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Any Solutions for Dry Skin Patches on Toddler

hi ladies,

my little lady is 13 months old and off and on she gets dry skin patches, and i was wondering if there is a good lotion or cream out there to not only heal them but also to prevent them.

i use johnsons baby cream after her bath and before i dress her in the morning. it seems like when she doesnt have the dry skin patches it is for a short time, and then they are back. any ideas?

thanks :)

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wow! thank you ladies for all responding so quickly and for your kind words and prayers for our little girl! she is a doll baby, and thanks to your tips, her skin will be soft and smooth again :)

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It looks like you got a lot of good advice on lotions to try. One other thing you should think about is how often you are bathing her. Giving baths and showers dries the skin out. Babies and young children do not need baths daily. A couple times or so a week is sufficient (presuming they are not playing in mud, etc.).

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It sounds like dermatitis. My son has it and he is 19 mon old. He started to get little patches when he was first born. I use selsun blue shampoo for the scalp, which isnt bad anymore, and hydrocortizone cream on the scaly patches. Its nothing to be worried about, just sensitive skin that she might grow out of. good Luck

Eucerin in the tub works great. Its very thick and stays on. We put it on pretty thick and just let it stay on their skin.

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I find it interesting that the day after I have discovered hopefully a cure to my little guy's eczema that you posted this question. My little guy's dry skin patches are pretty bad and so therefore we have used everything under the sun. The best cream we have found to use is Eucerin in the big tub. It's thick and has no odor but it seems to work, BUT...here's the cure that I read about just last night in one of my Pregnancy magazines. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) - apparently it comes in capsules and if you open it up and apply it to the dry patches at least 3 times a day, it is suppose to be soothing and healing. Now I haven't tried it yet, but plan to pick it up tonight and try it out on my toddler. A woman wrote that rather than the stinging lotions, this oil is soothing and relieves the itchyness.

I hope this helps and I hope your little one gets well - keep praying, God is good.

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Hi J.!

Aren't babies wonderful! I thank God for my son...he is such a blessing to me as well! My son has extremely sensitive skin and I do not use J & J products, Aveeno, Eucerin or Aquaphor anymore after I learned about the what the ingredients actually are. Please contact me if you'd like more info about the lotion I use on my son.

Take care, Latisha

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It looks like you got a lot of good advice on lotions to try. One other thing you should think about is how often you are bathing her. Giving baths and showers dries the skin out. Babies and young children do not need baths daily. A couple times or so a week is sufficient (presuming they are not playing in mud, etc.).

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Hi J.,

The best thing for dry skin is Diaperderm. I've used it since my daughters were infants as it was created by our pediatrician.

They are in their teens now and we still use it on our dry patches, usually in the winter months.

You can order it through the mail at www.diaperderm.com.
The website has more info about the product. You can find it at the local Walgreens and some of the major grocery stores in the St. Louis area in the baby aisle next to the diaper rash cream. Call ahead if you can though because they run out quickly after they stock it.

I give this as part of a gift every time I go to a baby shower and the moms always call me when they run out to see how they can get more.

Good luck with treatment for your little girl on all fronts. God Bless.


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Hi J.,

I not only use a lotion that would clear up her dry skin patches I also found a store that has other product that could just possibly help with her seizures and the very best part is hey are all natural and money back guaranteed. I use the lotion on myself and my 3 children. I have a year old son and 2 month old twin girls and I love using the lotion on them because it makes them so soft and they don't have any trouble with dry skin. The lotion is so wonderful that it's actually clearing eczema and psoriasis up in days. It truly is wonderful along with all the other products that my family has used from there. I would love to get you the information so you could try them for yourself and I am confident that this store would make a huge difference in you house and with you precious little girl. I know m son had allergies and was breaking out in softball size hives and we put him through a lot of testing and they could not figure out what it was so we decided to switch over to this store and try these all natural products that are safer and better quality than anything we had ever used and his hives went away. It truly has made a huge difference in our home and our childrens lives and I would love to get you all the information so you could see if they can help your daughter. I personally would not put anything else on my kids am I'm so thankful we came across this store in our desperate search to help our son. I wish you the best of luck and would love to help you help your daughter. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Hi J.,
I dont want to sound like I'm just trying to sell anything. Certainly not. I'm just trying to help with your request and I hope I do for your little one and your peace of mind. I have a product that I use for very dry skin, and a friend uses it for her sons eczema. It is great! It's skinlogics anti ash cream. It works great on knees, elbows, dry skin all over, and extra dry patches too. We nicknamed it pantyhose in a bottle because it makes your legs look so good. If you would like to try it out for your daughter check out my website at www.beautipage.com/ldulaney or call me at ###-###-####. I hope you find what you need.


My son has dry skin too. We were also using johnson's products on him as a baby. I mean, they're the standard in baby care products, right? Well, our pediatrician told us that they are one of the worst for dry skin. All the additives and fragrances tend to make dry skin worse. He suggested a more hypoallergenic soap and lotion like aveeno. You could even try cetaphil or eucerin. And after you lotion him up really good, cover the dry patches with aquaphor to seal in the moisture. You should try to find the source of the dry skin (laundry detergent or something) so that you can eliminate the source of the problem, if possible instead of just treating the symptoms. Good luck!

cortaid works well and usually clears up skin problems in less than 24 hours.

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