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Any Cheap Health Insurance Options?

Hey moms! I recently quit my job to stay home with our little boy. Up until now my son and I have had health insurance coverage through my work but now that that isn't an option we need to be covered through my husbands work - which is about $600/month for the three of us! Is that normal? Are there any other options out that that are cheaper? We make too much to qualify for any government aid. But at the same time we don't make enough to be able to pay $600 a month. I am totally open to ideas, please let me know if you know of any good coverage that doesn't cost an arm and a leg...

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Try ehealthinsurance.com - you can get all different kinds of quotes. We were in a similar situation years ago and found a very affordable, basic plan through them - it covered up to 4 office visits w/o deductibla, all well checks and had a prescription plan. Good luck!

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I feel your pain. We have been without insurance for about 6 months now. 600.00 for a family really isn't that bad, depending on your coverages. ( I know it doesn't matter if you can't afford it though.) When I go back to work as a teacher next year, I hear I will have to pay 1200.00!! a month for my family's coverage it I go through the district for health insurance. You might check out www.insurancemakesmesick.com for quotes on different plans. If your you and your kids are healthy, maybe you can afford a catastrophic policy that is 200.00 or so a month and just pay the rest out of pocket. Costco is a great place to get prescrptions and you don't need a membership to use the pharmacy. We recently got a generic rx for my dh there. 30 pills at Kroger was going to be 29.99 w/o insurance. We got 60 pills at Costco for less than 14.00!

Good luck and enjoy your time at home! Being a sahm for the last 3 1/2 years has been the best time of my life.

My insurance man can help you. He has several companies with various plans to suit you and your family's needs. I couldn't say how much specifically because he would need to ask you some questions and design the coverage to fit your family. Give him a call and at least let him provide you with some additional options. His name is Jack Townsend and his number is ###-###-####. Tell him A. gave you his information.

Hi T..
I would recommend AmeriPlan. AmeriPlan is a discount health benefits company. You can get a health plan for your entire household for $39.95/mo, which includes dental, vision, prescriptions, chiropratic, doctor visits, lab, x-rays, hospital advocacy, 24-hour nurse line and more. AmeriPlan is not insurance, it offers members discounts of up to 80% off on healthcare. Pre-existing conditions are okay, no age limits, no paperwork to file. Example: In the DFW area the customary cost of a dentist just looking in your mouth is $103, but with AmeriPlan it is $30. Similar discounts apply to all areas of healthcare. Here is their webiste www.DNShealth.net . I am a representative for AmeriPlan and would be happy to answer any questions you may have to see if this is right for you. You can call me at ###-###-#### .
Good health!
~ N.

I sell insurance and write thru Blue Cross Blue Shield and Unitrin. Send me an email with all 3 dates of birth and I can do a quote for you. Our office is in SW Arlington so we're local. I have a policy with my son (3 yr old)and myself thru Unicare for $182 a month. $2,000 deductible, 75/25 co insurance (you're responsible for 25% of bill up to a max per family limit of $3000+deductible), NO MATERNITY COVERAGE!, 2 office visits per policy year and 10/30/45 Rx copays. Shoot me the info and I can get you a quote.


My husband is an independent Health Insurance Agent. You can give him a call and he will look for the most affordable plan for you and your family. Rhett Schack, ###-###-####. He will be able to give you quotes from multiple providers.

I feel your frustration! My husband just recently lost his job and got a good severance package (thankfully!). He has a new job now, but it's a small business and they don't offer health care yet. They're hoping to offer it in March, but it's not definite. We have COBRA coverage for 2 months, but after 2 months I may need to find an affordable plan out there. COBRA is way to expensive to continue. Best of luck!

If you and your family had insurance through your job, you could qualify to extend your coverage for up to a year under Cobra. You would pay more for it than you did when you were working, but it cannot hurt to look into. Google Cobra, or Cobra laws to get more info. Good luck, insurance is expensive. We are in the same boat, my husband owns his own business, and our last insurance quote was $800 for a family of 5. I decided to only work one day a week to keep my insurance with my job. That has worked out for me, I am home with the family everyday, except the one day I work.

For several years after having my first son, he and I were on an independent plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield (meaning, we called them directly and asked what plans were available). Same deal, my husband's work was going to be around $600 for family, and with BCBS my son and I were covered for around $300 if I recall correctly. We had good coverage, but the deal is you both would need to be very healthy with no prior health problems for it to be beneficial. I had a kidney stone in my pregnancy with him, (on an insurance plan through my previous employer) and I had a rider on the plan stating that no kidney/urinary issues of any kind would be covered in the future due to pre-existing conditions. Fortunately it was never an issue. My son, who had coverage from the time he was born, had to have tubes put in. They covered it no problem, but in the pre-approval process they grilled me to make sure he had never had an ear infection or problems with his ears prior to being covered (obviously making sure no "pre-existing" problem there). So, while coverage is good, they will not cover anything you had probs with prior to coverage. Also, you have to renew every year, and I think every year our rates increase around $20 for each of us. But it was totally worth it to have good insurance coverage for a lot less than my husband's employer could offer. It's worth looking into!

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