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Annoying Phone Calls

Hi moms I need some advice on recent annoying phone calls I am receiving from Jamaica. It all started last week when someone called asking to speak with me and congratulated me on winning $30.000 Yeah right! I don't enter sweepstakes or anything of the sort. I calmly explain to the guy on the phone probably he made a mistake but he was able to tell me my home address which kind of spooked me.Ever since I am still getting these calls asking me to cover the insurance for the supposed check, they also had a female call me. I am asking if anyone has information on how to deal with this please kindly let me know. (changing my number is not an option right now).

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I want to thank everyone for your quick response and great advice. I did call the phone company they said it was telemarketing, they however give me the number to be placed on the do not call list. I threatened my last caller so they are calling private now. I informed my friends and family I would not be receiving private calls. My next step is the Police.

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sounds like an international scam. You should call the local FBI field office. This is the kind of thing they help with.

CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! This could be a form of identity theft since they know where you live.

BE VERY CAREFUL!!! There are a ton of stories out there like this one where you will get totally robbed. Call the police right away.

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This is a scam. Call the phone company and the police. But whatever you do DO NOT give them anything! And DO NOT give them any more information about yourself. They already have your name, address and phone number. This they could have gotten from any phone book. But they will probably want credit card info and/or bank info. DO NOT give it to them! And even if they say they have this info, sometimes they will give you the last 4 numbers of your credit card or SS# and ask you to give them the rest of the numbers to confirm it. DO NOT do it! If they were a real company with a real prize they would not need them or already have the information! They are calling you back because they think you are an easy mark. Don't prove them right!

Tell them did you get that information name and number as if you had someone else listening on another extension. I guarantee they will click off immediately. You can say officer did you get that... try that and see what happens

Hi G. - IT IS A SCAM!!! Two things, blow a toy whistle into the phone - I understand it hurts the other person's ear OR just hang up and do not engage them in any conversation whatsoever. When they get no response they should stop. Oh, also, report this to the telephone company and even the police. Just DON'T send any money!!!!

Good Luck, I.

I received a similar call (but it sounded like they were calling from India). They implied that they were marjeting partners w/ Target and some other well known stores. All I had to do was 'confirm' my credit card number (by reading it back to them, yeah, right!!) so that they could charge the insurance or shipping/handling fees of $4.95.

I refused to discuss my card number (despite much pressure), of course, and I wrote down the name of the co he said he was with (which even had a primitive website!!), wrote down whatevre appeared on caller ID and told him I would be contacting the CT atty general-which I did. NO MORE CALLS. BTW, the AG website already had a warning posted about similar scams going around.

Good luck!

They've done lots of news stories on this exact scam. Call the police and call your phone company. You should be able to do call blocking against that number that is calling and up to 4-6 other numbers can be blocked. Your phone company can walk you thru it. But also call the police to report it, maybe other people in your area are also getting these calls. Good luck!

I would call your local police and alert them. It's obviously a scam, and they would probably like to know about it to alert the community. They can also tell you if there's someone else to contact about it.

Hi G.,

That's a scam, so don't accept to do anything!

If they are indeed calling from Jamaica (i.e. foreign number), there is nothing you can do, except maybe report this to the police, since it is fraud. Then just don't pick up when they call again - they don't care about US laws.

If they use a US number to call you, then you can:
- specifically tell them not to call again
- threaten to report them to the FCC if they're using a company name - and actually do it.
- and since this is a scam, i.e. illegal, report them to the police - without telling the scammers you are reporting them... The police might need you to answer one or two more calls to get enough information to make an arrest.

Good luck!

contact your phone company and your local police

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