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Amish Friendship Bread

I've never made Amish friendship bread before and today is day 10, the day to mix the rest of the ingredients and bake. The problem is on day 6, I forgot to add the flour, sugar, and milk! Can I still use the starter? Can I just add days 6 and 10's ingredients today and bake it? Should I treat today as day 6 and wait another 4 days to bake? Or should I just toss out the starter and get another? Also, do I have to use whole milk or is 2% fine?

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Thank you all for your help! Good advice! I didn't know the starters could be frozen. That will be helpful in the future.

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I did the same thing a while back!! I just treated day 10 as day 6 - added the ingredients - and went on with it. The bread turned out great and everyone loved it. Good luck!

MY name is N. and I made Amish friendship before in fact I got six starters still in my freezer. but any way if you forgot to put your ingredients on day six, add them to day and then wait four day , pretend today is day six , then on day ten add your ingredients and bake then. wel i hope thats helps you out . goodbye.

C. E,

Personally I would throw it away, my aunt made hers two weeks ago on day 5 forgot about it and got very sick, she ended up in the doctors office, there is a certain procedure due to it not being regridgerated, for it to forment, if you use regular mild and not cow milk I would not trust it at all.

C., this is what my mom said,

"I would add the two days ingredients mix it up make the bread and carry on saving a little batter to try again in 10 days. I don't think cooking should be looked at as hard and fast rules that can't be manipulated. The start is like a fermenting interesting ingredient that gives a stronger flavor and moisture content that you wouldn't get by using the same un-fermented ingredients. Have fun with it and remember the cook is the boss!"

Add your day 5 ingredients today,then wait for 5 more days before you bake... I did that with mine this time too! Not quite as long, but almost!! As long as the starter isn't green, you are good!

No need to stress about that bread. It's very forgiving! I'd treat today like it was day 6, but if you'd rather have the finished product sooner, you could cut back on waiting 4 full days. Just remember to keep another starter for yourself! Have fun!

The most popular answer I can find is to treat today as day 6, add the required ingredients, and continue with day 7, 8, etc. until baking day.

Good luck with the bread! There are lots of discussions on websites about this starter and variations and alternatives.

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