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American Girl Doll Age

What age is the American girl Doll for? I know that the adverts for it shows girls 7-10yrs roughly but nowadays do girls that old play with dolls? A friend of mine with 2 girls 7 & 8 yrs wants me to look into these dolls for her - but I think 7& 8 is a bit old for it? Am i right ???

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I have two girls, 7 & 8 years who continue to play with their American girl dolls. They like to dress the dolls, pretend play and enjoy reading the stories about the AG dolls. It is a geat age because the girls can pick a AG doll based on the doll's story not just looks.

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Well...the age recommendations for American Girl Dolls are 3+ for Bitty Babies and 8+ for the others according to AGD. I've seen much younger play with them though.

Hi Holly~
I have a daughter who is almost 14 now...but for her eigth birthday I took her to the American Girl store in Chicago to buy her a doll and let her eat lunch with her new doll (and me, of course). She had a blast and played with the doll until she was about 10. She still has the doll and won't part with it! I think it is all about the child...not the age!

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Holly my daughters are 17 & 12. The 12 year old only received bitty baby, whereas the 17 year old received 4. She started when when she was about 8 years of age and it continued for the next 4 to 5 years. These are dolls that she cherishes and they sit in a rocking chair in our living room year round. Their clothes are washed about every 6 months (dusty) and their hair is also combed. I felt if I paid that amount for a doll for a child I did not want to see her laying around the house in her birthday suit, therefore I impressed upon her how special she should treat these dolls and being the type of child she was I knew she would keep them in mint condition. If we keep our girls interested in dolls longer maybe some of the problems in which they may encounter as they grow won't happen so soon. By the way she and her best friend would have private tea parties until 10 years old with their dolls, they did not want their other friends to know.

Are you kidding! From a kid herself, I'm elevan (just turned last week) and I completely love the american dolls! And so do all my friends, we always go to those Hollywood tea parties with the giant doll hose to play. We have a lot of fun! I own 3 dolls. Emily benet, Josophine, Julie, kit, and Im getting Clarissa net week! I have an entire play room devoted to these dolls! Take it from me I love them. And if a 7/8 r old doesn't ter is somthig wrong with them. ;) hope I helped!

Hi Holly--I am an elementary school teacher--7 and 8 is a great age for American Girl dolls--they are certainly not done with dolls by that age--I have 9-10 yr old students who still love reading the American Girl books as well. Hope that helps.


my niece will be 8 this month and she faithfully plays with her American girl doll that I bought for her last year.

She truly loves when my daughter and I take her downtown on the train to go shopping at the American Girl Doll store in Chicago.

I hope that she is not considered to old at 8. She really loves her doll. She got one that looks like her (lol) she tells me.




my 12 yr old still loves her American Girl doll... she isn't talking about it school, mind you, but she just got a new one two years ago and she still enjoys dressing her up and brushing her hair. She isn't so much 'role playing' with her doll, but she still enjoys it.

ageless...my girls are now teens and still treasure them

Nope, 7 and 8 is right on.

I don't believe 7 & 8 are to old for American girl dolls, I have a 7 1/2 year old niece who loves these dolls and and my cousins twins who are also 8 love these dolls. These dolls also have stories that come with them, if anything I think the American girl doll is made for the older girls not the younger ones.

If you live close to down town take a walk down around the American girl store you will see tons of girls between the ages of 5 - 10 or some times a little older with these dolls and if you go into the store this is the age you will find.

I have a 3 year old and she isn't really into these dolls a little big for her yet, my mother thought she needed the Bitty baby which is supposed to be smaller version and she hardly plays with it, I think because the head is so hard and she some times accidently hits herself with it.

I hope this helped some. I say if the 7 & 8 year olds want to play with dolls great lets keep them little girls as long as we can, children these days are growing up way to fast.

mother of 3 year old daughter and planning another.

I don't think so - I don't have a daughter but I have nieces and friends with girls and the AG dolls seem to be popular up to age 10 or so. If you think about it, the books that go with the dolls are chapter books so a girl is really just starting to read them at about age 7.

By the way, if your friend is asking you to shop for her because she's out of state, we found (with my niece) that it was the same price for them to just mail order because of the sales tax.

I have two girls, 7 & 8 years who continue to play with their American girl dolls. They like to dress the dolls, pretend play and enjoy reading the stories about the AG dolls. It is a geat age because the girls can pick a AG doll based on the doll's story not just looks.

the girls are just the right age to still play with dolls. the problem is that we don't let kids just grow up we want them to hurry up. let them be little girls as long as possible . would they rather be interested in something that they don.t need to be even thinking about.

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