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sorry for all the nursing questions! I'm nervous about doing this! Anyway- what are the MUST haves for nursing? clothing items, undergarments, pads and such, lotions/creams, all that jazz. the things you wouldn't think about not having while nursing. please do share brands, prices, and why :) Thanks

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You can always go to a La Leche meeting or two before you have the baby. If you hit a snag at least you will know who to call for advice.

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Clothing--I didn't have specific nursing tops the first time around--just loose enough clothing
Nursing bras--a must--I had cheap ones that I did not like. I would definitely get quality ones the second time around.

I liked Lasinoh cream and just good old fashioned breastmilk for sore nipples--breastmilk and air drying helped alot.

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At home at first I just went topless...it was easier. Then I purchased a bunch of T-shirts from Old Navy in different colors that I could just pull up and feed. Nothing super special except a good nursing bra (well several).

Disposable nursing pads worked better for me than cloth ones you rewash. you will want them...I didn't realize this until i was soaked to the waist at our first pediatrician appointment as my milk let down and i had nothing in there to absorb it. lol

I was always thirsty and hungry when nursing, especially at first...so a big plastic mug or cup with a lid and straw were essential...I could not drink enough water. I could eat between bites, so I always had graham crackers, bananas, etc easy to grab and eat foods.

good luck...

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There are already some great suggestions on here. I just weaned my 17 month old and really treasured our time nursing!

- I tried a boppy and eventually found that just a regular pillow was perfectly fine if not better.
-I tried a hooter hider type thing and eventually foud that loose fitting clothing was just easier.
- I tried the reusable nursing pads but wound up with thrush (dont know if it was from those things, but...) you definitely need to get some pads.
-Nursing bras for day and softer ones for night. I was fine with the cheap ones from Target.
-Lansinoh is handy.
-Setting up a cozy place at homw for you to sit with your feet up and water and a snack nearby is important.
-All this being said, it takes a little while for you, your baby and your body to get the hang of nursing. This surprised me!


What people have said here is right. There is very little that is MUST have. There are lots of things that are nice and make things easier. I could go on and on about all of those fun little things.

If you are choosing where to spend your money to start, start with some good nursing bras and/or tanks. If you have a specialty shop locally that can help with fitting, great. Or, we can help you out online. We have "fit" people all over the world. You want to be sure your nursing bra fits well so you are getting to best support you can, and not wasting your money on good bras that don't fit well.

And if you are returning to work or plan on pumping much, don't skimp on the breastpump. A good one will make a huge difference in your comfort, production, and overall success with pumping when away from your baby.

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I love my Hooter Hider for bfeeding on public. My favorite pads were the Johnson and Johnson (blue box found at target). Bravado nursing bras were most comfortable for me and lasinoh was a lifesaver for sore nipples. Cloth diapers for burp clothes or if you spring a leak. I just wore loose fitting shirts, never bought special nursing tops and it worked fine for me. I had 2 sports like nursing bras for sleeping in and two regular nursing bras for daytime. Most important is if your comfotable then baby will be as well. :) Huggs

The only "must have" is a pair of breasts, and I'm assuming you come equipped with those. :-)

Nursing bras are rather handy, and if you're generously built, it is worth paying for good ones that provide real support ($50-$60 approx.). I used to envy my more petite girlfriends who were able to wear the light cotton ones (comfy-looking and much easier on the wallet), but as a 40DDD, those were not an option for me. Title Nine catalog used to offer a well-constructed, seriously supportive nursing sports bra that was great. I haven't seen it in the catalog in awhile, but if you call them, they can probably tell you where to get one if they don't still have it. You might need bra pads if you leak much, but personally, I did not. The nursing tops, while nice, are not necessary. I did find having a one-piece swimsuit that was adapted to nursing useful. I didn't use the creams and lotions, but for some women whose skin cracks, I've been told they are a lifesaver. My babies and I both loved the Boppy nursing pillow for the support it provided - took a little of the strain off my arms for times when I nursed sitting up. (We often lay down to nurse - it was more relaxing for me and my babies.) It doubled as a handy support for them when they started being able to sit.

You need two things - a breast and a baby!

For clothing, just wear whatever you have that you can easily undo or stretch to expose a breast.

There are a lot of variations in nursing bras, so you'll have to try them on, or go by what styles work for you already. I wore a cotton bra that was styled like a sports bra, and later wore what is called a "sleep bra" that was comfortable and stretchy. Nothing I wore had cups, really, as I can't stand anything digging into me.

I really did like my Boppy pillow and used it a lot the first several months. Didn't ever use pads or such. I occasionally used Lansinoh Lanolin cream.

Oh, and burp rags! - a pack of large cotton diapers works very well for this. they are bigger than most fancier burp rags and wash up easily. My daughter spit up so much that I had 2 dozen of these just so we wouldn't run out (and I did laundry almost daily).

I've been nursing for 6 1/2 years straight now, so I've gotten pretty good at it! I love my boppy--it saves your back! I never used nursing pads because I didn't let down milk too much except for the first few weeks. I love Earth Mama nipple butter (go to www.earthmamaangelbaby.com) for when nipples get dry or crack ( it happened with my first, not my second). DO NOT use lanolin--it has to be wiped off before nursing, lots of babies are allergic to it, and frankly, it's the oil that comes off sheep's wool--yuck!! You can also use coconut oil on your nipples if necessary. If you get sore when you first start nursing, steep a regular tea bag for a few minutes and put it on your nipple (it stains, so I usually did this in the bathtub). The tannins in the tea will help shrink the blood vessels in the nipple and it really works to stop any discomfort. I love my "hooter hider" for nursing in public. It works better than a blanket over baby's head because baby can see you and you can see baby, but no one else is the wiser. A few good nursing bras are a must! Go for quality--it's no fun wearing an uncomfortable bra. Wait for about a month to spend a lot of money, as your ribs will start going back in place, which changes the back size you need. Initially , get a sleeping nursing bra to get you through the beginning--I like the medela one. DO NOT pump to release engorgement. Your body will self-adjust within 48 hours. If you pump the milk, your body keeps making that much milk and it's a pain! If you need to go back to work and want to keep nursing then you'll need a good breast pump--I am a SAHM so I didn't need one. I didn't even use it for night feedings or anything because I really hate pumping! Besides, it's easier to fall back asleep after night feedings if you breast feed because of the release of the hormone oxytocin. There's probably more I could say, but that's all I can think of now :-)
Congrats on your coming arrival and good luck!

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