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American Girl Dolls

My daughter, who wil be 7 soon, really wants an American Girl doll. She wants one that looks like her. This is going to be a Christmas gift. I've gone on the site and requested their catalogue and also found where you can "build" a doll. When I was finished and got the section to place my order, I saw a field to enter a promotion code. I LOVE discount codes! So, I went to all my usual discount finder sites and was unable to locate anything for American Girl. I know these dolls are expensive and I understand that. However, if there is a spot to enter a code, there has to be codes somewhere! LOL I emailed them and told them that I would be much more likely to pay the high price if they could offer me a discount code and they said they weren't able to at this time and that a good way to get them is to sign up for their email program (which I have). To all you moms out there with little girls who love these high priced dolls and all their accessories, do you get codes? Do you currently have one I could use??? I'm new to this American Girl thing, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! =0)

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We are getting my 7 yr old neice one for Christmas as well - from ebay. Yes it is used, but already arrived in excellent condition (for 1/2 the price). Then her grandfather is getting her knock-off American girl doll clothes (from Target and ebay).

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I've never, ever gotten a discount code from AG and I've been on their mailing/email list for years. I paid full price for a total of 4 dolls, several outfits and some books before I wised up and realized I could at least get the clothes and accessories on Ebay for a lot less. For the quality, you'll just have to cough up the $$$$ for the dolls, but for all the other stuff (clothes, furniture, horses, etc) go to ebay...or Target.

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my girls have the "Madame Alexander Girlz" dolls that Costco carries around christmastime - quality is better than the Target knock-off dolls for about the same price as the Target dolls. If you sew at all, there are free patterns online - here's one link I found : http://agplaythings.com//AG%20Patterns/DollDressPatterns....

I made the "Addie" nightgowns for my girls' dolls and found a similar style Simplicity pattern and was able to make matching jammies for my girls for a fraction of what it would cost for the matching girl & doll jammies in the AG catalog (hubby jokes that my sewing machine paid for itself with that one project!)

I'd also check ebay and/or garage sales - one of my girls' classmates has an AG doll her mom found at a garage sale for something like $5!

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You might become a "fan" on Facebook and see if that helps. I've noticed there are sometimes special offers there for products that I don't get via email. Not sure if that's the case with these dolls, but worth a try.

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We are getting my 7 yr old neice one for Christmas as well - from ebay. Yes it is used, but already arrived in excellent condition (for 1/2 the price). Then her grandfather is getting her knock-off American girl doll clothes (from Target and ebay).

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Just out of curiosity, where do they learn about these dolls? I don't remember seeing any commercials about them. I dread the day my 2 year old gets old enough to start wanting expensive things like this or even wanting those hard to get concert tickets kinda like the current Hannah Montana or iCarly.

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Unbelievably overpriced, and a racquet, that said, I am a gma who bought 4, one for each grdaughter last Christmas. I don't think they have been played with much in the past year. If your girl is a stay at home girl and loves her dolls, then this may be a good purchase. They all look almost alike. You will see that in the catalog. I think when you order thro the catalog, they include a few things more for the same price. QVC also just had a program where they were expensive, but you got more things. Look at QVC website. Also go to AG website and ask ? There is a woman on craigs list where I live, and she makes darling clothes, so I did that. I also bought 4 beds off a guy who makes them on ebay. They were darling, and I made all of the bedding myself. They were gorgeous. I am a doll person, was when I was a girl, thought this was going to be an on going thing. For my girls, it just stopped, they never mentioned the dolls again. In fact, it looks like the 2 who live near me enjoy the groovey girls I got them, much more. Email me if you want to ask anything else. K.

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I love American Girl. I got my first doll when I was about 8. My parents got her at Christmas for me. I remember when they first started making the custom dolls.
Another company you might be interested in is My Twinn. They are high priced, but you can send in a picture of your child and they will make a doll that looks like them.
I have one of those as well. I was in high school when my parents got it for me, but they sent in my kindergarten picture. The doll looks just like that picture.
The My Twinn dolls are bigger than the American Girl dolls too!

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I have no experience buying an American Doll(I have an 18 month old son). But you could check out couponcabin.com if you havent already. Again..I have not used any codes for american Doll...but you could give it a try.

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