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Annoyed at Situation with Kids in Restaurant/movies

First the movie situation. Hubby and I went to see Plant of the Apes a month or so ago. There was a grandpa, dad and son (about 7ish) that sat right behind us. Honest to God, they talked thru the whole freaking movie. Mostly the grandpa "explaining" the movie to the grandson. And not only answering the kids questions but INITIATING questions such as "How do you like the movie so far"? REALLY????

We didn't take our kids to the movies until they were older and able to be quiet during the movie. We rented a LOT of movies to see at home instead of taking our young kids to movies that are not appropriate for them or that they couldn't quietly sit thru.

Now the restaurant: Friday night hubby and I don't have our kids so we go to eat at Oregano's. We are sitting next to a table of 2 couples (one couple possibly the grandparents but maybe not) and 3 kids (all around 5-8ish). the table next to them had a 20 yo male, 15ish female and 12ish female. Apparently they all knew each other. So the kids are VERY loud talking to each other. The adults basically ignore them and instead choose to speak even louder themselves so they can be heard over the kids. The only time the kids were told to be quiet was when they actually were banging on the plates. It got to the point that I yelled over "This is not McDonalds!" Yes, I did. And I don't even think they heard me but the table of the older kids did. The 2 older girls were facing us and kind of said something to the older brother but would then look at us everytime the younger kids were loud, which was pretty much constantly. We didn't do anything further but needless to say was so annoying we didn't enjoy our meal out at all.

We would never take our kids out if they behaved like this. We took things for them to play with quietly or we stayed at home until they were old enough to behave.

And these are just 2 examples, it actually happens all the time. Twe weekends ago we took our kids to the dollar theater to see Rio...again. There was a mom there with a baby, a toddler and maybe 4.5 yo. The dad came in half way thru the movie. The toddler basically ran up and down the entire length of the theater the whole time and the baby constantly kept crying out and of course she didnt take him out even when the dad showed up, she just walked to the back...like we still couldn't HEAR him??!! I'm a *little* more forgiving at a dollar theater during a kid movie but really, I think there should be SOME effort to teach your kids to behave or DON'T go out with them! None of them even SAW the movie!

I guess I'm wondering why people think its ok to do this. Like they are entitled also to eat out and take their family and if they choose to be loud and behave the way they do its a public place so we all just have to grin and bare it? Same thing for the movies? Actually chatting during the whole movie and not thinking its bother anyone else even after they are shooshed or told to be quiet. Do WE have to move to another table or seat to get away from the offenders? What do you think about this?

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I never said my kids were perfect. I kept them home from the movies until they were SIX and the same thing for eating out. And I don't think I have to move at the movies when my husband and I get there HALF hour early to have FIRST pick at where we want to sit. Only to have to get up and move to get away from the chatters? I don't think so. And the restaurant is not intended as a free for all to run around, bang on dishes and excessively talk. It was packed Friday night and we had to wait 45 minutes to get a seat. My question was why this happens and clearly its because people do it because they don't CARE that they are ruining these experiences for others around them.

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It's rude. I would have went and complained to the manager of the theater. not much you can do at a eating place. But this is why I am totally ok with establishments having a no children after "X" time. I have every right to enjoy my evening out without listening to children as the family who wants to go out with their children.

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Wow, I agree with you on this one. I do not allow my children to ask badly in public. If they do, then we have to leave and they do not get to do fun stuff at that time. I am really ticked when I pay to sit in a nice place for dinner and children are disruptive. My children are 3 and 5 and we are just now starting to take them to sit down places a bit.


Wow, I agree with you on this one. I do not allow my children to ask badly in public. If they do, then we have to leave and they do not get to do fun stuff at that time. I am really ticked when I pay to sit in a nice place for dinner and children are disruptive. My children are 3 and 5 and we are just now starting to take them to sit down places a bit.

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I don't know what Oregano's is (is that a chain?) but generally speaking if it's not a white-tablecloth restaurant then you should always be prepared for children. Yes, some people don't care very much, aren't considerate, don't manage their kids well, or are so happy to not be stuck at home that anything goes... but at a family joint or in a family theater, they are absolutely entitled to be there.

We all have options about how to handle it. If some kids are running by my table and knocking into things, a visit to the moms to say "you may not notice this but my daughter's high chair keeps getting knocked, do you think you could have the kids be more careful..."

And the parents of the loud group may not remotely notice how loud they are -- I myself am a loud talker, and when my family gets together it gets louder and louder, and we don't realize it. So a quick, respectful and gentle "you guys may not realize but you're yelling and we're having a hard time hearing ourselves..." and if that doesn't work, talk to a manager and have them talk to them as well.

I get the frustration and annoyance, but when we approach others in public with more respect and politeness, we might encourage the same.

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I am a grandparent raising grandchildren and I totally agree with you. This is why I fully support restaurants being able to have non-kid nights. Where only adults over 18 can go in and eat.

I would pay darn good money to a babysitter for a meal I knew was going to be calm and not having someone else's child running circles around my table and banging in to my chair or a child climbing over the back of the booth and falling on top of me, it really happened in OKC at Nino's on NW Expressway one night.

People, your kids are NOT cute and funny. They are annoying as all get out and sometimes I think they should be sent to the car.

I don't allow my grand-kids to act like this in any place except McDonalds and even then they only run around in the play area, not in the actual sitting area outside the play area. People have to tell the management so they can make these people tend to their children or leave.

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I'm with you. People are stupid and selfish. i am guessing, if you had asked anyone one of them, they would have said, "We paid for our ticket/food. We are entitled to do what we want. You need to lighten up."

I have asked the hostess to deal with it. I have turned around, and said something to the effect of , "I'm not sure you realize this, but your voices are carrying. we can hear every word. You might want to keep it down." Kicking a seat back or anything physical I do NOT tolerate and have basically told people to stop point blank, nicely if it is a child, at least the first time. And I hav eeven gotten up and left or moved.

The thing that makes me feel better, a little anyway, is people like this live this way. They are endlessly self-absorbed and I am sure it shows in their friendships and family relationships. They also likely live in chaos and loudness all the time. That is not the life for me. I do feel bad for the kids though, because kids need structure and manners to be successful in this world and their parents are dooming them to fail in social situations.

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After reading your post, I have to say, it rubbed me wrong, as it is so judgmental.

With that said, I don't take my kids to the movie theater (3.5 and almost 2), and we only go to truly kid friendly restaurants --and they aren't allowed out of their seats.

But the truth of the matter is that people are annoying.

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Wow! You're complaining about kids making noise at a kid's movie? Here's an idea- get up and move. Same goes for the restaurant. Or maybe choose more adult films and more upscale restaurants that are less likely to have kids. It must be nice to have the world's most obedient children that have never melted down in public. Apparently your kids are perfect, otherwise you wouldn't be so quick to judge everyone else around you.

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I would have just gotten up and moved, both at the movie theater and at the restaurant.

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My biggest pet peeve is ill-behaved children in restaurants! We were at Buffalo Wild Wings last week for my daughter's birthday (she turned 1 and i decided it was my night to celebrate surviving a year with a toddler and a baby, so i wasn't going to be doing any dishes that night!). There were 3 women sitting at a table in the middle of the restaurant, all on their cell phones, all with big margarita glasses in front of them--and their 5 kids were literally running laps and playing tag around the perimeter of the dining area! More than once they knocked into my daughter's high chair as they were running by our table screaming and they even knocked my little boy over when dad took him over to look at the quarter machines. I was so pissed! it's never a child's fault for being undisciplined and have poor behavior--their parents were completely ignoring them and honestly had no idea where their kids were (which i found hard to believe since the whole restaurant could tell their exact whereabouts by the amount of shrieking and running by those tazmanian devils around the place! Uggggh lazy parenting is so frustrating!

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Ugggh, yuck. I am so not that parent. I pretty much figured out that I wouldn't be a lackadaisical parent (pre-child) after a horrible red eye flight with an out-of-control 4 year old in front of me. Kid kept the whole plane up all night long and the parents allowed it. Manners should be mastered at home and demanded in public.

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