixed over night.

i had that on my "happy trail" on my tummy! it was awful! but it did go away, now with my fourth pregnancy i dont even have it anymore!

Arbonne has great products for sun spots, etc. The products are natural and non-toxic. I'll be 40 next month and have had problem skin my whole life. I've spent thousands on products and have tried everything. Arbonne is the only thing that has actually worked. It has totally changed my complexion. Now I can go without makeup and not hang my head in embarrassment. You can just google arbonne and the name of your town to find a representative. They should be able to give you some samples to try so you don't have to spend any money up front. They also have a money back guarantee.
Best of luck!

A., I have the same thing. Just wax the upper lip. It is a hassle but it will fix the problem....

Okay, not that I have any advice, but I just had say that I too have a dark-skin-moustache. :P No actual hair there besides the regular pale peach fuzz, but freckle-looking spots in the shape of a moustache.. And I can't remember when mine showed up, but it must have been recently... lke around the time my boy was 10 months or so..
Mine actually has gone away when I went into the sun, or it looks like they've gone away, maybe the rest of my skin is darker now, so it's not as visible, I don't know. I never brought it up to anyone, but now that someone has actually mentioned it, I figured I'd drop a line. You're not alone. :-)

I hated this too. It is a hormoanl thing and I also had it when I was on the pill for about six months. It bothered me so much, I went off the pill and my skin went back to normal until I became pregnant. After delivery of my babies, my skin went back to normal.

I had sort of the same thing when pregnant with # 2, although it was more that my skin got darker rather than the hair on my upper lip.
It went away eventually without me having to do anything.
I know there are creams if it bothers you, any derm or gyn should be able to advise you on this, since it is quite common.


I had never waxed my upper lip area and one day as I was waxing my eyebrows they asked me and I said yes and since then I got it and when I asked them they said because I went in the sun after getting it done. It has faded over time and I never wax there anymore never needed it in the first place. I was told facials and micro something also help it go away.

I kind of had the same thing but on my cheeks. It is called Malasma.
It can lighten if you use skin lightners which can be bought over the counter, Murad has a high end skin lightner that works awesome or your doctor can prescribe it.
They do work. You use them once a day and always use sun screen the sun will make those areas darker. My mother was getting plastic surgery and I went to the doctor with her and had the plstic surgeon look at it and he and he knew exactly what to do and how to fix it. It will never go away completely but I have noticed that it is almost gone on me and the skin lightners worked really well. I have not used the skin lighteners at all this winter and will see how it goes for summer. Wear sunscreen everyday and this will help greatly to make sure it does not get darker.

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