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Alternative "Stay-at-home-mom" Titles

We had our taxes done today and when I said I was a stay at home mom, she listed me as a Domestic Engineer! We have never heard that before and thought it was hilarious! Just for fun, I am curious to hear other clever "titles" that you have heard, or can come up with. Have a great weekend!

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Hmmm, if you asked this question of my ex husband....

He'd've said....


Thus the EX part!


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Well, it's not very creative but when talking to friends (usually if they are working moms) they ask "are you still doing the mommy thing?". I heard it so much now when people ask me what I do I usually say "I'm doing the mommy thing right now". I like it, because that's what I hear 24/7 "mommmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!". It works for me.

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I'm toying with going ahead and listing "Product Developer" and "Project Manager" on my resume -although I'll get called for it in interviews! I cannot imagine any more of a painstaking, labor-intensive, exhausting -yet rewarding product or project than a child! If you are successfully "managing" the raising and development of a kid, you really can do SO many things!

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"Keeper of the Castle and Protector of the Progeny"

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here are the titles I get from my husband:

Domestic Engineer
Domestic Goddess
She who must be obeyed
Jacque of a trades
Queen of the House
Household Mama
Wonder Woman (in fact one year for Halloween he bought me a Wonder Woman costume complete with the boots, laso, the whole kit and kaboodle!!)

Oh my - he's come up with many over the years.....

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Oh yes, that's an old one, lol. I always liked Rosanne's "Domestic Goddess"!

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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If you want to get really technical, in reality we wouldn't be able to fit our "job titles" on the little space they give you on the page...
Wife, Mother, Teacher, Nurse, Referee, Maid, Chef, Taxi, Business Manager, Banker, Volunteer, Art Director, Drill Sargent, Time Manager, Schedule Coordinator..

Shall I go on?

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I have heard of Domestic Engineer. Here are more: Teacher, cleaning lady, butler, chef, psychologist, therapist, social worker, guidance counselor, referee, supervisor, boss, chauffeur, doctor, CEO, and household manager.

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I don't like the title "stay at home mom". I usually refer to myself as a full time homemaker. I know it is an outdated title and some think it is soooo 1950's , archaic or repressive to woman's rights. But, when it all comes down to it, a homemaker is what I am. I am making my house a home with all that I do and I do it full time. I take pride in what I do. Some joke about being a slave and I hope it is really in jest. It gives homemakers a bad rap if we are portrayed as slaves...who would aspire to be with their family full time if they thought it as being akin to a slave. I am teaching my sons and daughter that I love what I do...regardless of a paycheck!

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I like to consider myself as the CEO of the [my last name] Family Trust.

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Home manager, "homemaker", full-time mom, domestic goddess.

I wrote on my "Facebook" account:

"My Daughter"
Mom · Dec 2008 to present · Jackson, Wyoming
cleaning, launderist, garbage disposal, nurse, security, bodygaurd, stylist, teacher, counselor, cheerleader and more...

hehehe- I could add entertainer, personal chef, and chauffeur to that as well LOL!

Best job I have ever had- worst pay, and awful benefits--- but I wouldn't trade it for the world!


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