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Any Advice on to Give a Four Year Old Eye Drops

My almost four year old has pink eye. It is impossible to get the eye drops in his eyes. I didn't realize how strong he was. Sometimes my hubby is around to help, but often I need to do it alone. Help, any advice!!

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Thank you so much for all of the advice. We have found that holding his legs and arms down with my legs and putting in the drops as fast as I can has worked best for us. It seems so cruel, but it would be worse not to treat the pink eye!!

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I don't know if this will work for you but this is what I did with my son. I sat on the floor and put his head between my legs with his feet facing away from me. I put my legs over his arms so he couldn't move them. This left both my hands free to get the drops in.

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Hi K.,

Have your son lie on his back with his head in your lap- eyes closed. Stick the nozzle of the dropper in the inside corner of his eye and squeeze- have him then open the eye and the drop should go right in without problem. Make sure you wipe the end of the nozzle between eyes and before putting the lid on so that you don't keep contaminating the eyes.

Good luck!!!

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the eye drops burn! My son was 2yrs old when he first started daycare he came home with pink eye. I had to sneak it in while he slept. He would wake up screaming then I held him and sing to him till he calmed down.

good luck!!!

hi K., my son had pink eye very early to and i had a hard time giving the drops and i asked for a cream, there is a perscriction out there, im not sure whats its called, but you have to watch them for they might rub it off.....i didnt have a problem with the rubbing....ask youir doctor..

I don't know if this will work for you but this is what I did with my son. I sat on the floor and put his head between my legs with his feet facing away from me. I put my legs over his arms so he couldn't move them. This left both my hands free to get the drops in.


The best way I know of is this: Get a large bath towel and wrap him up tight so that his arms can't move. At this point, you should be able to hold him on your lap or laying down somewhere an it won't be as easy for him to move. He won't like it, but then you can tell him that if he would just lay still you wouldn't need to wrap him up. We had to do this to my daughter when she had to take some bad tasting medicine. It only took her 2 times before she realized that it would be easier on her if she just took the medicine. Good Luck!

pink eye is so much fun. my girl is four and has had it also. at first it was a struggle, holding her down kicking and screaming and all that stuff. then i thought ,let's make it fun. i have her ly wherever and let her hold the bottle, with my help, and we both squeeze tha drops . it works wonders . i read the response from the other mom and i never had any luck with recontaminatio. anytime the dropper touched her eye, wiping it off or not, it would take longer to go away or have to get more. what also worked was keeping the eye(s) closed and drop it onto the lashes and ask the kid to look at you. the med will go into the eye but it does sting so they will close it after a minute or two ask them to blink alot and then thy will be fine. wipe the excess off and youre done. sorry this is so long but i totally understand how hard it is and i am just try to help as much as i can. good luck.

I used to play a game of "caterpillar" or something like that--whatever your son would relate to with a little boy my mom watched. We would wrap him in a blanket (which he loved) and then he couldn't squirm around as much, he wanted to play it all the time. I usually would carry him around and play pretend a little after so it was fun for him.

Hi K.,
My daughter is quite strong too. She had pink eye before she was two and it was a fight getting drops in her eyes. I learned how to hold her down when my hubby wasn't home. I wish I could show you how. The point is that those drops are really important within the first 24 hours and throughout the condition so that it doesn't get worse. The fight now is not as bad as the condition can get if you don't treat it with the drops. Perhaps a neighbor can come over and assist you???

Good luck

Lay your son down,get on him by straddling with your legs holding his arms down,and then hold his head with one hand and the other hand put the drops in. Its fast and over in a second.

My kids (ages 4 yrs and almost 2 yrs) currently both have pink eye- ugh. The pediatrician told us that even if you do it when their eyes are closed, it goes through, so that you can do it when they're asleep! We haven't had to do that yet, but we just emphasize how it's quick (1, 2, then it's over) and offer a treat afterward or make something he wants to do contingent on getting the eyedrops in first. We put it in the corner of his eye near his nose. We let him cover the other eye since he seems to want to cover both eyes when he knows it's "time." Hope that helps. Pink eye is gross, this is our first experience with it! We're on day 3 of the drops and they're much better.
Good luck.

I'm not sure if this is what you were looking ofr, but even as an adult, I hate putting anything near my eyes. A Dr. I went to a long time ago gave me the freatest advice.

Lay down (or put head all the way back)Keep the eye closed that you need drops put in. Place the drops in the inside corner of the closed eye then open your eye normally. The medicine will automatically go in.

I had chronic pink eye for months and had to do this everyday three times a day. Works like a charm...

Good Luck

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