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Alternate Ideas for Protein for a 13 Month Old

Does anyone have ideas for protein other than meat. My daughter is 13 months old and will not eat conventional protein or beans. She gets sick of the same foods too! She has eaten cheese and yogurt as alternatives. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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My son ate tofu--cheap, easy to prepare. Just rinse a block of firm tofu in water, gently squeeze out the excess water, pat dry with paper towels, cut into cubes, saute in a small amount of butter or olive oil.

:-) D.

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How about eggs or hummus, or tofu cubes. Also, some whole grains, such as quinoa, have a ton of protein.

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I had the same issue with my dd so I tried eggs,scrambled and she loved them. You can even add a little cheese if you want, but my dd liked them plain.

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Cottage cheese is super high in protein! Also very good- 100% whole grains (oatmeal, wheat bread, etc), try wheat germ (sold near the oatmeal at the grocery store) and it can be mixed applesauce, substitutd for flour, added to pancakes, mixed in with yogurt (and it actually tastes yummy!), tofu is easy to be sneaky with- you can dice it and mix it with just about anything, avocados, my nephew loves edamame, and there's also milk!

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Think Thin Bars from Trader Joes - 20g protein, 0g sugar and gluten free. Both my kids love them - chocolate and brownie flavors.

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My pediatrician told me not to worry about the protein, that they will get enough from other sources, but that the lack of iron in the diet could be a concern (once they are no longer taking formula or fortified cereal). He advised an iron supplement, you may want to mention this to your ped. to see what his thoughts are.

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Hi M..
I have been veg for 14 years and vegan for 3. It is true that we do not need nearly as much protein as our society would suggest. Not only that, but our body is equipped to combine the necessary amino acids it gets from various sources to make the complete protein that it needs.

That said, many of the "protein" sources are also high on the allergen chart, so you want to introduce them slowly and one at a time. Your baby is after the one year mark, so, unless there is a family history of allergies, this is an appropriate time to start.

Egg whites are all protein, so if you eat eggs, then you can sneak them into all types of things.

Soy is a good source, but it is high on the allergen chart and there is the estrogen issue, so I would not overdue it.

Try a variety of beans and in a variety of ways- whole or "refried". My kids like some, but not others, so try a variety. Lentils are very versatile and a good source of iron. You can mix them with rice, puree them in soup, or make a baked "loaf".

Peanut butter on wheat bread is a complete protein. Quinoa is a light flavored grain that is also high in protein. Avocados are great too.

The real trick is to offer a variety of foods in creative ways.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Another good alternative are things like "Pediasure" and "Carnation Instant Breakfast"... both are 'meal' drinks for children and have protein in it.

I have given these to my son, who is VERY fickle and picky with his foods, everyday. And he will drink this.

You might also try egg-whites.
At this age, foods is still an 'acquired' taste for babies/children....as their taste buds are STILL developing. Thus, their preferences and changes in food likes/dislikes.

Again, check with your Pediatrician too. As protein is an important 'building block' nutrient for growing toddlers.

All the best,

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Have you considered that your child has food allergies. Western Medicine does not give enough attention to allergies. And they should.

I recommend that you log on to website NAET.com. They are allergists who eliminate allergies. They are the ONLY doctors in the world who eliminate allergies.

I am 37 and have had allergies my entire life and I am now eliminating them with my NAET allergist. I am also completing my degree in Nutrition Science. I have been doing many hours of studying on this.

I believe your child has food allergies.

Should you have any further questions, you can email me at ____@____.com Well.


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Blend soft Tofu with tomato sauce to make a creamy spagetti sauce (or for any pasta). My kids love it. Just do not give tofu too often because it promotes estrogen in the body, but occasionally it is fine. Also, we put cottage cheese (which is higher in protein than yogurt) on toast and swirl honey over the top, so in little bites a 13 month old can eat that too. That's another big hit with my kids. There is always eggs in any form. Some grains are high in protein too, like Quinoa. You would have to look into diffent ways to cook that.

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what about tofu? scrambled eggs? peanut butter?

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