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Ant Problem in Playroom

There are ants in my daughters playroom (and the little buggers bite!). Does anyone know a "safe" way to get rid of them.

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At my preschool we use vinegar and water or soap and water. Chalk keeps out ants too-they won't cross over it.

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I use sprinkle lots of baby powder in the cracks or corners that they come from and they never come back as long as the baby powder is there !

Hope that helps!

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At my preschool we use vinegar and water or soap and water. Chalk keeps out ants too-they won't cross over it.

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Yes, cornmeal works because ants can't digest it. And, they take it back to the nest and the others can't digest it either. It takes a week or two for you to see no ants but it is worth it and it's safe for you, your little one and pets too!

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I had this problem a few years ago on my balcony and my Mom suggested baby powder with a little powdered sugar, all mixed together. They ate the sugar and the powder, and it didn't hurt my balcony plants, either. Never had ants out there again.

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Sorry no solution, but if you find one that works please share it. I swear my house is built on an ant hill. I have tried everything but they just come right back. I do know that 409 kills ants you can see, but doesn't keep them away.

I had ants in the house due to my dog food dish. The safest way that I have ever heard of, and that has worked for me, is by sprinkling cinnamon outside where they are comming in, you can also use it inside. They do not like it because it messes up their sense of smell, which is what they use to follow each other and get back to their home.

Baby powder. Sounds strange but it works. If you can find where they are coming in, sprinkle it there (probably under the baseboards from under the carpet. I guess thay can't walk through it. We often have bad ant problems and I hate to use chemicals. But, the one thing we do use, just because it works so well, is Home Defense I think it's made by Ortho. You spray the perimiter of your house and windows and it keeps them out. It is not harmfil to animals or children once it dries.

Spray Ortho around the outside of the house where her playroom is located. It works great with ants!

Good luck!

they do sell environmentally friendly bug killers but i would try alcohol in a spray bottle and i think cinonmine works too.. good luck with your ant issue i dont like them either :)

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