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Antibiotics in Early Pregnancy

I recently found out I am 5 weeks, 3 days pregnant with baby #2 (I have a 2 year old boy). We have both been very sick, both on amoxicillin (me for sinus infection, him for ear inf.). I know you should obviously avoid any unneccessary meds while preg., but after talking to my OB (who assured me amoxicillin is safe during pregnancy), I decided to take it because I am very prone to sinus infections and didn't want this to get any worse. Even though I was assured it was safe, I am still paranoid I am doing something bad to my baby. I've thought about stopping it but am afraid the infection will get worse. My question is: has anyone else had to take something like this in early pregnancy? I know people who have taken it later in pregnancy, but never this early on in development.

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Thank you to everyone for your responses...I feel so much better and MUCH more reassured. One more question: many of you mentioned probiotics, which I was taking before getting pregnant. Anyone know which ones in particular are okay during pregnancy, any particular brand?

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I second what basically every one else said, I had a few UTI's early on and was on antibiotics. The Dr. told me the same it was fine and that if the infection got bad it could harm baby.

Good luck and Congrats! :o)

I had an enormous, infected spider bite on my face when I was about five weeks pregnant. I was put on antibiotics too. My doctor explained to me that it is better to be on the meds than for the mother to be sick and have it possibly get worse. My pregnancy was fine and resulted in a beautiful baby girl...Congratulations!

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I would take PROBIOTICS as well. That way you're not killing off all of the healthy bacteria in your gut. Antibiotics are horrible.

Hi R.,

Congratulations on your new baby!!!

I encourage you, as others have, to get bacteria good for your intestines and immune system that will counteract the antibiotics. I can get you some good information how to chose good bacteria...if that would be helpful to you.

God bless you and your new one!


Make sure you get some good probiotics! Ask your Dr if he recommends anything.

Hello my name is K., I work from home with a wellness company called Melaleuca which is a green company that has products that are safer for you to use in your home. Most of the things that we use daily has toxins in them. Bleach, Tide, Cheer, Johnson & Johnson baby products etc... all have been linked to allergies, eczema, upper respiritory problems and etc...there's a long list. Melaleuca has more natural alternatives for people to use like yourself. If you'd like more info. you can contact me and maybe we can get together and talk more. ____@____.com.

Hi R. -- I am like you! Don't want to take any medications if it's not necessary. While I was pregnant w/ my son, I too got a sinus infection (get them all the time). My ob/gyn put me on amoxicillin as well. I asked questions & told him how I did NOT want to be on ANY drugs & he said I would do damage to the baby by letting the infection get out of control rather than to take the antibiotic and get rid of the infection as quickly as possible. I know you think it's super early to take any drugs because of harm to the baby -- but you're not harming the baby. You would if you didn't take care of your infection.

Good LUCK! AND Congrats!

I think the only potential danger (if you can call it that) is that your baby will be exposed to antibiotics early on and that could contribute to a potential for resistance to it later (it's the same reason that many pediatricians now try to limit the amount of times they prescribe antibiotics to their patients). With all these newly antibiotic-resistent infections popping up, many doctors are attributing it to years of over-prescribing antibiotics - so our systems are now becoming resistent to the benefits of the antibiotics. But I haven't heard of anywhere that it's shown to hurt the growth and devlopment of a fetus.

hey R.
as bad as you don't wan't to take it you can't just stop taking part way thur it will only make you worse and then they will have two put you on something stronger so do take relax oh and congrats on the new baby

Yes amoxicillian is safe while pregnant. I took it with two or three of my kids. I was put on something this last pregnancy which wasn't amoxicilian and asked to be put on it but the dr said i needed something stronger and than two weeks later I miss carried. So I am scepitcal about any other drug. I know of four people including me who has been on amoxicilian and had normal healthy kids. With the way the weather is keep on the amoxicilian.

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