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Almost 1 Yr. Old Still Eats Pureed Baby Food

hi moms! my daughter will be turning 1 year old on june 7 and the problem is she still eats only mushy baby foods. it seems like she has no interest in learning how to chew. when i give her foods of a chunkier consistency she will either spit it out or gag to the point where i fear she is choking on it. i was feeding her gerber baby food but recently i have begun to make my own baby food because i felt the gerber food was just not helping her learn to chew chunky foods. everyone i talk to says she should be eating regular foods by now, meaning not pureed or even mashed. have i done something wrong? or have i completely missed a window of opportunity for getting her to eat chunky foods? any advice or words of comfort on why she is almost 1 and still eating like a 6 month old? thanks, moms :)

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Hi Rose,

I had the same issue with my daughter. She just receently started eating solid foods correctly and she is 19 months. She had only 8 teeth for a while (4 on top and 4 on bottom). She now has about 16-18 teeth at the moment. I believe the lack of teeth was holding her back. Everything she would eat she would swallow without chewing. I knew this because the next day I would change her diaper and I would see the chunks of food in it. When that happend I tried to feed her food that was easy for her to eat like spaggetti or any types of pastas I could find. Anything she had to chew (like chicken) I would chop it up smaller than what the Gerber baby food had it because those chunks were just too chunky for her. I hope this helps you. :)

I would just keep offering them and eventually she will pick up on it. I still feed my son what he prefers, but then always offer something new until he gets used to it. It can take awhile!

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Rose you have done nothing wrong. Your daughter just is not interested yet. Don't give up on introducing new foods to her. When my dughter was ready to start transitioning I would give her jarred bananas and place some bit sized cut up bananas on her tray. I did the same thinhg with cooked carrots, green beans, etc. Another great transition food is "puffs" and cheerios and little pieces of wheat bread. I hope this helps

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Hi Ladies! My son is the extreme case of what you are discussing. My son was formula/bottle fed mainly until 6 months. Like most Moms, I slowly introduced baby food purees. Around 8 months or so I attempted to try oatmeal and other types of food that had texture. He would gag himself to the point where he would throw up at every single meal. He even started gagging when I would put the bottle to his mouth. I took him to the doctor who told me he would grow out of it. The problem is that he has since taught himself to gag just seeing a spoon. He is 13 months old and still only takes the bottle and baby food purees. Up until a month ago Gerber Baby food puffs would even make him throw up. Feeding is an emotional challenge for both of us. I have a swallow study scheduled at the local hospital to see if there is some sort of blockage or if perhaps he is still struggling from acid reflux. He doesn't eat bread, crackers...nothing! We are lucky to get ANYTHING besides formula in him. He is not under weight and is still thriving. He started walking at 9 months and has a ton of energy. I just read a book called "My child won't eat" by Carlos Gonzalez MD. Although my son is a far more extreme case from the ones he discusses in the book (at least THOSE children will eat SOMETHING), I found it helpful! I highly recommend it to a Mother who is going through this challenge. The main thing I can recommend is to try EVERYTHING. Try not using a food and let your son/daughter feed themselves. Our occupational therapist even recommended letting him dip his toys in his food on his tray to associate feeding with "fun" time. We have tried de-sensitizing his gag reflux by playing with his mouth etc. This is sooo confusing. PRAY FOR US!

I hear ya! I have a son who is now 13 months old and still will not touch anything with texture. Except he will eat those Gerber Graduate snacks that melt in there nouths. He just went to his 1 year check up and the Dr said that it is okay and he will eat the foods when he is ready and he should be by 18 months. He also told me not to give up and just keep trying. So hang in there I feel your frustration. If your baby is at her right weight and healthy and happy I wouldnt be too concerned.

I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe she'll adapt in another few months. But, maybe you should have her checked out by the dentist. Maybe it hurts to chew.

Have you tried super soft foods like ripe banana and pear? Mash them up with the fork and leave some chunks.
The other thing we did was to show our son how to chew. We pretended to chew in a really exaggerated fashion and he copied us. It took us a long time too, for the chunkier foods. But try foods that are soft and wet (as opposed to dry ie. chicken).
Good luck

First question I have is how many teeth does she have? If she was a late teether, she may not be ready for bigger solids yet. also, at what age did you first itroduce solids. my son started at 3 months, but if you didn't strt until 6 months, she may need a little more time to master the first part of this skill.

Now, what I recommend is trying things that bacically fall apart in her mouth. My niece LOVED egg noodles boiled in chicken broth. Her mom would boil them until the would practically fall apart when touched. You can also put things like small bites of banana or soft avocado on her high chair tray while you're prepairing her food. You could also provide those Gerber veggie/ fruit puffs this way, Cherio's, peeled and quarted grades, or even some left over baked sweet potato bites. This way you are giving her something to do while you prepare her meal. Even if she just plays with it, you're still adding skills to her mental tool box.

You can also try those "My Safe Feeder" or something like that with sweet fruit pieces in it. They are mesh bags with a handel that you can put things like a slice of pear that she can hold and chew on, but all that comes out is more of a pear pulp. She is learning about texture and consistancy, but can't really choke on it. My son STILL likes getting ice in these, and he's almost 2 1/2.

Hope you find something that works soon, but don't let yourself get stuck on what's "average" for her age. She just may be very pick about textures. My MIL says my hubby would only eat BLENDED Chicken soup, tortillas, and cereal until he was nearly 12... YEARS! I think (HOPE!!!) this is a little exagerated, but it does happen.

Take care, and contiue to ROCK as a Mama! -J

My son is exactly the same way. He has a very sensitive gag reflex and vomits any stage 3 purees, cheerios, puffs, crackers, cookies, etcetera. What I have been doing is adding oatmeal to his fruits and veggies to thicken them up a lot -- oh, I also add oatmeal to his yogurt.

My boy is 14.5 months so it's really hard. My ped suggested seeing an occupational therapist for help but I've had trouble finding one on my insurance plan.

Sigh. It's always something :) hugs to you!

The Stage 1 and Stage 2 Gerber foods won't help her trasition since they are so smooth, but you could try the Stage 3 which has bigger pieces.
You say she acts like she's choking when you try to give her "chunkier" food...does that mean ANYTHING that isn't "mush", or will she try some things (like a banana that isn't totally mashed up) that she like only to refuse other things she doesn't? Have you had her checked out by your pediatrician? It sounds like there might be some underlying issue with her eating and that coud be why she acts like she's choking, maybe she really isn't ready to tackle the tougher foods because of some sort of medical issue. If that is the case they can make recomendations to help get her eating better. Our pediatricians wanted all 3 of my kids on table food (i.e. whatever we are eating cut so they can handle it, not baby mush of any sort) by about 9 months old.
You haven't done anything wrong, but you might want to have her looked at so that if there is a problem they can help you take care of it. If they don't find anything, I'm sure she'll decide on her own to try new things (especially if that is what you offer her first before you resort to the "mush")
Good luck!

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