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Allergic Reaction to Yogurt - I Think

Help! I started my 10month old on YoBaby yogurt yesterday. (Super Baby Food Book says you can start at 8mo) He had two messy dirty diapers in the afternoon, and then by bath/bedtime his entire body was covered in red blotchy raised hives/rash. We gave him a long Aveeno oatmeal bath and put Aveeno lotion on him (he has had a mild case of baby ecsema.) I called his ped 1st thing this morning, and they said to try Benedryl and don't give him any more yogurt at all. My question is - how long should I wait to try again with the yogurt? Or is he just going to be allergic to it and I shouldn't ever try again? He has never been allergic to any other foods. His dad nor I are not allergic to any foods either.

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I would hold off on milk products if you think it's a legitimate allergy. Perhaps try at 1 year and two years. At 1 year children generally stop drinking breastmilk and begin drinking cow's milk.

I would wait until he is a year. He may have a mild allergy to cows milk, or his body just may not be ready for cows milk.

Hope this helps

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I had close to the same problem with my now 3 yr. old. It was like a light switch turned on at 12-13 months. She went from breaking out when she would try things with milk in it, to being just fine. My suggestion would be after the rash clears up, try 1/2 of the YoBaby in the morning and 1/2 in the afternoon/evening.

First, read all of the ingredients, it could be one of the fruits in the yogurt. If it is plain yogurt, I believe the book said to begin with plain yogurt and wait one week to try again. Good luck and good for you for reading the Super Baby Food book. I loved following it. Good luck.

You should wait until 12 mos. to start anything with dairy or cows milk. I always waited until after talking to my Dr. at their one year well baby check-up.

He may have been allergic to something in the yogurt- did it have fruit in it? I am not familiar with YoBaby. As with any allergy, be very cautious about giving it to him again. Personally, I would wait a year, and at that time try plain yogurt and only a spoonful at a time to see if there is any reaction, but you should seek his doctor's advice on this.
He may outgrow this allergy. My daughter was allergic to strawberries at age 3, but a couple years later she could eat them just fine and has not had a problem with them since.

I would wait until he is a year. He may have a mild allergy to cows milk, or his body just may not be ready for cows milk.

Hope this helps

I would not try it again. My 2 boys have food allergies and we have been advised that you shouldn't try a food again if there was a reaction. Also, I would contact your ped and see about allergy testing. If you do have allergy testing done-take list of ingredients with you so it can be determined what they should test for. It doesn't matter that you and dad don't have allergies-my husband and i don't either but both our boys do. Also-did you know that exzema is related to allergies? You may want to question your ped about this also. Hope this helps.

You could ask your doctor about doing blood tests for allergies, I didn't even know these existed until last year after my youngest son had a reaction to Mango. He told me that an allergy will only show up on the blood test if the child had eaten that food previously, so they were unable to test for fruit allergies that usually accompany an allergy to Mango. We just have to try out those foods slowly, always keeping Benadryl on hand and watching closely for ANY reactions. I would talk to the ped about feeding him the yogurt again, because allergic reactions tend to be stronger and more dangerous the more times a person is exposed to the allergen. I don't really understand this, as it seems conflicting with the fact that many kids seem to outgrow some childhood food allergies, but it is what I was told, so...
Good Luck

Sounds like an allergy...wait a few months and try again.

K., I do agree with you. I think it is an allergic reaction. It may very well be that the dairy side of it is to hard on his tummy ,just yet. But for the hives and other symptom - As a mommy to a son with random allergies (my son also has the very sensitive skin) pre-packaged foods can bring on bigger reactions to allergy prone kids. Due to the preservatives. My son is now 7.5 and can not eat frozen kids dinners. I tried his first when he was 2.5 - we wound up in the e.r. with hives and trouble breathing. Somethings have gotten better, milder reactions....but the poor kid still can't eat canned fruit. Raw, fresh peaches he is just fine, but if he eats 'em from a can he is covered with hives with'in and hour. You never know what is going to cause a reaction. But I keep a food log that I started the first time it happened. This way I remember what thing s have caused problems for him, now that he is old enough he reads it to dbl check things and takes it with him on sleepovers and school functions so everyone else is aware as well. Good luck to you....and Good Job for being aware!

Sounds like a dairy issue to me. My DS had blood in his stool from my consumption of dairy (breast milk colitis). He also had mild eczema. Both issues went away after several weeks without dairy. He still has the dairy (and soy) issue at 15 months. I would avoid giving dairy to your son until he's at least a year old. BTW, I followed Super Baby as much as I could as well. You just have to be alert to any potential allergy signs. If you notice issues with other dairy products, I would watch for issues with soy as well. It is common for these issues to coexist.
BTW, my allergist said that just because I don't have food allergies doesn't mean my DS won't. Because I have environmental allergies, he can have environmental allergies and/or food allergies. Thankfully, we think it is just an intollerance issue which tends to be outgrown before the age of 5 years.
Good luck.

It does sound like an allergic reaction, but I don't know if it would be a permanent allergy. I've never read that book, but I thought you were not supposed to give a baby cow's milk until 12 months...and yogurt is made from cow's milk. I would at least wait until 12 months. That is when we started my 14.5 month old daughter on whole milk and yobaby yogurt. We didn't have any problems. Their digestive tract is not able to handle cow's milk protein until they are older.

There are so many things in the yogurt that it could have been. So, maybe other flavors or yogurts or even other brands might be just fine. I would try them for a little while and be very cautious when you do try them again. Start with a little and wait a few days. Then, if nothing happens you can try it again. Gradually increase the amount.

Definitely keep a food journal to see if he reacts to other foods or just that. Also, try the "flavor" that was in the yogurt in another form to see if it was that and not the yogurt. Be very cautious introducing any new food (wait 2-3 days in between each new food introduction), since a lot of kids that have food allergies, have multiple food allergies.

Just a note of caution: Allergies tend to get worse with repeated exposure (some faster than others). It may look the same for a while, then gradually get worse. Or, it may quickly get worse. So, keep that in mind when trying it again.

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I would hold off on milk products if you think it's a legitimate allergy. Perhaps try at 1 year and two years. At 1 year children generally stop drinking breastmilk and begin drinking cow's milk.

This sounds like a possible dairy allergy to me. My grandson had the same reaction to his first exposure to cow's milk when he was just a few months old. He was breastfed, but his mom was at work and I was babysitting. She had given me a bottle of dairy based formula to supplement his feeding in case he needed it. It was a frightening experience and I could tell he was very uncomfortable. He is now 6 years old, and has never had dairy products. He is extremely healthy and bright ~ I swear, the kid practically never gets so much as a cold!

I started seeing an Integrative M.D. last year and she took me off all dairy, wheat, and sugar products. I feel fantastic now. Dairy products are not only not necessary for good development, but they can cause a lot of other symptoms (some of them chronic). When I eat dairy now, I go back to feeling the way I did before I changed my diet. I get an upset stomach (very uncomfortable), stuffy nose, lack of energy, etc. All it takes is one serving of dairy, and I can feel sluggish for as long as 2 days.

I wouldn't wait to get your son tested for a dairy allergy. Do it now. If he has one, he will be VERY uncomfortable when he consumes dairy, and you need to know what to avoid (whey, casein, etc). That messy diaper indicates probable tummy discomfort that you will want to avoid, and the rash indicates a severe allergy.

Good luck!

You don't give him anymore yogurt at all. Very simple. Why would you do that again? If he has a reaction to it, you simply don't feed it to him.

I would wait a month or so. Have you tried other dairy products before? I would guess he's allergic to something in the yogurt, not just the yogurt. Could be the milk, gluten, many different things. It doesn't matter if you and dad don't have any food allergies or not, he might. Goodluck

Its really strange my son is also 10 months old and we also same scenario we tried him on yo-baby yogurt and the same thing red itchy hives all over him. I was looking on the internet for my wife to see if i could find some information about allergic reactions and i found your post. I don't believe in coincidence so maybe there is just something wrong with the yogurt because neither me or my wife have any allergic reactions to food that we know of and cirtenly not yogurt although i don't really eat the stuff myself.....I know this is an old post but if you can tell me what it was or if the benedryl worked i would appreciate it.


also i might add, its not a diary reaction because we have fed him ice cream and chocolate and even cheese and never had any reaction similar to this in fact his formula is dairy based and we have not had any reactions thus far so i am still kinda wondering if there is not something in the yogurt that could be causing this.

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