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Almost 6Year Old Only Eating Junk Food

I have a daughter that is almost 6 and she don't want to eat meat,pototos,and vegs.
she only wants to eat chips,poptarts,cheese and crakers.
She is in summer school now and does go to school last year and when I would send her lunch to school she would eat it but, now she is home during the day and she just wants to eat junk food and don't eat supper, only wants junk food.
When i dont buy it she dont eat nothing.
Please help what do i do????? or try

What can I do next?

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If there is no junk food in the house to eat, she will eventually have to eat nutritious food. She might resist for awhile, but she will eat. She just knows that you will give in if she holds out, and she wins the fight. Save her from herself, and be in charge. Her tastes will change, but this does take time, and there is probably a food addiction at work here also. Best to break it at 6 :)

Keep offering her healthy food for meals. She will eat when she gets hungry enough.
You could also make a deal w/ her, that if she eats her healthy meals, then at snack time, she can have 1 small treat. The snack should not be a meal size. (we usually have snack at 3:00)
But ONLY if she eats a good lunch. If she doesn't eat a good lunch, then her lunch will be her snack and no treats.

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Hi S.
Have you considered that this may be a sensory issue. my daughter has sensory issue and when we forget to do therapy for a few days she will go back to only eatinf junk. Do you know for sure your daughter was eating her lunch at school or was she trading it or throwing it away.

Don't buy it! If junk food isn't available she won't eat it. When she's hungry enough she'll eat the healthier options you provide. Have a selection of snacks and easy meal fixings and give her choices; let her help put her meals and snacks together. My 6yo started making his own sandwiches when he was 4 and knows how to microwave leftovers. We always have things like apples, bananas, string cheese, baby carrots, and whole grain snacks that my boys can easily get themselves in between meals. Even my 2yo knows how to get a healthy snack when he needs one.

Don't buy it. When she is hungry she will eat other foods. If you allow her to continue eating only junk she will.

Exactly as the last posts--- DON'T BUY JUNK FOOD!!!! When she has the choice of course that is what she will eat. It really is not her fault. Almost all junk foods are exactly that---junk. They contain so many additives, dyes, preservatives, sugars, artificial ingredients, MSG, etc...and these ingredients can cause an almost like addiction. So it may be that she feels like her body is telling her that she is suppose to eat those foods---because her body is craving those foods. It may be a bit of a hard transition but noone is doing her any favors by feeding her all the junk foods. I suggest to not buy any and make healthy meals. She will eat if she is hungry enough and soon enough she will learn that she will not get all the junk foods and her body will also start to realize that and it will be much easier.

Don't buy junk food and then she won't have the option. She will eat when she gets hungry enough.

Try to involve her in planning and fixing meals. Ask her to help pick out a few healthy meals she would like each week. Have her go to the store with you and she can help pick out the ingredients. I've found that when I involve my kids in making a meal they are more likely to eat it, or at least try it!!

My advice is don't buy it. When she gets hungry enough she will eat. (FYI My docotor told me when I had a sick child that kids can go for 30 days without food but only 3 days without liquids.) Not saying to starve your child but set limits. She only get a small snack if and only when she finishes her meals. You are the parent and you decide what she eats plain and simple(remember she eat lunch at school so she can eat real food). Because if she dictates now at 6 what she'll eat or not just imagine 14 and wanting to be out all night or have boys stay over. She didn't listen to you at 6 so she think she doesn't have to listen or follow the rules at 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Besides if she doesn't get the correct food she will not develop normally or have weight issues later in life. Remember she is only 6 years old and that YOU are the parent, it may not be pleasant for a little while at home but she needs to respect you and your house rules.


Children will not starve themselves to death. If there is no junk food in the house at all, eventually she will get hungry enough she will eat something else. There is no need for a power struggle. You fix her healthy meals and she either chooses to eat or she doesn't. There isn't a need to fight or yell about it; you just let her experience the natural consequences of her own actions. If she doesn't eat what you fix her, then she doesn't eat. If she is 6, she clearly isn't driving herself to the store to buy the junk. If you don't buy it and bring it home, she won't eat it because it isn't there.

Good luck,

Good health starts with good food. Personally, I don't purchase pop or pop tarts, very few crackers and only rarely. I have some chips in the house but potato chips are rare.

I spend most of my food budget on fresh fruit and vegetables. My now 16 year old son prefers fruit to almost anything. I have it on the counter so he can take it whenever he wants it.

Good or bad nutrition affects us long term. The decisions she makes now concerning food can make a difference later in her life.

If you want to chat more, let me know.


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