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Allergy Testing - Carrollton,TX

Does anyone know what age a child has to be in order to be tested for allergies? My son has been suffering from severe eczema, and with the help of steriods it has improved greatly, but I know we can't use those for very long on him.. I really suspect he is allergic to something, but I just have no idea where to start. He is formula fed (Enfamil Lipil, we tried Enfamil prosobee as well) and is 6 months old.

What can I do next?

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You are right to suspect an allergy as excema is often an idicator. My son was first tested at 10 months. He is anaphylactic to dairy and was at birth.

Have you started food yet? If so I would keep a food diary and chart what you feed him and any reactions or suspected reactions such as increased excema. Since he's on formula his diet is fairly consistent and should yield some clues. If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me.

We have been seeing Dr. Jon Van Wagoner at SW Allergy and Asthma since '04 and really trust him. He sees both children and adults. http://www.swallergy.com/index.htm

Good luck!

The only doctor in the city that I know of that will test a child under 4 is Dr. Michael Ruff. He's awesome.

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My son was 6 months when he was tested. You could also try eliminating foods and test yourself.

If you haven't already, consider switching your cleaning supplies to non-toxic cleaners. I began selling them 2 years ago. We switched our whole house over and we definitely have less allergies.

Have you considered NAET? The acupuncurist usually doesn't use needles for children who haven't reached puberty, so no worries there. This has truly changed my family's life for the better. I used Dr. Steve Homoky at Coit & Spring Creek ###-###-####, http://www.acmhealthsolutions.com/), but you can go to www.naet.com to find someone who will help rid your son from his allergies permanently with no drugs or shots. Good luck!

Our daughter was 2 y/o when she was allergy tested. There was a 9 month old there at the same time being tested. I think it would depened upon you, your spouse, and possibly the dr doing the testing. We did not have anyone in our area (Amarillo) who would do the testing before 2 y/o so we traveled to Lubbock, Tx. It really helped us a lot when we found out what she was allergic to.
Since then, we have also changed cleaning products and our groceries to more natural/organic, we take fish oil (1 tsp per person) every day, and we switched over to organic vitamins too. We have also seen a HUGE difference this past year in seasonal allergies with all this.
BTW, my daughter is allergic to high fructose corn syrup, grapes and cats. She's 6 y/o now and the eczma is very mild during the summer/fall season change. She has not complained of the itching at all this time. Good Luck.

The only doctor in the city that I know of that will test a child under 4 is Dr. Michael Ruff. He's awesome.

Hi A.,

I second the vote for NAET. I know Pam Dawson in Fort Worth works with infants. Her website is:

Good luck,

My son turned 2 in July - and he had a rash on his legs almost all spring that we just couldn't get to clear up. Finally my pediatrician convinced us to have him allergy tested - which was just a blood draw - not the poking I was expecting - I think they can do it at any age - and we found out he's got a ton of allergies. Removing the foods he was allergic too cleared it up right away. I would definitely get him tested - no sense puming him full of steroids if a diet/formula change would do the trick! BTW - we go to Dr. Bain in Frisco. Let me know if you have any questions about the test. Good luck!

Dr. Bain is wonderful and we did the same testing and it worked wonders for both my girls. I am not sure Dr. Bain in taking new patients; she needs another holistic doctor. If she is not (she would be my first choice), Dr. Shepherd in Plano at Mountain Health Chiropractic will order the same test and help you through the process. Very nice office and the test has less than an 1% variance on results.....this will get you to the core of the issues. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.

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