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Amoxicillin and Tylenol

My 3 year old son just took his first dose of amoxicillin for an ear infection. He's still complaining of ear pain and has a fever. Can I give him tylenol or motrin along with the amoxicillin?

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Yup. Whatever makes him comfortable. He will probably start to feel better really soon. once you finish the antibiotic, get a probiotic to rebuild his gut flora.

My son had an ear infection. The doc prescribed him amoxicillin and told us to give him motrin. I gave him the childrens Advil. It helped with the fever and the pain.

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i don't see why not the antibiotic will take atleast 24-48 hrs to really get going, try motrin first it may take up to two doses to help with the pain. i do believe you can piggy back the tylenol and motrin at 4 hr inbetween both eg. motrin 4pm tylenol 8pm motrin 12am and so on. it's two different pain relivers. hop online and pose the question to ask.com. hope he feels better real soon.

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I can almost say I am an expert on ear infections. My son had many as he was an infant and eventually had the ear tubes put in. I seriously learned the best ways to bring down his fever and make him feel comfortable since the ear infections were so constant. You can use tylenol and motrin, but right now it would be a good idea to buy the generic brands from your local store because of the recalls. Start with tylenol, when he is due for his next does use the motrin, and then the following dose tylenol again, and so on. I know when I would use only 1 of the pain relievers/fever reducers it was almost as if his body would become immune to them, so that is why it is a good idea to switch them off. Also if the medicine is not kicking in quick enough... put him in the tub in room temperature water. I hope this is the only ear infection your child gets and he gets well soon. Good luck to you.

Yes. Just make sure they weren't one of the recalled one ones.

He can have both at the same time. It will probably take about 24-28 hours for the ear pain to go away, and a little longer for him to be back to normal. If he is still in pain after the first two days then it might be time to call the doc, just give the meds time to work first. Good luck! He'll start feeling better soon.

Yes you can give him tylenol,. He should be feeling some relief here real soon. J.

Yes, amoxicillin is an antibiotic the tylenol and motrin are fever reducers and pain relievers, therefore do different things. In fact since tylenol is acetomeniphin and motrin is ibeuprofin you can actually give them all at once then alternate between tylenol and motrin for the fever. for best results every 4 hours for tylenol every 6 for motrin if the fever persists. this has been done for my son several times in the emergency room; when he was about a year and a half he constantly had ear infections also. If you don't feel comfortable giving him all of that all at once, i would do the amox with tylenol then use motrin next time. I was also told once by a nurse in my pedeatricians office that tylenol is better for low grade fevers 101 or less and motrin for anything above. hope that helps and he's feeling better;)

Yes you'll probably have to give him tylenol and/or motrin for the first few days while you wait for the amox to kick in and start working. my son just finished a 10 day course and thats what i had to do cuz the poor thing was in so much pain :( hope he feels better soon!


the amoxicilin is for the infection . he will have pain until the infection is starting to go away.. (like 48 hours)

motrin works better for pain.



the amoxicilin is for the infection . he will have pain until the infection is starting to go away.. (like 48 hours)

motrin works better for pain.

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