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Any Feedback on the Dump

I have just moved to Rockwall and have been trying to find a used sectional or sofa and oversized chair w/ottoman made of a good durable fabric like chenille. I've been to craigslist and others but all I keep seeing is that new microfiber material which I've heard bad things about as far as being durable and wearing well. I know it cleans well, but my friend has one and it hasn't held up well and is very easily scratched and poked holes into. Someone recommended that I go to The Dump but it's so far away from me I don't want to waste my time and gas if I get there and find the prices arean't that much lower than The RoomStore or others. Anyone actually bought a sofa or sectional at The Dump? Just how affordable is their stuff?

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Okay, now I'm really confused. We had a heavy Chenille sectional when I was a kid and it lasted for years. In fact, my sister and I took it to our house when we moved out and then she took it to her house after that. Maybe it just depends on how heavy the chenille is. Now I'm getting conflicting information about microfiber. Like I said, my friend bought a microfiber sofa that has gotten terribly scratched and holes poked in it. I'm really confused about this microfiber. I have noticed that furniture made with microfiber fabric is not as expensive. Isn't that kind of a hint about the quality? Guess I'll just keep looking. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Cathy,

I know this is an old post but I just happened to come across it and wanted to tell you what I found when we were shopping for new furniture. First of all, the average day at the Dump was much more expensive than Rooms to Go...I was disappointed and continued my search. Then I came across:

Stacy Furniture Outlet Store
709 Enterprise Dr
Flower Mound, Texas75028

We purchased beautiful furniture at great prices and we received some of the friendliest service. We have gone back three times since December and purchased various things we needed for our new house. I'd recommend them to anyone!

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Actually it's just what the title is, The Dump!
The furniture is poor quality.

I shopped around before buying at the dump(only for my formal living). I wanted something that wasn't in the other stores and maybe it's becuz someone said in one of your other responses that the stuff is outdated but anyways for my formal living I wanted something unique to my eyes after going to all the stores in dallas area i could find. I knew it when I say it and it took forever but found it at the dump. a little more than what i wanted to pay but love it and haven't seen another one like it. The stuff there are over priced but they had a lot of stuff I didn't see in the other stores. I was able to find the same fabric to make my drapes out of.

I got a sectional couch from Rooms to Go and while the price was good, it's turned out the be a pretty crappy piece of furniture. The fabric is okay, but the cushions have warped and don't stay put, and the frame somehow has gotten cracked. And I really wanted to choke the sales guy and his manager over a debate on scotchguard. Won't be buying from them again.

I have been very curious about The Dump though, thanks for posting this question. I too didn't want to take the time and gas to go so far out for something iffy or overpriced. Thank you!

P.S. I have heard lots of good things about microfiber. If you are serious about getting to the bottom of this fabric issue, I would recommend going to one of those custom sofa places or an upholstry shop and just asking to see different grades and qualities of fabric upholstry for sofas. That might help you find something more current than chennile and maybe better than microfiber??? Then you could shop based on that.

Good luck, I hope you find the sofa of your dreams!

i'm sure you have purchased a couch by now and I hope you didn't buy it from the dump. They are a bad place to do business with. I have 2 microfiber couches -the microfiber looks like leather and they are wonderful. shop around at reputable furniture stores for their sales. The Dump Furniture is always a bad deal.

Furnitures at The Dump are kinda dated and according to the store most of them are discontinued. That's why you can't rely on the quality. But if you want them for short term use then the price is just ok.

i'm sure you have purchased a couch by now and I hope you didn't buy it from the dump. They are a bad place to do business with. I have 2 microfiber couches -the microfiber looks like leather and they are wonderful. shop around at reputable furniture stores for their sales. The Dump Furniture is always a bad deal.

I have found that The Dump has great prices, but only when they are having a tent sale. They constantly replenish the supply in the tent throughout the day, pulling higher priced items for inside the shpwroom and marking it down for the tent. Consequently, you may need hang around for a while to wait for the piece that is right for you.

Another option is the Weir's outlet. There is one in uptow, just around the corner from their main store. Also, watch the Weir's ad in the Sunday paper. They have great quality furniture and you can catch some amazing deals when they have sales. A word of advice though - if you see something in the ad you think you want, get there quickly and be ready to buy. The ad usuallly features cloae out items with limited quantity.

As a real estate agent, my clients often ask about furniture shopping, so I try to keep an eye on the market, and Weir's seems to be the most consistent. They also offer additional warranty coverage that is great for families.

We found the prices to be much higher than we expected. We ended up purchasing our leather couch at the Roomstore. We probably won't return to the Dump.

We recently purchased new furniture for our den and here's what I discovered during the whole process.

First, chenille really isn't that durable especially if you have children and this is going to be an "everyday" piece of furniture. This tidbit of information came from the folks at Cutting Corners Fabric when I was looking to have a sofa made. The recommendation: leather, microfiber, or a "heavier" fabric.

Second, The Dump isn't a bargain. We looked for MONTHS before finding furniture to meet our needs. The Dump was just one of the many stores we visited; comparing prices, quality, and such.

Finally, just an FYI. Having all boys we decided on leather. So far, we love it! My sister-in-law has had a microfiber sofa set for about a year or so and loves that too. She has LOTS of kiddos so her sofas have taken a real beating. Early on she was even able to wipe clean black sharpie marker from a seat cushion.

Hope this helps!

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