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Alternatives to Diaper Genie?

I just had twins who are still in the hospital. My sister thought the diaper genie was a waste and that the smell would still get out, plus you need special bags for it. I thought I could just use the plastic supermarket bags, and throw them in the garbage can which we will take out every night, but I dunno if thats a great otion either...those bags aren't desined to keep poop smells in. Any alternative ideas???

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Hi C.,
I use a regular small basket with a lid. If there is a poopy diaper I put it in a supermarket bag and leave it outside. In the evening we take the bags to the big garbage can and it does not stink out the house.

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I agree about the Diaper Genie. I got one for my first baby, and when my second one came around, I just used a trashcan with a lid. I bought the scented trashbags for it which helped keep the smell down. As long as you empty it frequently, and spray it out every once in a while, the smell won't be any worse than one of those "fancy" diaper containers.

I bought the Diaper Genie when my 3-year-old was a baby and that thing was such a pain. I have a 9-month-old now and use the diaper champ. I have to spray it down every time I change the bag, but you use 13-gal kitchen bags and it's much easier to use and holds more. Personally, I don't think you will find a product that doesn't stink at all. The plastic is going to absorb smells no matter what.

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Hi C.,
I use a regular small basket with a lid. If there is a poopy diaper I put it in a supermarket bag and leave it outside. In the evening we take the bags to the big garbage can and it does not stink out the house.

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Congratulations on your twins!

I have friends who started with the Dekor (thought it would be cheaper with using the grocery bags), however they ended up getting the Diaper Genie about a year or so into their first, because of the smell. (If you haven't been told already, infant diapers don't smell *really* terrible until they are eating solid food!)

I've had a Diaper Genie since my first was born (she's 4 now) and it worked wonderfully at containing odors through all of her diaper/pull-ups phases. We're using it again now with our new baby, she's 6 months now and we have to empty it about once a week. The refills are about $5 each (as other posters have said) and they last us for about a month or so now - the bigger the kid gets, the bigger the diaper, so whatever you use will get fuller sooner as she gets bigger, then plateau as she starts learning how to control herself and goes less often.

If you can empty it often, to a place outside your house, then I wouldn't worry too much about smells from wet diapers. It is the poopy ones that really smell! My friends who had twin girls (wow, almost 7 years ago now...= ) used a plain plastic trash can to toss the (tightly wrapped) wet ones in and emptied it every night. They put the poopy ones into their diaper genie and with two kids at once, had to empty it once a week (at least for the first year or two.)

My dad calls the tightly wrapped used diaper a 'diaper football' - if you do this will all your diapers, it will help reduce smells and conserve space.

HTH and Good Luck with your twins!

Diaper Genie is a waste of money! just use grocery bags and throw it in the trash. we had one and after a while - you CAN NOT get the stink out. Not even bleach would take away the smell!

A great question! One we wrestled with right after our two children, adopted at nearly the same time, arrived home. We tried everything for about a week and found nothing suitable for two in diapers at the same time!!

Then one day I went to a hardware store and there was an item called RackSack. It is a wire rack structure which can hold either a roll of bags which you tear off and fold around a rim which is fitted with a CLOSING flip up top/lid---or---you can simply hook the bags you have described onto the frame. The point is that: there is a lid which closes snuggly to basically block direct odor, the frame can be screwed to a wall, the side of a changing table, the inside of a door on a cabinet AND nothing touches the floor. Later when your children crawl around on the floor near your changing table or try to pull up on items, this will not be one of them. There is nothing to clean excepting occasionally to wipe the inside of the plastic lid. You can even buy bag rolls that are deodorized! The costs are minimal and the ease substantial. You throw out the bags each day or as you feel the need. Our children are now 17 & 18 years old and I have not seen anything yet which can beat this system. It is still my first shower item given as a gift. Good luck!

Every parent out there has things they bought that they wish they hadn't... the diaper genie was one for me. I did use it in the beginning when my baby was having multiple stinkys. It kept the stink in the can but you would have to change the darn thing like every nite in order for it to not get bad. My diaper genie is sitting in the corner and has been replaced by walmart sacks. Its just easier to open the sack, dump a diaper, and close again then to deal with the diaper genie. The walmart sacks do hold the stench until you open it... just have a can of air freshener handy!

Hello C.!

Wow, Twins! Congratulations! I hope they come home soon, and you can begin that wonderful part of starting a new family, and getting settled quickly.

I personally never bought the genie, simply because it didn't seem to work for my friend, when I visited she had so many complaints and ended up taking it back (gotta love walmarts return policy ..yikes!) I bought the Diaper Champ, and liked it, thought it did a good job. The price was certainly reasonable, and it took regular garbage bags. When I had my second .. 15mos later we knew we would need somthing else. I decided to try the Diaper Dekor, and gave my champ to my fried who never did get a pail. When I got the Dekor, I was sooo happy! It does hold more diapers, the smell is non existant, and it can use the bags that are made for it, or you can use regular bags with it too. I wouldn't change to another now if you paid me. Hope it helps!

****also, don't know if you are aware but Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot offers what they call a twin discount. Anything that you purchase (larger items.. although including potty chairs, and I believe diaper pails) more than one of they give a discount for it.

Best Wishes!

We used the diaper champ because it didn't require bags. We still ended up using grocery bags to keep the nasty contained. With our second daughter, we just used the grocery bags. It smells either way, but grocery bags are free! We also would put a little baby powder or arm & hammer in the bottom of the champ to help absorb the smell. Good luck!

Twins. I can't even imagine.

I'm on my first baby and my husband is on his third. We got the Diaper Genie and I have no complaints. It's a teeny bit of a hassle to empty but you don't have to do it daily, which is a godsend when you're already exhausted every night. (I might even get two if I were you, so the one isn't filling up so quickly). I find that it works great at containing the smell. Though often we'll take the poopy diapers out to the trash directly and just fill up the Genie with wet ones.

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