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Allergy to Band-aids in 16 Week Old??

Is my baby girl allergic to band-aids? She had a band-aid on her little leg (outer thigh after a shot) for less than 24hrs. The skin under the bandaid where the adhesive part was stuck to her skin, was all red and swollen exactly shaped like the band-aid. Little blisters formed under the skin and its been itching her because she is scratching at it with her tiny little nails. Is this an allergy? What do I do? Should I call her pedi? Thanks for all your help. Trying to be the best mommy I can. Need help from all you wonderful moms out there.

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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and advice. I took our little girl to the doctor today, and he confirmed that it was an allergy to the band-aid, as it was shaped directly like the band-aid. He flagged her chart, and says that we can wait to find out if it is to adhesive or latex, but currently he has written it in her chart as both so that we don't have this problem again. Thank you again!

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She might be alergic to the adhesive or it could be a reaction to the shot. I would call the pediatrician.
Good Luck!

Yes, call dr. give her benedryl that helps with allergies...

could be a reaction to the shot and combo with allergy to band aide too...

Sounds like she has an allergy to latex. She will need latex free bandaids from now on. That keep those kinds of boo boos from showing up again.

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Hi.. I had the same allergy! It is very common. I was cleared of it at a place called Neurowaves in Laguna Niguel. I think they moved to San Juan Capistrano. But I had an insect bite and had to wear an antibiotic cream for awhile but always got the awful swelling and itching where the bandaid adhesive was until they did a clearing. Now I can wear a bandaid as long as I need to and... nothing! Maybe take her there? They are the most wonderful and loving people!! George and Gayle Weinand, ###-###-####, Neurowaves.

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It IS possible! Especially if they are not "latex-free" band-aids. Latex allergies are actually quite common (although rarely severe). It could also be an allergy to something in the adhesive I guess... You can always call your pediatrician and ask her/him what she/he thinks about it.... I am guessing that you will probably be told to put a little hydro-cortisone on it to ease the itchiness...

Good luck, let us know how everything turns out!

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She might be alergic to the adhesive or it could be a reaction to the shot. I would call the pediatrician.
Good Luck!

She sounds like she is allergic to latex. Make sure you always remind nurses who administer the injections to use a cloth bandaid or none at all. My allergy to latex could be life threatening so be sure when you take your little angel to the doctor for any reason you always make sure they are VERY aware of her latex allergy. Luckily MOST hospitals/clinics have or are becoming latex free. There are more and more cases of nurses & doctors themselves becoming allergic to latex; don't take any chances always advise of your little girls allergy. I am also allergic to plasic tape, again make sure she is given cloth bandaids or uses paper tape for her.

A. Smith

It could also be the result of pulling the band-aid off her delicate skin. The band-aid is stuck on so well on her skin that pulling it off also pulls the layer of skin off the bottom layer. This has happened to me and I have scars from it.
It can also be a site-reaction rash to the vaccine. My baby got little bumpy liquid filled rashes around her shot sites the first couple times...call your doc's office for advice.

Dear AS:

Yes, this is clearly a latex allergy. That is how it started for my son. We use only latex-free bandages and both my children's charts are marked for latex sensivity at the pediatrician's office.

And, it gets worse. While camping last week, the only available bandage was not latex-free and my son got a terrible reaction.

Still, don't worry. Just give away your bandages, buy the right kind and notify the ped to note the baby's chart correctly.

Best wishes,


Yes, many people are allergic, as Sophie said, to "latex" based bandages or the adhesives on it.
But they do have latex free type of band-aids.

Also though, a little baby/child has tender skin... its delicate. So, if a band-aid is left on too long, it can cause the sores under it.

This even happens to me, and I have adult skin. So I buy the latex free ones. And yes, it does itch. But it will go away. This happens to my daughter too, sometimes.

Try putting some topical Bendaryl cream on it, or calamine lotion. That may help.

All the best,

Sounds like she is allergic. It's pretty common to be allergic to adhesives. It's a good thing to know for the future too in case she ever needs to be bandaged again. My sister wears a little clip on her watch that shows her allergies to adhesives.

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