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Anybody Experienced This in Third Trimester?

I am 30 weeks along and past couple weeks I have had some pain in my pubic area. It generally hurt while rolling over in bed , but wasn't very bad. So I just neglected it. But since last week, the pain has increased and it also hurts a little while walking. Not always but when I am sitting at work for a long time and I get up and walk , it hurts. And today I have been feeling some pain in my inner thighs as well. All in all , this pain is not totally unmanageable to M..It reduces after I walk for a bit(sometimes I dont even have it) and I try to be careful while rolling over in bed everytime- that hurts.. ouch! I will discuss this with my OB at my next appt.
I had heard of lower back pain during pregnancy but not about this. I don't have any lower back pain as such except my upper back feels sore after sitting at work all day.
Since it's not going away at all, I am worried if it's something that I will have to bear with for the rest of my pregnancy and will it get worse? I think I walk a little awkwardly when it hurts too. Is this common in third trimester or is it something I need to get checked immediately? I did have shooting kind of pain once before for few minutes which just went away , my OB had told M. it's round ligament pain. I am wondering if everyhting is because of ligaments stretching but not sure. Please advise on what I can do to manage the pain and see it doesn't get worse.Any excercises that can help? Thanks in advance!

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I had this with my second pregnancy. I got it when I was rolling over in bed, going from sitting to standing and every so often when I was walking My doctor told me it was round ligament pain.

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Oh man that hurt so bad, everything hurt, walking, standing, sitting, everything. I ended up seeing a chiropractor, my midwife made me go straight from her office after I showed up nearly in tears for one of my check ups. I'd always thought of chiropractors as being, oh, I dunno, fake medicine I suppose, but when I left not only could I walk I was actually able to lean over and shut the car door myself, which I hadn't been able to do in weeks. I went a couple of times after that and when my son was born the chiropractor came to the birth center to adjust my son - poor little dude was stuck for a bit and got all squashed up - I could see his little body relaxing and his breathing becoming more regular. So I'm a convert of sorts.

I had this really badly in the last trimester of my 3rd child and the 2nd and 3rd trimester of my 4th child. My doctor told me that my pubic bone was separating, and that, while painful, it is not harmful. She suggested that I get a maternity girdle, and that did help a bit. Not really much else you can do. Sorry!

Whenever you are in doubt, you should call your provider.

You probably have symphysis pubis or pelvic girdle pain. Pretty common in late pregnancy. As your body prepares for giving birth the ligaments in your pelvis soften, allowing the gap between you pelvic arches to expand, combine that with the pressure from your growing baby...tada...pain!

They make all kinds of belts and contraptions to help relieve the pain..., physical activity as you have noticed helps too (I really loved prenatal yoga).

Good luck!

I would not wait until your next appointment with your OB - I would call today before the end of business hours and ask if this is anything to be concerned about.

A harmless pain in my calf one evening turned into concern that I had a blood clot (Deep Leg Thrombosis).

I never experienced your symptoms, but you're so close to having a wonderful baby, and I'd not risk anything at this point in time. That's what they're there for, and I promise they'd rather have you call and take 2 minutes of their time than to be called into the hospital in the middle of the night for an emergency.

Good luck. I hope it's nothing to be concerned about.

Yep. 3rd trimester groin pain...I remember it fondly (NOT!).

I had this with my second pregnancy. I got it when I was rolling over in bed, going from sitting to standing and every so often when I was walking My doctor told me it was round ligament pain.

Hi! I am 27 weeks along and have had the same pain. I talked to my OB about it at my checkup this past Thursday and she said its jut my body getting ready for childbirth. The hips/groin ligaments loosen up - fabulous, right? ;) She recommended stretching in the morning and at night. Keep me posted if you find anything else that seems to help out.

Good Luck!

Hi, I had the same pain in my pubic area around the same time that u are in. its nothing to worry about..its just that baby is positioning herself down...all kinds of manageable pains are not to worry about. but its always better that u leave a msg to your obgyn and tell her...nothing harm in calling her...also i m sure ur last ultrasound went normal...congratulations on ur pregnancy and all the best for ur delivery. Have a happy and healthy baby.

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