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Alternative Scabies Treatments That Work?

a friend of mine recently gave me and my 2 year old scabies (she is unsure how she contracted it) and i really do not want to put the toxic lindane treatment on myself let alone my 2 year old. has anyone tried alternatives that have been successful? please help.

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You may want to visit a homeopathic physician. They can prescribe an effective remedy. Homeopathy has been very effective for my children.

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Anyone can pick up scabies just working in the yard or playing in the bushes (especially ivy). I would hesitate relying on alternative remedies for this particular situation because scabies spread like wildfire amongst anyone in contact with a carrier... and they can live on upholstry, bedding, stuffed animals, etc etc.. If you can treat you 2yr old quickly and do a hot wash on the carseat cover and bedding you might be okay... but a whole house detox and treatment is probaby your best bet for extinguishing the bugs.

You may want to visit a homeopathic physician. They can prescribe an effective remedy. Homeopathy has been very effective for my children.

You might try mangosteen (xango) juice; it helps a lot of conditions, altho i'm not familiar with this one. you can check it out on the web. mangosteenmd is one site. best to you and your daughter.

I recently had a scabies scare with our 6 month old. Lindane is definitely toxic to little ones, as it has neurologic side effects. It is unnecessary unless you think you child is co-infected with lice. I used permethrin (shown effective and safe in children as young as 1 month) with good success. I would be wary of herbal remedies, etc, as reinfestation of scabies can cause havoc, not to mention things like post-scabies eczema, etc.

Hope this helps!

So sorry to hear about this, Any antifungal topical creams usually do the trick. You should ask you peditrician first!
Also most scabies cases in children can simply be ring worm!
Mange mites and ring worm typically start from animal contact ie... cats, dogs even if the dog and cat are from the best situations..
Good Luck

C., have you tried your local health food store... sometimes they can recommend things that otherwise you wouldn't try. (Like tea tree oil for lice.) You may also go to youngliving.us for more information on true essential oils; I have found a lot of good remedies from essential oils that really work!



Sorry, I don't have an alternative treatment, but you do want to take care of this ASAP, before you and the rest of your family gets it or it spreads to others (as scabies tends to do).
My husband and I adopted an 11-month old girl from Russia in November. One of the things she brought with her was scabies. She had a bad case of it, and she was very itchy.
We ended up applying the treatment twice to our daughter -- without any negative side affects. I know it can be scary, but after one application your child will feel better (and calmer without itching!), and you can be assured that the scabies is gone and will not spread.
Best of luck!

- K.

I haven't tried this my self but I wasn't sure what scabies was so I looked it up and it said ...

A paste made from two herbs, neem (Azadirachta indica) and turmeric (Curcuma longa,) applied to the affected area daily for 15 days has been found to be effective in treating scabies.

Allopathic Treatment
Several types of lotions (usually containing 5% permethrin) can be applied to the body and left on for 12–24 hours. One topical application is usually sufficient, although the scabicide may be reapplied after a week if mites remain. Preparations containing lindane are no longer recommended for treating scabies as of 2003 because of the potential for damage to the nervous system. Itching can be lessened by the use of calamine lotion or antihistamine medications.

In addition to topical medications, the doctor may prescribe oral ivermectin. Ivermectin is a drug that was originally developed for veterinary practice as a broad-spectrum antiparasite agent. Studies done in humans, however, have found that ivermectin is as safe and effective as topical medications for treating scabies. A study published in 2003 reported that ivermectin is safe for people in high-risk categories, including those with compromised immune systems.

Expected Results
The prognosis for complete recovery from a scabies infestation is excellent. In patients with weak immune systems, the biggest danger is that the areas of skin involved with scabies will become secondarily infected with bacteria.

Good hygiene is essential in the prevention of scabies. When a member of a household is diagnosed with scabies, all that person's recently worn clothing and bedding should be washed in very hot water. Extensive cleaning of the household, however, is not necessary because the mite does not live long away from the human body.

(Hope this helps)

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