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Any Ideas Where to Keep Litter Other than Bath/laundry

Hey all- We've had a cat forever, love her, can't stand the litter!!! We've always kept it in the laundry room. I actually have never liked it there and don't want it in our bathroom. Does anyone have a really unusual spot that works for them, that keeps their personal space clean? Thanks!!

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I kept mine in the basement and before that in the mudroom or laundry room.

You could always change the door to the garage to have a doggie door and then put it in there.

This is kind of strange and maybe not the best suggestion for cold-weather climates, but we keep one window open just wide enough for the cats (3 of them) to get out of. They do their business outside meaning we are completely taken out of that equation. It makes having cats so much more enjoyable.

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We have a small storage space under our stairs with a door. We keep a covered cat box in there, keep the door open a bit, and it works out fine.

Same problem here. I'm thinking of putting it in a closet and then putting a cat door in the closet door. It will mean losing closet floor space.

Hi M.,
When I was younger we had a cat(now married to a man who isn't a cat fan) and we kept the litter under the stairs. The cat had an enclosed litter box and my Mom kept air fresheners under there too (supllies in a rubber maid tote were under there too). We also had a tension curtain rod with curtains closed so the cat could come and go as needed but it helped keep the smell contained.
Hope this helps!

We have two cats. They are messy aren't they. We have them in our daughters' bathroom. You have to go through their room to get to it so people coming over don't see it. I do sweep up the litter with a hand held dust pan twice a day and clean out the box as well. My girlfriend has it in her basement so does my aunt. They made a kitty door in the basement door so the cat can go in and out of the basement. Another friend has it in the laundry room but she has a closet in there and that is where she keeps the litter box. Although the door to the closet is ajar all the time.

My girlfriend kept her cats box in the closet in her spare bedroom. She only used the room when there were guests so it was an empty spot. We just moved into a house with no space for the box either. so if you get any really good responses please pass them on to me.

Hi M.,we had the same dilemma!! We had a wall in our room that on the opposite side was storage, we took a section out and made a hinged door with a cut out big enough for the cat to get in and out, put the box of litter in there, when it's time to change just open the hinged door clean and return closing the door behind you. We put a cute little latch to make sure the door stayed shut! The cat loved having his own room!!

Ah, what I wouldn't do for a basement or utility room where our kitties could have their box away from the rest of us! But we are in a 2 bedroom 1 bath condo, with myself, husband and 3 year old, so almost every inch is shared space. So we have a small office/sunroom and the litter box is out there (even though we're in here a lot on computer working). We invested in a Littermaid self-cleaning litter box and its been pretty good. You can buy a "cabana" tent that goes over the whole kit and caboodle so its all covered/unobtrusive and the self-cleaning feature sweeps the used litter away into a closed receptacle 10 minutes after each use keeping the stink at bay. We also have a ramp leading up into the box that helps to get some of the litter off of their feet and a mat under the whole thing that also helps to keep the excess litter from getting tracked all over. We empty the box and sweep in the office every other day too.

TO all of you--try Feline Pine litter. It is a biodegradable pine pellet that doesn't track, and always smells like cedar! I was so sick of tracking litter, and discovered it after my cat had surgery. The vet recommended it because it has no dust for infection. I cannot believe how wonderful it is! We all go through a lot for our kitties, don't we? Good luck!

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