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Any Ideas About a Painful Lump Right Above C-section Incision?

I had an emergency C section about 5 weeks ago. It hasn't been infected (my incision is still closed and intact) but noticed a lump directly above/along the upper, left edge of my incision. I noticed it forming the day after surgery (about a centimeter in length) and it never really bothered me. Starting 2 weeks ago, it's very sensitive and tender to touch. I can't even wear my pants above it. Could it be a keloid? sometimes it gets red on and off during the day. Otherwise it's the same color as the rest of my skin. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? I'm scared it will continue to cause tenderness, as I've read on the internet and heard before that there's been some people who have experienced pain for a long time after their surgery.Any suggestion is greatly appreciated

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Hi Z.,
I don't want to frighten you, but I had a similar experience. My incision was infected, however. When the doctor couldn't drain the infection from the outside, she decided to perform surgery the next morning. Thank goodness she had to open me up, because she found a blood clot the size of a large egg. It was removed and I had to wear a wound vac for 6 long weeks after that, but I am truly grateful that it was discovered. Please call your OB so that he or she can look at it and run the appropriate tests to find the problem!! Good luck, I will be praying for you. Please let us know how it all turns out.

I've had two c/sec. My first one was a (FILL IN THE BLANK). My scar still gets very inflamed about 3-4 days before my period and then stay swollen and painful. But its all across- not just one spot! I'd call your OB and just ask what it could be. Maybe more scar tissue in that one spot? In any case, it totally sucks and you've got my sympathy!

I had that - it turned out to just be scar tissue and went down about a year afterward. But I would definitely see your doctor about it to rule out anything serious. Everyone heals differently and for me it took about 6 months before I felt like my "old self" as far as the pain went. But I know other women who have had c-sections and have recovered well after 2 months or less. I'm due with my second in April and really hoping for a VBAC so my recovery time is less!

i went to my doctor cause i'm dealing with a lump centimeter in size and very painful/tender/sore to touch...its right above and close to my c-section scar. my doctor felt the lump and all around the area..NO hernia NO infection NO cyst NO scarring..said i healed very well and the lump seems to be endometrial scarring. he said it may take a bit to completely heal..if bothersome or gets worse they can perform surgery and cut it out. it only hurts if touched or when holding something like a laundry basket for example..so i choose to not mess with it..i rather NOT have surgery..c-section was bad enough. i just pray and hope it gets better and goes away. hope this helped anyone...i was terrified it was something way worse...but its always best to see your doctor if you have any concerns..only you know whats best and in this case i needed my doc to ease my mind=)

Hi - I also strongly suggest you talk to your doctor about any pain or anything strange relating to your incision, or even get a second opinion if you are not sure you are healing properly. A C-section incision is a major wound that can take a long time to heal, some of us seem to take a much longer time than others. I had a C-sec with my first, and while I didn't have any weird lumps or sharp pains or infections, it took about a year for the incision site to stop feeling strange and uncomfortable - it was easily irritated, alternately numb, tingly, sensitive, uncomfortable, and just plain strange for most of a year - which my doctor said was not anything to worry about medically. BUT ASK YOUR DOC!!! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!

Hi Z., and congrats on your sweet daughter!

The same thing happened to me after my 1st C-section. I went in, after thinking I might have a hyrnia or something, but they told me it was just scar tissue. These C-sections are really invasive (I've had 2 now) and it just takes your body a while to recover from it. Take it easy if you can, keep it clean, and if it persists be sure to have your Dr. take a look. Good luck! Enjoy that baby girl!


It's a good thing that you should have a 6 week check-up with your OB very soon! Depending on how long it's been painful, and how long it is until your check up, I'd even call in the morning and ask to talk to the triage nurse.

I had a c-section almost 7 weeks ago, and my very unattractive "dunlop" above my incision is also getting quite tender to the touch. I'm glad that I had to postpone my 6 week check up so that I can ask my OB about it. I get very nervous about it.

Might be scar tissue but I would call you doctor, he might be able to tell you over the phne or he may want you to come in before you 6-8 week checkup. I had a c-secion but do not recall any lumps.

It definitely isn't a keloid. My scar is an angry red slash that still itches and hurts all the way across, 2 years later. I do think it could be scar tissue from the under layer. Whenever there is pain though, call the doc. Their nurse should be able to tell you if you should go in, or wait until your 6 week appointment.

Hi mama! Talk to your doctor soon. I had the same issue and 10 months later I'm still having pain. Turns out that I wasn't "put back together" properly. You need to be checked out to make sure it isn't something serious. Good luck!


I am not sure what it could be, but I do have a keloid and I can tell you mine was never painful. My WHOLE incision is one giant keloid and I have never had pain with it. I would check with the doc (you are up for you 6 week check up anyways) because I would think pain could indicate infection. :)

I had this too but I was still in the hospital and it turned out to be blood clots in my incision that they drained and I was already on heparin so I just stayed on that !!! Hope its taken care of.

I've now had two c-sections (the second 18 weeks ago) and had the same thing. I actually thought I had a hernia after my first one. The doctor said it was just scar tissue. I never realized until after my second how much the doctors have to cut through. There are layers and layers of tissue they have to get through before ever coming near the little one. I had weird pains in that scar tissue for about a year after my first one and am expecting about the same this time around. It's not fun, but it does go away after time. That being said, you should still see your doctor just in case. You never know! Good luck and I hope it feels better soon.

I'm in my 5th week of recovery after my 3rd C-Section. I was showering last night and discovered the lump/knot on the left hand edge of my incision. It's not painful, but did freak me out. I go to the doctor in a week and as long as it doesn't look infected or becomes painful I will wait until my visit to talk to my doctor. If it hurts or is painful I would get is checked out.

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