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Does anyone know anything about Dr. Wasserman at Medical City who is a pediatric allergist? Dr. Sugarman is also in the practice.

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I agree with the poor bedside manner of Dr. Wasserman. We went to him for several years but had enough with his lack of interest (or caring )with the kids. They just seem to annoy him. We asked to be switched to Dr. Sugarman and like him much better! Good luck!

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I don;t know anything about Dr Wasserman but Dr Sugarman was recommended by my daughter and my husband's ENT when they were having nasal problems associated with allergies. Dr Sugarman sat down with my husband and went over all the options after allergy testing in great detail. My husband has not had started any treatment yet due to sinus surgery and recovery but I got a good feeling from Dr Sugarman

My 2-1/2-year-old daughter's pediatrician, Dr. Karam, whom I trust implicitly, recommended a referral to either Dr. Wasserman or Dr. Ruff. I researched both and chose to take her to Dr. Ruff. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and very easy in his "bedside" manner.

I agree with the poor bedside manner of Dr. Wasserman. We went to him for several years but had enough with his lack of interest (or caring )with the kids. They just seem to annoy him. We asked to be switched to Dr. Sugarman and like him much better! Good luck!

My two teenagers have been with Dr. Wasserman for 14 years. He is very knowledgeable but lacks bedside manners. On occasion, we have met with Dr. Sugarman. They also practice in Frisco.

He's one of the best! Lot's of experience, gets to the point, and well respected for his knowledge.

My son saw Dr. Wasserman for about 6 months quite frequently as we tried to get his allergies under control. (Peanut and pine nut severe; constant respiratory issues the fall/winter/spring around his first birthday.)

Wasserman was very thorough, and in a life-threatening allergic reaction, this is the guy I want treating my son.

For the routine maintenance stuff, he's too aggressive with medications for my taste. We still check in with him, and I'm glad to have him on my roster of medical professionals, but he's not our first line of defense for anything short of anaphylaxis. I love that he personally answers emails within 24 hours. We adjusted dosages that way when the allergy meds were making my son too sleepy.

I use a lot of homeopathic stuff, take the kids to the chiropractor, feed all natural/mostly organic food with very limited sugar, and try to keep dust-collecting stuff away from the kids bedrooms (carpet, curtains, stuffed animals, etc.).

I started the chiropractor after the meds (and probably the summer sunshine and fresh air) had gotten the respiratory issues under control. I used the meds faithfully for about 2 months, and now only use them if my son is really congested or dripping alot to make sure he can sleep. The chiropractor has turned out to be more effective at reducing the respiratory issues and ear infections than any medication. I highly recommend chiropractic as a supplement to traditional medicine. There are a lot of things the chiropractor can nip in the bud which left to run rampant would end up needing antibiotics.

Good luck. The key is a doctor you feel confident in, who fits with your style, who also has a reputation of being good at what he does. The best way to get a referral is to ask a doctor you know in the same specialty, but who doesn't directly compete for patients. So if you need a pediatric allergist, ask an adult allergist (who doesn't see kids) who they would take their own child to.

SAHM of 3

I went with them about 3 years ago for my daughter, I really like them, great with kids and very well informed.

I have heard of Wasserman and Sugarman - rated highly i believe. I took my daughter (with dairy, egg, nut, etc) allergies to Drs. Gross & Ruff and i believe they are also well known. We were seen by Dr. Ruff. I am a 'high maintenance patient' in that i want a thorough evaluation, patience with my billion questions, and a well explained diagnois, prognosis and treatment plan. I have zero tolerance for docs who hand out a diagnosis without any explainations or consideration for your child's situation/discomfort/etc. Anyway, i was very pleased with Dr. Ruff...very thoughtful, helpful and thorough. His thinking was logical, practical, and smart. I have been to many allergists in Europe and Dallas. A well know allergist in Dallas, after i explained my daughter was struggling with weight gain and allergic to dairy, suggested that i give her cow's milk. I was dumbfounded.
Anyway, the only thing to note is i prefer to go the natural route and hesitate to use steriod treatments/strong medications. Dr. Ruff and I differ in this...but i went to him for a treatment plan and suggestions. And he was great. He also gave us an excellent referral for another doctor. Overall, i highly recommend him.
Good luck to you.

I don't know anything about Dr. Wasserman or Dr. Sugarman but I can highly recommend Dr. William Neaville. He is a pediatric allergist that used to be at Children's Medical Center. He is in north Dallas now and only comes to Children's once or twice a month. He is great with kids and has a warm bedside manner.

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