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Allergy to Band-aids in 16 Week Old??

Is my baby girl allergic to band-aids? She had a band-aid on her little leg (outer thigh after a shot) for less than 24hrs. The skin under the bandaid where the adhesive part was stuck to her skin, was all red and swollen exactly shaped like the band-aid. Little blisters formed under the skin and its been itching her because she is scratching at it with her tiny little nails. Is this an allergy? What do I do? Should I call her pedi? Thanks for all your help. Trying to be the best mommy I can. Need help from all you wonderful moms out there.

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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and advice. I took our little girl to the doctor today, and he confirmed that it was an allergy to the band-aid, as it was shaped directly like the band-aid. He flagged her chart, and says that we can wait to find out if it is to adhesive or latex, but currently he has written it in her chart as both so that we don't have this problem again. Thank you again!

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She might be alergic to the adhesive or it could be a reaction to the shot. I would call the pediatrician.
Good Luck!

Yes, call dr. give her benedryl that helps with allergies...

could be a reaction to the shot and combo with allergy to band aide too...

Sounds like she has an allergy to latex. She will need latex free bandaids from now on. That keep those kinds of boo boos from showing up again.

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Hi.. I had the same allergy! It is very common. I was cleared of it at a place called Neurowaves in Laguna Niguel. I think they moved to San Juan Capistrano. But I had an insect bite and had to wear an antibiotic cream for awhile but always got the awful swelling and itching where the bandaid adhesive was until they did a clearing. Now I can wear a bandaid as long as I need to and... nothing! Maybe take her there? They are the most wonderful and loving people!! George and Gayle Weinand, ###-###-####, Neurowaves.

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It IS possible! Especially if they are not "latex-free" band-aids. Latex allergies are actually quite common (although rarely severe). It could also be an allergy to something in the adhesive I guess... You can always call your pediatrician and ask her/him what she/he thinks about it.... I am guessing that you will probably be told to put a little hydro-cortisone on it to ease the itchiness...

Good luck, let us know how everything turns out!

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She might be alergic to the adhesive or it could be a reaction to the shot. I would call the pediatrician.
Good Luck!

She sounds like she is allergic to latex. Make sure you always remind nurses who administer the injections to use a cloth bandaid or none at all. My allergy to latex could be life threatening so be sure when you take your little angel to the doctor for any reason you always make sure they are VERY aware of her latex allergy. Luckily MOST hospitals/clinics have or are becoming latex free. There are more and more cases of nurses & doctors themselves becoming allergic to latex; don't take any chances always advise of your little girls allergy. I am also allergic to plasic tape, again make sure she is given cloth bandaids or uses paper tape for her.

A. Smith

It could also be the result of pulling the band-aid off her delicate skin. The band-aid is stuck on so well on her skin that pulling it off also pulls the layer of skin off the bottom layer. This has happened to me and I have scars from it.
It can also be a site-reaction rash to the vaccine. My baby got little bumpy liquid filled rashes around her shot sites the first couple times...call your doc's office for advice.

Dear AS:

Yes, this is clearly a latex allergy. That is how it started for my son. We use only latex-free bandages and both my children's charts are marked for latex sensivity at the pediatrician's office.

And, it gets worse. While camping last week, the only available bandage was not latex-free and my son got a terrible reaction.

Still, don't worry. Just give away your bandages, buy the right kind and notify the ped to note the baby's chart correctly.

Best wishes,


Yes, many people are allergic, as Sophie said, to "latex" based bandages or the adhesives on it.
But they do have latex free type of band-aids.

Also though, a little baby/child has tender skin... its delicate. So, if a band-aid is left on too long, it can cause the sores under it.

This even happens to me, and I have adult skin. So I buy the latex free ones. And yes, it does itch. But it will go away. This happens to my daughter too, sometimes.

Try putting some topical Bendaryl cream on it, or calamine lotion. That may help.

All the best,

Sounds like she is allergic. It's pretty common to be allergic to adhesives. It's a good thing to know for the future too in case she ever needs to be bandaged again. My sister wears a little clip on her watch that shows her allergies to adhesives.

My son had the same thing happen. I just asked the nurses not to put on bandaids after shots. He grew out of it.

she could be allergic to the latex. put some aquafor baby on it. it will make a barrier so that it doesnt get irritated more and its medicated so it will help heal the skin. good luck and next drs visit ask for latex free ones.

She may be allergic to the adhesive in the band-aid or she may be allergic to the band-aid itself (especially if it has latex in it). Since most band-aids are now latex free, I would think it is the adhesive. Try leaving the band-aid off and see if the redness and swelling disappear in a day or two. And I would definitely contact your child's pediatrician just to be on the safe side.

This happened to my son when he was a baby too. He is not allergic to band-aids. Babies have very sensitive skin. You just need to take the band-aid off after 1-2 hours. Don't leave it on longer than that
Good luck

It sounds like your daughter might have a latex allergy, keep the area clean and dry and it should heal, you can use calendula cream to soothe it and it acts as an antibiotic if you are concerned about possible infection. You can also put socks on your daughter's hands so her nails won't irritate the damaged skin. Make sure you tell her Ped and nurse at her next visit so it can be put in her chart and they will use non latex bandages in the future. Make sure you remove all latex products from your home as well.

As always, call her Ped if you are concerned about anything like this, the latex allergy (any allergy) can be frightening.

Hope this helps


Hi A S,

I'd call the Pediatrition, she may allergic to the adhesive. In the future maybe a small gauze pad with some paper tape or the kind of tape that wraps like an ace bandage and sticks to itself. I have used both of these if I need tape because I have a sensitivity to latex.

Hope she recovers quickly!


Yes it sounds like she is allergic to the adhesive. I had the same problem they put a huge red flag on my chart. Make sure you keep lots of gause and cloth tape around for the times she has a cut. Let your Dr. know so they can make a note on her chart. Also if you know what brand/kind of band-aid they used it will help figure out what exactly she is allergic too. Make sure everytime you take her to a different Dr. you tell them. Poor baby. I would call your Dr. and have them look at it right away so they know for sure. Good luck.

It is an allergy. It is either to something in the band aid (latex) or to the adhesive. I'm allergic to the adhesive in band aids. I have that same issue any time I use band aids or have surgical tape on my skin. The sensitive skin band aids work pretty well for me and I don't leave them on for any length of time. I wouldn't necessarily call your doctor about it. It will heal. But I'd definitely say something to them the next time you take her in. Next time you get her shots, either skip the band aid or take it off once you get out of the doctor's office. If she does bleed from the shot it usually only lasts a few seconds.


NAET.com for allergy eliminations

Be well.


Yes, call dr. give her benedryl that helps with allergies...

could be a reaction to the shot and combo with allergy to band aide too...

I would say yes she does have an allergy because the same thing happens to me. There are Latex-free bandages like Nexcare which work for me. You may want to note if this fixes the problem because it is something that should be in her medical records for future medical care. Latex is used in many products.

Yes, she is allergic. Next time tell the nurse no band-aids. It's a tiny poke it won't bleed like a water fall. Or take it off once you get in the car. Your body heals fast you don't need a band-aid for a needle poke.

I'm allergic and so is my son. If your daughter ever has surgery anywhere, or for any reason they need to put tape on her let them know that she is allergic and you want the tape removed as fast as possible. Doctor's have told me that they think that's the reason my scars healed large the width of a adult finger, instead of a tiny line. I had surgery at 6 and 12 and both scars are large. But that is when they use to use tape over the stitches for extra pull to heal it. I think they have stopped that and use just the stitches or the super glue or staples. But it can't hurt to tell them to get it off as soon as possible.

My son had the band-aid mark for a week, I used cortisone cream day and night. Now he won't let anyone come near him with a band-aid. He's 8.5 and has never really needed one, we just leave oowies open and clean them night and morning. Scabs do they're job of heeling.

Good Luck! J.

she can be allergic to the adhesive in the band aid. there are special tapes and band aids made for this allergy. if you take her to the ped and they confirm then alert for her medical record so they use the special type on her going forward. and the

yes, it can be a latex allergy, or to the adhesive stuff in the bandaid. I have this same problem, and it's a bummer. In the future, you can use liquid bandaid, this is made by several companies, nextcare and bandaid brand.
You can also use latex-free bandaids and see if that helps. What I use on my son, who is 5, is the no stick gauze, that sticks to itself, that way you can cover the wound, but there is nothing to stick. My son has sensitive skin, so I have to be careful what kind of stuff I use on him. Definitely check with your pediatrician, and let him look at it. Allergies will get worse with every exposure, so be vigilant.
It's tough being a mommy, always new things to worry about and make sure they are taken care of. Be well and God bless. Hope that your little one gets better soon.

I have a friend who is allergic to the adhesive on bandaids. Growing up she had to use gauze and surgical tape to cover any real cuts. Now adays they have the liquid bandaid stuff and has found it to be a life safer.

Chances are she is allergic to the latex in the bandaides. My daughter had the exact same problem. We now use latex-free bandaides. Talk to your daughter's doctor and mention the situation. Use hydrocortisone cream to help with the itching. I mix one part hydrocortisone with three parts Johnson baby lotion and rub the itchy part. Be aware that if your daughter has a latex allergy, there are cross-reacting foods that may aggravate the problem. Good luck!

could be a latex allergy-super common. get some latex free bandaids, and see if the problem is solved.

Hello A S. I wanted to let you know that while I don't know at what age allergies develop, I developed an allergy to latex late in life. I found out after I got a tattoo. I never had any problem with it before that though. I am also allergic to the tape that the phlebotomist uses after drawing blood. She could be allergic to it, she may just have sensitive skin.

Good morning! It is totally possible to have an allergy from the band-aids. I am allergic to many adhesives if left on the skin for long. Even the sticky pads for EKG's will bug me for weeks after I take them off... Nothing horrible, just annoying. Take the band-aid off after a few hours and she'll be fine. Tell your ped just so they know and can use less sticky adhesives in the future.
Good luck!

I am severly allergic to adhesives and latex and even paper tape bothers my skin. It literally tears the skin off when removed. And now, not just the injury itches but every where the tape tears off the skin itches too.
It's expensive but try Coban which is a tape that only sticks to itself. Use it to wrap around the body part to hold the gauze pad in place. They are using it more and more after taking blood.
BTW: I had major surgery years ago and my incision was just 6" long but before I left the hospital they were wrapping my entire body trunk in gauze and placing tape over it because I had no skin left to secure the bandages.
Thank Goodness for Coban.
Carpe Diem :^D ~ F.


If your daughter is allergic to adhesive, as I am, then she, or you while she is young, should always remind a doctor before she gets any treatment that may require bandages that she is allergic to adhesive. She might also want to steer clear of tincture of benozine, which helps bandages stick better. My perinatologist realized that I was allergic to surgical tape the week after my first c-section. He noted the allergy and reminded him before my second c-section that I was allergic to tape. Busy, sleep-deprived doctor that he was, he forgot and put tincture of benzoine all over my lower abdomen and then covered the tincture with adhesive tape. My whole body broke out in red, terribly itchy bumps. I went to the hospital on a weekend and waited for him for several hours just to hear him say that there was nothing he could do for me. Even though I used benadryl, Calamine lotion, and almost everything else I could think of, I almost scratched all my skin off over the six weeks following my last c-section. 20 months later, I still have a darkened strip of skin measuring approximately 12 square inches.

L. E

I would say a reaction to the vaccine more than the bandaid.

Sounds like she has an allergy to latex. She will need latex free bandaids from now on. That keep those kinds of boo boos from showing up again.

I'm 34 and totally allergic to band-aids. Something about the sticky adhesive that makes my skin react just as you've described! It's not just band-aid "brand" but other band-aid type things too. A little Cortizone cream works great but I'd ask your ped first since she's so young! Good luck!

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