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Any Tips on Getting a One Year Old to Let You Brush His Teeth?

I am having a tough time brushing my son's teeth. He will let me get the tooth brush in his mouth, but curls his lips over his teeth preventing me from actually brushing his teeth. He will also chew on the toothbrush when I give it to him.

I have noticed a little build up on his two bottom teeth already and have managed to remove a little while he is sleeping, but want to make sure we take could care of his little teeth. Does anyone have any tips on how to get him to let me do a good job at brushing his teeth?

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Thanks for all the great advice! I've been trying a few of the more fun and coopertive suggestions and it's getting easier. It's great to get so much varied advice to choose from and so much easier than trying find answers in books. Thank you Mamasorce!

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I know it is a little late, but a one year old is not supossed to have floride in their toothpaste. so I tried training toothpaste, now my son reminds me to brush his teeth.

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Okay, so I too missed the original post, but wanted to chime in here ;). Is it bad that my 1 year old loves having his teeth brushed. Okay, don't hate me just yet. My girls put up a huge fight about it. A dental hygenist first of all suggested to sit on the toilet seat and put the child in front of you with his back facing you and have him look up. It makes it easier to get in there and get those back teeth. So that's what I've been doing from the get go with my youngest since it ended up working so well after I found out with my middle child. Singing a song and allowing them to have their own tooth brush while you're brushing is helpful too. Sometimes it's a control thing and if you let them "brush" and then you brush they might be a little more willing to do it. Sing twinkle twinkle little start because that's about how long they should brush when they start brushing. So if you do it now then when he truly is old enough to brush on his own he'll know how long to do it.

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Two words: electric toothbrush! My daughter hated having her teeth brushed until I bought an electric one. She loves it!

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I missed your request, and have not read all your responses, but... We would always act surprised and say what we saw in their teeth as we brushed - things that they had eaten the last meal, but which were stuck in their teeth. The whole idea would keep them still and thinking about what else might be in there. They would sometimes add something to my list. Like, "Oh, I see mac-n-cheese, and there is some peanut butter, and, oh my, I think that is carrot, and there is some milk, and a little cereal, and I can't believe it but I see gold fish swimming around!"

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I had a lot of trouble with this until my silly comedian husband came to the rescue. He started playing with my daughter during teeth brushing time and now she loves it! The best thing is to get her to sing vowel sounds along with us which makes her open her mouth the way we need her to in order to brush ger teeth. A and E are the best, but we do all of them to keep it fun. If you keep the experience silly, he will probably enjoy it and even look forward to it.

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We started brushing our son's teeth in front of the TV-- if he resisted, we just turned the TV off. Pretty soon teeth brushing became 'Oh, fine-- get it over with, just don't turn the TV off!'

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He let me brush them, at first and then it was a "NO GO", like this surge of independence. So... I got an idea to get him a manual brush to use while I brush MY teeth. He really thinks he's doing something. I bought him an electric toothbrush, as well and after a while, I tell him, "Ok, it's Mommy's turn.". He opens his mouth and let's me brush with the electric. The other issue I had was THEN getting the manual away when we were done. I now give him his sippy cup of water in exchange 4 the manual and now there's no struggle with Mr. Independent

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I don't remember where I got them, but I have some little "brushes" called Infa-Dent. They look a little like the finger guards secretaries use, but have a brush built in at one end. They are listed for children 3 months of age to two years. I haven't really used them, because we haven't had much issue with brushing, but I am thinking this might be an answer for you to feel that you are getting your child's teeth cleaner.
Another thing that comes to my mind is to ask if you are letting your son go to sleep with a bottle? In my experience, most children at his age don't seem to get much buildup unless they are being put down to sleep with a bottle. Pediatricians and dentists both try to discourage the practice, but I know for many parents it still seems an easy way to get the child to sleep. If you are one of those who do put your child to sleep with a bottle, I would try to break that habit. Either way, you might try the Infa-Dent brushes and see how they work for you.

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Hold him down. It won't traumatize him. It's more important that his teeth get cleaned.

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Two words: electric toothbrush! My daughter hated having her teeth brushed until I bought an electric one. She loves it!

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Hi S.,

Here's a good website regarding your question. Blessing...


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