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Am I Feeding My 7 Month Old Too Much Baby Food??

My daughter turned 7 months old today, and I started feeding her baby food when she was 5 months old. She does really well with it, and we recently switched her to stage 2, so as some of you know they have the bigger containers with more food in it. I get those and I also get the glass containers.. the chicken rice dinner, apples and chicken dinner... etc.. I just fed her dinner and she ate the whole glass container of chicken and rice dinner, half of the big plastic container of garden veggies, a whole small container of peaches, and a big plastic container of banana yogurt dessert... just naming all of those off sounds like too much to me, I have no idea how much I'm supossed to give her? I figured she would let me know when she is done, but I don't want to end up with her being overweight. She is around 18 lbs 6-7 oz right now I think... Anyway, how many containers do you feed your baby at each sitting? Thanks for your help, K.

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I would feed my baby at that age Stage 1 Fruit at breakfast and then her bottle.

At Lunch Stage 1 Veg and 1 stage one Fruit and then her bottle

Dinner Stage 1 Veg and ! stage one Fruit and a slice of bread (in bite sizes) and then her bottle.

When she transitioned to Stage 2:

B: 1 Stage 2 Fruit and a bottle
L: 1 Stage 2 Veg and 1 Stage 2 Fruit and a slice of bread and a bottle
D: 1 Stage 2 Meal and 1 Stage 2 Fruit and a slice of bread and a bottle

My daughter is 18 months and knows when to stop eatting. So I give plenty to eat and she lets me know if she wants more or less. I just bought this book to help with meal ideas now that she is a toddler called Toddler Meals it is great! It tells you how much that they should be eating at certain ages and even shows you portion sizes. I found it at Barns and Noble... http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.a...

Oh Feed veggies first and then fruit other wise she will get a sweet tooth and push away the veggies. Try not to give more than 4 oz of juice a day. It can cause the baby to gain weight.

Good luck...

I would feed her all the fruits and veggies she wants, she knows what she needs and if she gets pudgy it'll come off when she starts walking. I do not feed my baby any of the desserts since they have a lot of sugar in them.

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My daughter will be 8 months on the 27th and we just took her to the Dr about three weeks ago and talked about her eating. The Dr said we should give her baby food twice a day. We give her one jar of veggies and half a jar of fruit. If she wants the whole jar of fruit then we will let her have it but she is usually full after eating half.
We give her veggies first then the fruit. We do not give her any meat or any of the deserts.
We also fix her a 6oz bottle of formula and she drinks that after she eats. Sometimes she will only drink 4oz and our Dr said that is completly fine.
I think if you just give her 2 jars of baby food then offer her a bottle then she might be ok. My daughter lets us know when she is full, she wont open her mouth. Your baby may not know to do that yet so she may be full but just cant communicate it to you yet.
Call your Dr if you are worried. I dont know what I am doing yet either! :) But since we just talked about this at her last appt I figured I would reply.
We give her #2 foods, recommended by our Dr. #2 foods are the same as #1 they are just thicker and there is more of a variety of course.

That does sound like a lot for a 7 month old. Maybe you should ask your pediatrician about it. Personally, I would be worried that she would become overweight, because I have 3 children and my 12 year-old (the oldest) is overweight and he did eat a lot as a baby. My other 2 did not and they are a healthy weight. I would definitely be careful about how much she is eating and be sure not to give her anything fattening. Hope this helps and good luck.

Maybe she's just in a big growth spurt right now. I'd ask your daughter's pediatrician. You might want to check the sugar content on the dessert -- kids get so much sugar in suprising places. I think it turns them off to more nutritious foods by fostering a sweet tooth early. Good luck!

As a couple of others have mentioned, solids are only for "play" at that age, keeping breastmilk or formula as the principle source of nutrition until age 1. That sounds like a lot of food for a young one, yes. I would limit her somewhat.

I would feed her all the fruits and veggies she wants, she knows what she needs and if she gets pudgy it'll come off when she starts walking. I do not feed my baby any of the desserts since they have a lot of sugar in them.

I say feed her until she's done. Like the other moms have said she'll let you know when she's done. And even if she gets a little chunky now, she'll work it off when she starts to walk.

I have 8 month old twin boys and they eat a total of 5 to 6 big glass containers of food each sitting...and I do that 1 to 2 times a day...depending on our activities that day. Yes it does seem like a lot to me too as my daughter did not eat that much at all. But what do you do? When the baby is hungry you feed it right? My husband frets about the amount too, but I just toss it up to the fact that they are growing boys and like you said they will stop when they're full. Both of the boys are just under 20 lbs...and growing :) but this makes me happy because they have come so far from being only 4'14'' and 5'3'' at birth. Ask your ped if you are overly concerned, but babies are supposed to be a little chubby if you ask me :)


At this age, solids are just for play. Breastmilk and formula should be her main source of nutrition. I would offer to nurse or a bottle and then offer solids.

Ounce for ounce breastmilk or formula are far more nutrient dense then solids. She needs to be filling up on that first, then have some after she is done..

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