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Any Thing That Might Help Prevent a Miscarriage?

THANK YOU to all who responded to my question about how far along I am - I have been researching a lot and hopefully soon will be far less naive! Here's another question, thouhg, that I haven't found an answer to (I sense it is becasue there may not be an answer for sure)...I am four weeks pregnant (44-yrs-old!) and have had one miscarriage 6 months ago around same time. Is there ANYTHING I can do to help my baby stay stong and in place right now? I am very fit and have stopped all exercise except long walks and I am already taking folic acid. Any other ideas?

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6 weeks pregnant as of today! Dr. has me on progesterone suppositories so I am hopeful! Thank you all for your kind, supportive answers - I appreciate!

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I had to use progesterone supps. for my second pregnancy. I miscarried the first time and they thought it was because of low progesterone.

I was pregnant with twins at 43 (with the help of IVF) and I was told to absolutely stay away from any form of caffeine and to keep the stress level down.

I always heard if you normally excersize then some, in moderation is fine. Having said that, when my doctors (and his partners) thought I was miscarrying (bleeding) I was told to put my feet up until things calmed down.

My thoughts are with you.

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Hi G.!

Congrats on your pregnancy! I too had a miscarriage, and then had lots of trouble trying to get pregnant again. My DH and I went to a fertility specialist for help, and after all their testing was found to have low progesterone levels. So when I became pregnant through IUI, my Doctor prescribed Prometrium (sp?) to take the first trimester as low levels of progesterone "could have been" the cause of my first miscarriage. I was also a runner and always excercising, and when I found out that I was pregnant, completely stopped running as I didn't want to chance anything!

P.s I took prometrium in tablet form not suppository.
Good luck!

I also had a miscarriage after 3 years of trying, and then I got pregnant again a year later. I was fearful for the second baby and didn't want to get too attached in case I miscarried again. I was using progesterone cream with the second pregnancy too, which may have helped too. Around 19 weeks I started bleeding, which they thought was the placenta seperating. I then decided to name my little girl inside and I began to speak to her everyday, telling her to stay and how much I loved her. I did not even acknowledge her before that time out of fear. I work in health care and have seen so many people "control" their death by holding on for family members to arrive to the hospital or whatever the situation may be. I thought that maybe my little one could hold on for a few more weeks until she was out of there. I do not know what it is, but the will to live has a strong influence on the body. My little girl will now be 2 years old on Tuesday and her little brother will be 4 months. Her little brother came naturally, with no fertility medications and only after 2 months of trying. Just try not to be fearful and speak to your little one every day. I think fear pushes life away and love brings it closer.


Hi G.!

I am sure you know that most miscarriages are not something that you can prevent unless there is a medical alternative. I too had my last child at the age of 42 and know of all the complications. Our bodies and the eggs we have are just plain and simple "old". With that being said, the possibility of carrying a viable pregnancy decreases. I don't know about you, but my doctors treated me like a senior citizen and I had great medical attention. I would turn to you OB and see what they can do to help. Good Luck and try to hang in there! It's not easy parenting at this age!

I was pregnant at 32 years old and almost miscarried. The emergency room doctor had me stay home for a week with my feet up and only get up to use the bathroom. I now have a 4 1/2 year old healthy son. I wouldn't do any long walks or anything strenuous until the first trimester is over. Good luck with your baby. Also don't lift anything for awhile.


I pray that all will go well with your pregnancy and you will deliver a happy, healthy baby! I also know you can do a lot nutritionally to help yourself and your baby.

I know there are a lot of reasons for miscarriages, but the following is one reason. If you are interested in consulting with some experts in the nutritional area, e-mail me privately and I will be happy to furnish you some phone numbers and also a testimony from a couple who had 2 miscarriages before a successful birth. They did a nutritional program prior to the 3rd pregnancy. This is part of their testimony which you can perhaps consult with your doctor about testing your progesterone levels if they have not done that.

This is a quote from the testimony:
"Progesterone is a hormone that is CRITICAL during pregnancy....ESPECIALLY the first trimester. Once pregnant, a women's progesterone level needs to go UP to support the baby. Our Doctor explained
that a "normal" level of progesterone is around 20. After Carmen's second miscarriage we had her progesterone level tested and it was only at 2! No wonder we were having
problems. Our Doctor said that we needed to take prescription progesterone supplement RIGHT AFTER CONCEPTION." The couple started a nutritional program with Shaklee supplements and when they went in for testing a month into the third pregnancy (which was a surprise), her levels were at 32 without using a progesterone supplement. That pregnancy was successful. The nutritional program had made a big difference.

I had to use progesterone supps. for my second pregnancy. I miscarried the first time and they thought it was because of low progesterone.

If the fetus isn't healthy, there's nothing you can do to prevent it. If your body is having the issues, low dose aspirin (prevents blood clots) and projesterone (helps if yours is low) can help. Call your doctor and ask if they will prescribe.

Otherwise, eat well, don't do too much, but regular activities are fine.


Just pray to God. I'm a firm believer in when it's "Your Time." Don't stress and just carry on with your life like usual. It will all work out. I can totally testify. I had my first and only child when I was 33. I am now 36. I had never been pregnant before. So keep the F. and don't stress.

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