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Almost 6 Months Pregnant with Cramping. PLEASE HELP

I am far from home with no doctor yet. I am having what I thought was pregnancy lower back pain but now feels almost like cramping. I feel like my period is coming. It is uncomfortable almost painful but I am scared more then anything. Has anyone had this? What do I do? Go to the ER? Relax? Please write back.

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I think its fine. I called my old dr. she said it was most likely my uterus growing. But i will watch it and go in if it happens again.

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Go to the ER now. It is better to be safe than sorry. The Naval Medical Center ER will help you for now. Actually, I believe any ER should help you, but go to the NMC ER if you feel okay enough to go there.

I know some military members who would rather have non-military doctors. You can do that research later, but do it soon since you are pregnant.

Right now, I'd go to the NMC ER to see what is happening.

Take care.

M. you should contact your doctor to help with any questions or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy. Tell the receptionist your concerns and you feel it is important that you see you doctor as soon as possible not at he next available appointment which could be weeks away. Fleet and Family Support Services around the various bases in San Diego has numerous supports services which could help you. New Parent Support is one of their programs, call ###-###-####

u should go to the er or something like asap girl!!
especially if its bad.. just call around.. r u on triwest yet? u might need to just go and deal with paying for it :( i hope its no big deal..

M., I am sorry to hear that your alone out here, But if its really bad, to where you cant walk or relax please go to the hospitals er, navel medicial center babloa, do you know how to get there? i would love to help you out, please dont try and deal with things alone. please email me or call me ###-###-####, i know its hard being alone in a new town, i was there 5yrs ago. I now have a good sense of getting around and who to reach out to. please seek help, dont feel like your the only one going through a lot. good luck becca h

First, obviously, you need to find a good ob/gyn. You don't say what area of San Diego you live in, but if you do, I'm sure a lot of moms can give you recommendations. I have a good doc in the Hillcrest area. When you're worried about strange symptoms, you can always call and talk to the nurse about whether you should come in, visit the ER, or just relax.
Second, do you have one of the basic pregnancy books, like "What to Expect When You're Expecting?" It's very helpful for finding out whether pains or symptoms are typical or signs of a problem and for getting month-by-month info on what new developments to expect. Don't browse the section on problems/illnesses, though, or you'll start thinking you have every symptom. The "What to Expect" authors also have a book on the baby's first year and on the toddler years -- both very helpful as well.
Good luck,

Hi M.. I am also a military wife from Chicago. I have 2 kids 3 and 6 and I remember at about this stage that you are in that I had that with my second. It turned out he was flipping around. Also it is possible you are having Braxton Hicks BUT if this is persisting past a day or two and is get worse (Braxton Hicks get better with walking) then I would go to the hospital for piece of mind. If you have not switched over your Tri-Care to the west coast you can do that at Balboa Hospital at the Tri-Care office. But you can go to the emergency room at Balboa. They will not turn you away and may even be able to help you get into OB. I know after a certain point in your pregnancy they automatically send you up to OB instead of waiting in the ER. But when you go to the Tri-Care office at Balboa they will give you a list of doctors to choose from, you sign up, and they ive you a temporary card so you can make an appointment that same day. I hope that helps and you can settle in. Remember that if you feel anything is not right do not hesitate to get checkd out. You are already experiencing mother's intuition so listen o your body! Hang in there and hope things go well. P. P.

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