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Another Name for Grandma!!!

hey mamas! looking for suggestions on other names for grandma so it's easier to differentiate!! We have grandpa and poppy, so they are different, but it's been grandma barb and grandma linny. My 3 1/2 year old son dropped the grandma and calls them barb and linny. I have a 3 month old daughter and want to call them different names so its easier. We love the difference with grandpa and poppy, as my son always stuck to that!

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WOW!!!! Thanks for all the responses....i never thought we'd receive so many!!!! We certainly did not want our son to call his grandma's, barb and linny, he did that on his own, no matter how much we corrected him. He also dropped the Uncle part on both his uncles. At a young age....he discovered it was easier to just say their name. But, he is getting older, and getting better at calling them what they should be called. We have decided to use "Grammy" for my mother(who was grandma linny....it's almost a combo of the two!!!!) And my MIL barb will just be Grandma!!! My son seems to like this change....we mentioned some others and he didn't like them, but Grammy is close to Grandma Linny!!! So, hopefully over time, it will just be who they are all the time. And, of course, for my little 3 month old daughter...she will learn it this way now, so she will have no confusion!! YAY, thanks for all the responses!! It was fun!!!

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My daughter has three...so she has a name for each which makes it easier for to distinguish whose who....
Grammy, Oma, and Nana!

My daughter calls my mother MeeMa. (pronounced how it is spelled) Started when she was little and it stuck. She is now 4.

Unfortunately my children don't have 2 sets of grandparents, but my husbands parents were me-ma and pe-pa for the older grandchildren before they passed away. So that's what we refer to his parents as if we're ever talking about something from my husband's childhood. There's always nanna. My husbands grandmother is Nanny.

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My oldest son pronounced grandma as "mima" and it stuck. All 3 of my kids call her mima and she LOVEs her name.

I saw one other mention of this one...GiGi. I have a friend who's grand kids call her that. It's not pronounced like a girl's name. More like the letter G is when you teach your child the sound (as in the word go). My friend loves it and isn't even sure how the kids came up with it. I don't think it's very common.

We use Nanny, Nanna or Mema. Hope this helps!

Hmm...my mom is MomMom. My mother in law is "MaaMaa", but she's Chinese, so it's different. ;-) My niece calls her other grandmother "Nana".

Good luck!
(We have a Poppy, too!)

We have a grammie and pap and a grandma and grandpa in our family. My mom is grammie which my nieces (who are both older than my son) started calling her when they started talking. My dad is pap since that is what we called his dad. My mother and father in law requested to be called grandma and grandpa (our son is their only grandchild).

Nana, Nanny, Mima. My kids used all of these.

My son calls my parents "Ami" (pronounced ahhhh*me) and "Poppy" and my husbands parents, "Grandma" and "Papa"....
My son kind of came up with "Ami", I dont think it means anything.

My baby named grandma me me and it stuck it's so cute.
From H.

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