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Any Relief for a Coughing Baby?

Hi Everyone,

My 18-month-old daughter has a cold and coughed all night long last night, so we're all miserable. I used to give her some Tylenol Cough and Cold for sleeping, but that was taken off the market with the recall. Can anyone offer any tricks for helping a coughing baby (and the rest of the family) sleep? I read in the news about a recent study that said that a teaspoon of honey before bed proved to be more effective than cough medicine, but I haven't tried that yet.

Both my girls just finished a course of antibiotics for sinus/ear/eye infections, and I feel like it is starting all over again. Ever since my oldest started preschool in the fall, both girls have had one cold/ear infection after the other. Any tips and tricks for preventing and treating the common cold with cough are appreciated!


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I have 2 boys and to relieve their cough I put vapor rub on the bottom of their feet then put sicks on.

I use Arbonne Herbal vapor rub, its not so strong and works very well with no petroleum.

try putting Vick's vapor rub on the bottom of her feet and then put socks on her. This has worked for myself and my 7 yr old grandson.

Oooh, that makes for miserable nights! Have you tried a cool air vaporizer or leaving a window cracked? Often the bit of cool air is very helpful. Kids usually get sick this time of year for two reasons. 1. School and holiday visits and all those extra germs. 2. We keep them closed up in the house and the school with the heat running which dries them out. The cool air vaporizer/humidifier can make a world of difference and allow you all to get some sleep. They aren't very expensive and you can get them about anywhere.

There is also a vaccine that is recommended for daycare/school kids. It is called pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV7). One specialty it is supposed to prevent is ear infections. I think it is one of the vaccines that is elective. I can't remember if there is a certain age for that one.

They only way to prevent the common cold is to live in a bubble. :) Hand washing will help.

Good luck!
M.-mother of 6 girls.

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I used vicks vaporub on my daughter's feet. An aunt of mine sent me an e-mail about using vick's on their feet. She had been coughing for about a week (no fever) just teething and cough/congestion. So i figured why not i tried everything else. and i kid you not she slept all night no coughing no midnight up time, i was amazed. I used the cream vicks vaporub and coating her feet really well and then covered them w/ socks. before i had the vaporizer on the plug in vapor smelly things.. (i forget what they are called) and i tried baby vicks on her chest. nothing work, but for whatever reason the vicks on her feet did the trick. My neighbors tried it as well for their little ones, and it worked for them also. So hopefully it may work for you too. good luck.

This is a trick I heard just recently and is supposed to work on anyone from babies on up. I tried it with my 9 year old and it worked awesome. Spread vick's vapor rub on the bottom of her feet and then put socks on her. Do this at bedtime and supposedly it keeps the coughing away, even a deep chest cough. Good luck, hope it works for you!
P.S. I guess I should have read the other replies before I submitted this! Well, at least you know I'm not crazy!

I recently learned from an email that it is effective to put Vicks on the bottom of your little one's feet, then put socks on them. I have only tried it one night on my 5 year old, and it did work...others have tried it and said it didn't work.
That is the only trick I know that hasn't already been mentioned.
You are not alone in the preschool/getting sick all the time world. I have noticed that as time goes on, they do become more immune and are not sick near as often. Just hang in there, it does get better.

Good Luck and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rub a thin layer of Vicks on the bottom of your child's feet right before bed and there should be no coughing for the rest of the night.

Hi, I am a mother of 4 my youngest is now 12 and I also have a grandson. I heard on television on one of the mommy shows that if you rub vicks sauve on the bottom of the childs feet and of course cover them with socks or a sleeper that it will cease the coughing through the night. I have never tried it.But of course check with your docter first because of the child's age and factors that may cause pneumonia.

My daughter has allergies and coughs alot. Try raising the head of her mattress by puting 2 phone books underneath. You can also try vicks vapor rub and a vaporizor in her room. That really helps us.

Try putting Vicks Vaporub (or generic version) on the bottoms of their feet at night and then covering with socks. It works for us to stop those persistent coughs! Good luck!

Start using a cool mist humidfier if you aren't already. We keep one going in my son's room every night since it has gotten cold, even though we have a full house humidfier. Do not close the door though.

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