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Any Iideas on Snacks for 9Yr Old's Baseball Game?

I'm out of ideas for what to bring for a 12 p.m. baseball game for 11 9yr old's.

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When all 3 of my kids were playing ball, I usedto take cake cones. You take an ice cream cone and fill with cake batter.Bake it and frosten just like a cake.The kids loved them. If you try it let me know how thing go.

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Hello M. ...

I have over 15 years experience in putting together snacks for sporting events! No wonder ... I have four daughters that have all played softball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Whew!
I think you'll really appreciate this one-page report on snacks for young athletes!


If it's not "clickable", just copy & paste it into your browser.

M. Kissell

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Hi M.. I have been there for years, we love taking granola bars and jucie or yahoo drinks., chips, cookies are always a hit, I miss doing that. I am a mom of two and they are now 18 and 23. I am a young mom that misses doing that fun stuff. I am doing scentsy warmers now instead of snacks at a ball game. I miss that, but good luck and have fun with your son! D.

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Sliced oranges (cut in half), apples and granola bars.

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I go to Randy's, which is a produce store on Sepulveda between Crenshaw and Prarie. It is closer to crenshaw.It is next door to 31 Flavors Baskin Robins Ice Cream. I go once a week and by all my fruits and vegetables. Seedless grapes are refreshing for kids when they are out in the sun and hot. You can get whatever fruit is in season. My daughters favorite is strawberries. I also get the bag of baby carrots that are ready to eat. Apples or oranges cut into slices are a quick snack too. Banannas also are a great snack. They also sell sunflower seeds and different kinds of nuts. Their store has quality fruit for a low price all the time so you don't have to wait for sales. Good luck. D.

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We have a game at noon today, too! I bring 100% juice boxes, an apple, and a bag of crackers.
Have fun!

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order pizza. it's cheap, they'll deliver to the park and you'll be a hit.

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I would buy oranges and cut them in quarters. I would also buy juice packs so it's easy to get them from point A to point B. I played softball and this is what we would get. It has carbs so it will help if they get hungry.

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Bananas, balance bars and water...be the healthy Mom! Everyone else will bring Capri Sun's and sugar snax.

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Cheese,(string) or other cheese cut in sticks, Apple wedges with peanutbutter on them , Granola bars, trail mix. Banana chips or other dired fruits. celery with either peanutbutter or soft cheese. gram crackers or snake crackers with cream cheese.

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How about green apples and string cheese- it's ayummy and healthy combo!

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My son played baseball through 3 years of college. I recommend healthy snacks, not ones that are over sugary or loaded with preservatives, although that is what the kids want. You can always do trail mix, healthy juice from Henrys, Trader Joes or your local health food store, cut up oranges (not only for soccer), power or protein bars that lean toward whole food, even popcorn. Sunflower seeds are a mainstay for baseball players. If you make rice krispy treats you can use a syrup called "agave" that is low glycemic and actually healthy for you and the kids.

If you would like to know more I wrote a book for baseball moms called "Diamond Moms, A Mother's Guide to Raising a Baseball Player" available through me or through Amazon and other sources on the internet. Hope this helps.


About me:

I am a mother of four children ranging in ages from 23 to 36. I am self-educated in nutrition and currently represent a 28 year old health and wellness company that distributes pure, safe, and beneficial products internationally. Our focus is broad based and includes inner and outer health (skin care, hormone balancing, weight management, and supplementation with whole food vitamins – for children to mature individuals).

I am also the author of “Diamond Moms, A Mother’s Guide to Raising a Baseball Player” available on Amazon. While it educates mothers about the sport, it is also a book on parenting and the importance of being a strong, disciplined, and loving mother. Don’t ever leave yourself out of the picture!!

Since the boys are being physically active, how about some "power" snacks? Maybe try some bags of homemade trail mix (nuts, rasins, banana chips, sunflower seeds, granola, etc.), Clif bars taste great (the chocolate brownie ones are my favorite), and don't forget fresh fruit - apples, bananas, pears, etc.

Have fun!!

A snack that my boys received that was the biggest hit was a bag filled with things you would take to a baseball game. It contained juice, beef stick, popcorn or cracker jacks, sun flower seeds, and gum.

Been there done that :)
I have three kids (13 yrs old and 9 yr old twins) that have and are playing baseball and softball so my biggest suggestion is stay away from the candy. Also depending on the time of the game your snack may vary especially if it is around dinner time. I suggest maybe Capri Suns or any lunch drink similar and perhaps granola bars or fruit by the foot. Kids love those! Now you have me thinking since I have snacks next week for softball :)

My kids play soccer and a lunchtime agter game snack once was hot dogs wrapped in those wrappers (or foil) and a packet of ketchup/mustard) you can get at the store or - you could go standard with a granola bar, chips, and a fruit snack..or in place of the fruit snack, a little fun size candy bar. If you have a 7th inning stretch snack (I don't know how baseball goes) - nutritious snacks like orange slices, or grapes are what we do for soccer. They give the kids a pick me up of energy.

Good Luck!

I have a daughter and we either get a snack ticket for the girls at the snack bar and the consist of a drink and one other item, or we buy box of juices and chips or the snack packs that they have in the snack isle, cheese nips, cookies, etc.

Good luck.

If the game is at 12 it should be over at 2 so you are not providing or interfering with lunch. The most important thing to bring is a cold beverage. It can get hot on the field and they need to replenish their fluids. My son likes Gatorade or Powerade (red or blue seems to be the favorite colors), but juice or cold water is good too. I've made cookies and decorated them like baseballs and I've puchased oreos or famous amos. I've even passed out chips and once I bought tickets from the snack shack so they could buy hot dogs and a drink. My advise: something cold to drink, and whatever snack your son would like to bring. Don't forget to have enough for the coaches too. (especially the beverage)

Good luck! I have found that most kids just want junk food! Things that have gone over well for my son's games -- apple slices (not the prepackaged ones), granola bars (crunchy no chewy), gatorades!, orange smiles, grapes, watermelon (seasonal).

Hi M.,

My 3 girls all play softball. You could do pizza, I have purchased minutemaid frozen lemon things. (can't think..time change)the boardroom or snack bar should have a freezer for you to use. Something frozen is always a hit this time of year. Good luck w/ your game


My daughter is on a basketball team and at 12/13 we are still doing snacks.
We have made dozens of the "piggies in a blanket"--beacuse Parents like to eat,too!
The team has done Pizza (Most pizza places will let you "borrow" their carriers - with a refundable deposit)
Chinese food (Cha sui Bow is always a hit).
sandwich makings ---where they get to choose from 2 kinds of meats...are popular.
We've even seen some teams bring out the portable barbeque!!!
Good Luck!!

Hi there!

I was just in this same dilemma and I decided on 100% fruit juice, small bags of chips, and the biggest hit- clementines, those tiny little oranges (or mineolas). I felt guilty about the chips since they are considered "junk food," so to balance it out, at the last minute I got the Clementines and peeled them, put them in a large freezer bag, and put them on ice. It was a big hit!

Good luck,

My son has played Little League for 2 years, and the favorite snack, by far, has been tokens to the snack shack!! Seriously! The kids get very excited when a parent hands them each two tokens. I did that just last week. However, you could make homemade chocolate chip cookies, put 2 or 3 in a ziplock and pass out with a cold Yoo-Hoo or a Sunny D (both very popular). They also make those mini soda cans and the boys love those. I used to try to give out 100% juice, but there were very few boys who would even take one, sadly. You could also put a small bunch of grapes in a ziplock and give them those in addition to the cookies. They seem to like the combination of sweet fruit and a treat. Not too happy if all they get is healthy, unfortunately! Or you could do the fruit and a variety of bagged chips and crackers and let them choose their own. It's also fun to make baseball cupcakes, but for some reason, there are always a few boys who won't eat cucakes. (My son loves them, however, and is always happy if I make them for snack.) Bring your son into the decision making process---give him a list of things to choose from. My son has very definite ideas as to what is "acceptable".

Cracker jacks and Gatorade. Costco has them in bulk.

Orange slices, ice cold water. Not together, at different times during the game. Don't forget papertowls or handwipes.

My 9 yr. old likes it when I bring frozen gogurts, peanuts and cheese crackers, Poweraide, Capri Suns, or granola bars and choc. milk. Hope this helps! -R.

When our daughter and son played in any sport, we brought cut up oranges and water. The children devoured them. A healthy snack and they were naturally sweet and replaced needed liquids. I would stay away from artificial sweets. They're plaing a sport they love and their little bodies crave natural stuff! Watermelon and grapes are also good!
Our children our grown and we still love watching them in college or city sports. We still bring water and fruit!

fruit...lots of fruit. so many times people bring snacks filled with sugar. i tend to bring apples, string cheese and a gogurt along with a small water. hope that helps!

I used to first give the kids a cut up in wedge shapes orange, so they could re energize them self, then a rice krispee snack either home made or store bought,if I supplied the orange I did not supply a drink, or I gave them a minute maid box juice drink, with a small bag of chips, the price should stay under $ 10.00

Have fun

Hi M.,
Gatorade, chips/popcorn bags and an orange or apple. I usually try to mix up a good snack with the ones they actually want like chips. The gatorade is great because they all usually like it and they need to re-hydrate after the game. I have a very active son in baseball, basketball, and football who is 12.

I have a 9 year old who has been playing ball since he was 4, so I have been doing snack for years! If you want to go healty, then granola bars, trail mix, pretzels. But most people dont do that anymore. The older boys like the junkie food. So chips, cookies, I have even had parents do like puddings. Drinks for the older boys are the little gatorades or water. But you can still do juice boxes too.
Good luck this season! I have 2 playing this year!!!

take english muffins add a little pizza sauce, some cheese and you have a great snack for the team

Hi M., I'm a mom of a 13 year old girl who is a basketball player. My experience of being a snack mom is that, you can't please them all, all the time. My luck as been, precutting oranges or apples and bagging them. They seem to really like Go-Gerts (which I freeze the night before)also the cheese and crackers. Good luck. C. H.

Small,cold,sports drinks(gatorade,capri sun has a sports drink)also to eat yogo's they come in small packages and goldfish they r in small packages now too. I have a 12 yr old boy and a couples years back when i needed to bring snacks these were usually a big hit.

For my daughter's soccer team we cut up oranges and put them in a big ziploc bag. They give a great energy boost and some vitamin C for their game. It's very popular. You could try those cutie oranges as they are in season.

How about gala apple slices with cinamon and unique sweet sprinkled on them. Unique sweet has xylitol (natural sweetener)...nice flavor and the kids like the syrup.(put 4-5 clices in a zip lock..sprinkle on the u.s and cinamon and go!..maybe keep them in a cooler so they are slightly chilled. Since the game starts at mid-day...they will be hot and thirsty...maybe bring popsicles in dry ice too?

That game snack issue is has been a crazy one around our house. I'll never forget the mom who brough krispy cream donuts and monsters for the kids after a 7pm game!!

I am also a real estate professional. Maybe put a sticker on the baggies..."Smooth transactions and sweet results...M., blah blah real estate" A.B.M always be marketing! : : > )

After thousands of baseball, softball, swim meets, waterpolo meets...the most practical seem to be cool water and some kind of fruit.

C. R

hot dogs - super cheap and everyone loves hot dogs!!!!

Hi M., I am the total sports Mom with an 11 year old boy and a 10 year old girl! Whenever I have a lunch type game like that, I usually order a giant pizza and bring healthy drinks with me in a cooler. The kids are hungry, and I hate to just give filler food when it's near lunchtime. I usually order 1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni. Hope that helps!

Hi M.-
Are you looking for "homemade" snacks? How about jello... put them in ice trays and store in a cooler until ready to eat. Frozen grapes make a great nutritious sweet treat. trail mix with craisens (dried cranberries) instead of raisens. popsicles... homemade- again, using ice trays. cheese & crackers- more nutritious if made with real cheese instead of processed/store bought. Tell me what you have already brought and possibly I could think of something different... sorry if you have already brought some of these ideas!

If your close to the city of La Habra, there is a bakery called Michelle's Cake House that has these awesome bite size pieces of cake covered in powdered sugar called "Cake Nachos". I sometimes bring them to my sons baseball games and everyone loves them. If you live to far they have a website www.michellescakehouse.com you can have them ship them to you.

Hi M.,
That is sooo funny that you ask that ?.... I am 34 y/o Happily married mother of four (17 1/2,16,15 and 11. They have all been in sports since 4 1/2 years old... and still are going strong, my 11y/o is in baseball at the moment, the 15 and 16 are doing High school track & field rite now... But anyways, I like to do String cheese,baked lays (in the little cups so they don't smash and turn into crumbs and a juice.. I just put them in individual (ziploc bags for each kid) and throw it in the cooler (with Ice of course), or you can do fruit cups with it or pudding, I have lots of ideas, but the string cheese is my favorite, cause it always gets eaten and never wasted... Have fun at the game....

With it being lunch time you could do apple slices and uncrustables. I make my own uncrustables so they are a little healthier and then bring a mini bottle of water with apple slices.
Good luck!

There is a really cute snack idea on www.Familyfun.com right now. It is tortilla sandwich rolls that look like a snail. You have to see how cute it is. And healthy too! There's a video you can watch that shows you how to make them. it looks pretty easy.

HI M. I am a baseball mom of many years and when it is my time I bring capri suns and either a cheese sticks or those cheese & crackers snacks. the kids also loved getting those little bags of fruit snacks. I ususally go to Wal-mart and get the snacks. Is this your first little one baseball game ? You will love it take photos also of your son he will be glad you did when he seems himself running the bases or up to bat or playing his position on the field. Have a great baseball season.

Fruit Snacks and juice boxes...you can't go wrong with that.

I'm sure you've already asked your son for his opinion so I asked my 9 year old son for his favorite after soccer game snacks and it always goes back to...juice boxes, chips, cookies, cupcakes, basically junk. Maybe you could go all out and make some healthy muffins and decorate them in a baseball theme, but I think when it comes down to it, our boys really just want to have something "yummy" after a hard game. Have fun!

I usually do small gatorades and powdered donuts, but if the team wants to go healthy, baby carrots or grapes and water.

I have two boys who also play baseball. I have taken Oranges and apples cut into quarters, granola bars, juice boxes, small water bottles, popcorn in sandwhich bags, pretzles in bags, peanut butter crackers, grapes, and watermelon slices. I have only had a few complaints from the kids, not parents. Also check to so if anyone has allergies to foods.

Cut oranges in a zip-lock bag,cup-cakes with frosting that make it look like a baseball,popsicles,sundays from Mc D's, hope it helps.

9 yr old boys love hotdogs. I know, I know but you can get fairly healthy ones and then just bring them in a pot of hot water. couple bags of buns and a bottle of ketchup and you have very happy little boys and you get to be the cool Mom. I did it for my son and he still remembers it at 16!!!


My son has played baseball for years..most mum's bought for snacks..juice boxes, like juicy juice, tree top or caprison juice packets and granola bars, the little packs of cheessy, cheese its, or cookies..and most kids ate them then brought something from the snack shack anyway..


Mini Sunny Delights, 100 calorie packs of oreos/chip ahoys or even 100 cal. packs of Doritos,Sun Chips etc. and a Go-gurt that I froze the night before so it was nice and cold. You can buy all of these at Sams Club or Costco and I used the balance of the items in my daughters lunches. It's healthy and you won't feel guitly for giving them junk food. :) There's nothing worse then your kids getting junk food as a snack when they just got finished being athletic and doing something good for their bodies.

We have always done sunny delight (the individual packs) and packs of mini muffins.

Hi M.,

i just read your profile and saw that you used to be in the apparel industry. I am a swimwear designer in the city of Cypress. Kudos to you for putting your family first. I know everyone isn't as blessed to have that opportunity but it's great that you are able to.

I suggest maybe trying the Go-Gerts for the boys. They are so convenient to eat, and you can keep them in the ice chest until they are ready to be eaten. Best of luck.

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