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Alternatives to Baby Shower Games

I am planning my first baby shower ever for the end of this month for a friend of mine due in March! Everything is coming together well, however, I am wondering about games. I really would prefer not to do too many games if any at all. However, I would like some alternatives to games. If anyone has any ideas of what they have seen done at baby showers, or what they have done in the past I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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Like you, I am not a big fan of games! One that's easy is baby bingo. Pass out empty bingo sheets, and have everyone feel out the items they think the pregnant lady will receive. The first 5 people to get a bingo, win, and then it's over. Have fun!

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Time people putting the pack and play together - that's always hard if you haven't done one in a while. :)

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Time people putting the pack and play together - that's always hard if you haven't done one in a while. :)

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Like you, I am not a big fan of games! One that's easy is baby bingo. Pass out empty bingo sheets, and have everyone feel out the items they think the pregnant lady will receive. The first 5 people to get a bingo, win, and then it's over. Have fun!

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j lin; ive gone to a shower, where we all gathered, and we ate, and she opened the gifts, while opening the gifts, they had everyone put their name in a drawing, and during the gift opening they drew names and someone won a present during the mom opening her gifts, about 10 - 15 gifts were handed out, so about half won a gift, some was shower gel, some was candles, some won paper, you can go to a dollar store and get a bunch of cool stuff, just have fun, and enjoy, D. s

I like the fake money idea and bidding on the prizes I also like to play the guess how much game You can buy a few baby items at the store that the parents to be will need like diapers, wipes, shampoo, a set of bibs or a toy and the guests have to write down their guess as to how much they think the item costs the person closest to the correct price wins and the items can be given to the parents so buy stuff that they will need

I may have just what you are looking for.
I represent a company called Jordan Essentials and do a different kind of baby shower for expectant mothers and guests, pampering them with a spa day at home, with safe, affordable, american made and natural products that are so-o-o-o good for you. you can check these out at myjestore.com/rachelblanchard but allow me to come to you to try them for free. You won't be disappointed.,
R. B.

Good morning ~ just an idea that is not related to your game question, because i too was going to recommend the same info as the other post. :-)

BUT ~ I always think that children can not have enough books, and love the personal touch of giving a book instead of a card with presents for kids. Price is almost the same like 3-5 dollars, and also ask the person giving the book to write something in it.

Also ~ for my sister-n-laws baby shower, I went to a scrapbooking store and bought several cutout of baby items and things that represent the family (firefighter items, salon items, baby items). At the shower, i passed them out to everyone and asked them to write something inspirational for the baby, or something about the mother. Then i took them all home and put them into a scrapbook for her. My sister-in-law LOVED!!!

Hope that helps... good luck...

For my shower we cut up 4 inch squares of different patterned quilting material (cotton material) and had each person write a wish to the baby. We are working on sewing all the squares togehter to make a baby wish quilt for my daughter. For an added touch you can also embroider the messages to make the quilt extra special.

For a twist on this if you are into scrapbooking have everyone write a wish on a card and make a scrap book out of the wishes.

I had a smaller shower and served meatballs, veggies, cheese and crackers, etc...also the decorations were done for the guests to take home, votives with battery operated candles decorated with ribbon and flowers and a basket of cookie cutters with the recipe for motherhood tied to each one and lots of balloons. We ate, opened presents and sat around just talking about motherhood experiences, you could even record them in a book and have each guest write their story and sign it...also had cupcakes instead of a cake and decorated the cupcake stand to match the candles. It was really a lot of fun and I think people are sick and tired of the same old stuff anyway. Good luck and I hope you have fun which is what it really should be all about anyway!!!

If you look up "Blessing way" baby shower you will find lots of game free but VERY meaningful ideas. I also like having guests create a scrapbook page for baby. You can put "Who loves baby?" on the outside and then everyone can get their picture taken at the shower and write a note - add some stickers or whatever and their name so that baby has a book of people who love her and a keepsake of her/his baby shower.

I went to a shower where we didn't play any games at all...the "hostess" had a basket full of different gifts, candles, body lotions, etc. She asked us who had the closest birthday to the mom expecting and that person won a prize, closest birthday to due date etc...that way the people who came got something small. Or you could do how well do you know the mom to be, that is always fun and not a typical silly shower game.

I have not read all the other responses, but I had a friend that asked for diapers (always a good thing!) as an 'entrance fee' (and no one minded, but that was us.). The other thing we did.. instead of cards we used board books and signed those to the baby.

You can also get 1st stage baby food, remove the labels (record and save them for later, of course) and have the guests try to guess what they are by looking at them thru the container. After the game - you put the label back on and as long as you make sure you get baby food with good expiration dates, they may be able to be used later. (I was able to use mine from my shower without any issues.)

I didn't have "Games" at my baby shower (also, it was on a Friday night and involved hord'oevers and alcohol (except for me, of course).

We had a message on the invite that prizes would be given for the most creative eco-friendly wrapping. I also try to be very green and didn't want any wrapping, so we compromised by making it a game. Some presents came with no wrapping, and others had blankets, newspaper, etc. We made my hubby and brother the judges and gave gifts to the most creative. It was fun and our trash bag was very small!

Like you I was not to big on the games either. I had a diaper raffle. I put a poem on decorative paper and included it in my invites. The poem I used was:

"To add a little extra glee and help the parents-to-be please bring a little extra from the heart an unwrapped pack of diapers to give them a good start!"

At the shower we placed blank envelopes at each place setting and asked everyone to write their names and addresses on the envelopes. I sent two girls around with baskets to collect them. Those who brought diapers envelope went into one basket and the rest in the other basket. I pulled one of the envelopes and the winner won a $50 gift card to target, a set of wash cloths and hand towels and a giant baby bottle filled with chocolate. It was a big hit!

My son will be a year old next month and I have not had to buy one package of diapers. I still have quite a few left too. I should be set until he's about 14-15 months old.

I have a great idea to pass along--we played this one at one of my friend's baby showers about a year ago. I had never seen it before and it was TONS of fun, especially because I didn't know many other people at the shower and it got everyone involved and talking. They made "monopoly" type money and asked trivia questions throughout the time while eating and the beginning of the present opening. (they did all sorts of questions, not just "when is the baby due" type stuff). Each table had a different "theme" gift as a centerpiece, and then after the trivia was done, while she was still opening presents, they opened "bidding" on the centerpieces one at a time. It gave us something to do besides watch her open presents and make small talk, and by the end of the bidding tables were teaming up and bidding against each other! Really helped pass the time!
Have fun! -J.

If you have flower arrangements at the shower, I have seen it where it is announced near the end that the person whose birthday is closest to the due date "wins" the centerpiece if at separate tables...you could do that with separate gifts too. people always like to go home with something!

I have seen and had great response to a "Treasure Hunt" - make a list of 10-15 items ( such as safety pin, 1995 dime, etc) ( I usually do a few - most will have items, but other more challenging ones!) that each guest will have to look ( rip thru) for out of her purse. The one with the most items at the end is the winner. It is so much fun and gets everyone scrambling and laughing!!

Hope that helps - have a great shower!!!

How about something to honor Mom and her journey into motherhood?

We did a birthing necklace each guest was asked to bring a bead and write something encouraging, loving, wise on some pretty paper. String the beads and paste the notes into a scrapbook. Mom can wear the necklace and be reminded of all the women in her life who love her and support her.

Have everyone write advice to the mom or a message to the little one, on cards or cute paper that you provide then put it all in a scrapbook or pretty box.

Hello I game I play at all of those type of events use fake money you can get some off the internet copy on colored paper the theme colors of the party. Pass out a certain amount of money to everyone as they come in and they collect money from each other if they catch the other person doing something for example: crossing their legs, saying a certain word or scratching their head. and at the end you can either auction off the gifts with money, the guest dont know what the gifts are so it makes it fun. or the person with the most money gets a gift.

My Neice's shower they set a timer for 5-10 or 15 mins and whos ever gift she was opening got a gift. And for any leftover gifts or the door prizes they had everyone address an envelope(to themselves) and then had a drawing. And the most recent shower, they gave out tickets, like raffle tickets and just drew numbers during the opening of the gifts. Good Luck, Chris

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