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Any Ideas for 15 Yr Old Girl Birthday Party??

My daughter turns 15 in a couple of weeks. I would like to have a small party for her---nothing too extravagant (because next year will be a biggie). I have been trying to think of something small, yet special.....I even thought of having a tea party, not a kiddie one, but one with fancy sandwiches, etc. Do any of you awesome moms out there have any ideas? Thanks!!! I love Mamasource....ya'll are all wonderful

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I would make it a Luau Party. That is fun and you can buy all the stuff at Party City or Walmart. Not too expensive, definitely unique, and fun, casual atmosphere.

Here are some other fun things to do. I love the newspaper/duct tape party!


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I thought my mom had a great idea for my party, which was a while back now... We hired a fortune teller to come to my house and give everyone their fortunes. It was a blast. The fortune teller even let us record everyone's fortunes on tape that we were able to give them as party favors. We had a pizza delivered and aside from paying the fortune teller and ordering pizza, it was pretty cheap. Definitely a different type of party that had all my friends talking!

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For my 14 YO's party, we did a backwards theme: invites were printed backwards, 200 balloons hung down from the ceiling (no helium), the writing on the birthday cake was backwards, we had dessert first at the restaurant, etc. Even the girls were instructed to wear their clothes backwards. It was a lot of fun and not too expensive.

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You could let her invite a few friends and take them to a fun restaurant and then to a movie. Or if you have a Main Event around where you live you could let them go there and play games and laser tag.

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A spa sleepover party is a GREAT idea. You can even recruit a few moms to help out as the "staff". You can print out fun labels and put them on bottled water, let the girls put whipped cream on their faces and cucumbers on their eyes. Have a massage station, hair station,fun music, do pedicures, etc. Order pizza for everybody and them let them spend the night!

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My cousin did a "spa party" for her daughter. Manicures, pedicures, facials, relaxing music, light snacks. 'Sounded awesome to me! I wanted a "spa party!"

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My sister in-law did this for her daughter when she turned 15 and the girls LOVED it! I can be a bit pricey but if she invited maybe 3 friends it may be an option. She took them to "The Melting Pot" fondue restaurant in Houston (on Westheimer I think near the Galleria). I went and it was a blast! They did the whole meal but the part they enjoyed the most was the dessert fondue! They have different types of chocolate mixutures to choose from and then a huge tray of dipping things (pound cake, bananas, strawberies, pineapple, marshmallows, etc.) You could even take them there for just dessert. Then the girls spent the night at my neice's house.
You could even do your own fondue party at home!
Good luck and have fun!

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A friend of mine did a shopping party for her young teenager. She said it was a *huge hit*! It was a small group of girls, I think there were 8 of them. They were buddied up in groups of 2 and each group was given $20 (or $10 for each girl). And they also had to draw a color. Then they were let loose on the mall for 1.5-2 hours. (yes, my friend waited at a designated spot in the mall for 2 hours; each group had a cell phone; she had their phone numbers and I think called the groups every 30 minutes to check make sure they were alright. Of course, she had discussed what the party involved with the various parents beforehand.)

Each girl was to buy a $10 gift ("something they would like themselves") and the gift had to be particular color they drew. They had to keep their gift a secret (only their buddy knew what each other bought). Then, when everyone got back together, they were each given a bag to put the gift in. All the bags looked alike and were closed tight so no peeking inside. Then the bags were mixed up and each girl then chose a bag as their own... And everyone opened their gift.

Depending on how many girls and your budget, you could always increase the gift price to $12-$15.

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One year my mom rented a limo to take me and a few friends out to dinner (hamburgers and milkshakes). It was a blast driving around!!!

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You could have her invite a couple of friends and do a scavenger hunt. Each clue could lead her to a different item. Maybe a total of 15 signifying the number of years...finish with smoothies that the girls can make themselves with a blender at home. The scavenger hunt can be as expansive as you like and take them to all kinds of places depending on whether or not you want to drive them around. For example if you take them to a mall where there is a food court, there are lots of things that you can arrange for them to get "free"; napkins from certain restaurants, straws, toothpicks, all kinds of things. You can make a scrapbook of photos of them with all the "loot" that they gather.

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