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All of a Sudden I Have Boobs

Hi there everyone,

Over the course of the last 4 weeks it appears as if I have put on 10 lbs. I haven't changed my eating habits, I exercise the same, and not too much in my life has been different.
But I have noticed that all of a sudden I can't fit into my size 3 pants any more without squeezing, and I have to buy new bras because I jumped 2 cup sizes.(yes my husband is very happy)
I guess my question is: has this happened to anyone else?
I bet it has but I am looking for reasons.
Could it be signs of early menopause?
No i am not pregnant i have an IUC and constanly test myself.
My aunt told me that when you hit a certain age your body just goes through changes:
I have started to get a lot of gray hair suddenly.
And I have acne again like I had in high school.

Is being 26 going to be the downward spiral of my life.

PLEASE any advice is appreciated.

What can I do next?

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Sudden changes like that could be a sign of something serious. You should see a doctor, and probably at least have some blood tests.

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Hello E.,
Not for nothing, but if you're a size 3, have 3 kids and your boobs are growing, you pretty much have 'Mother Nature' by the balls. GO out and celebrate being absolutely perfect. Enough said. At 26 you have it all. Congratulations. I'm gealous.

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I had those changes after I had children, I had no boobs and afterwards I gained a cup size with each birth, same thing happened with my shoe size. I keep the weight on....which was bad because after 33 it seemed as if it was pretty imposible to loose anything, your body goes through changes and the weight just sticks on. I'm now in my late 40's and that weight is not going anywhere. It's a bit early for you to have early menopause.....so I don't think that is it. I would go to the doctor as a precaution, weight gain can be a trickly thing, and it could be a medical problem too, not to scare you, but have it checked.

Good luck! Aida

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I just turned 30 and have had that happen to me after the death of my Grandmother. I realized I wasn't taking her death so well and found myself eating more often. I didn't realize it was happening to me until my pants wouldn't fit anymore. Since then I've needed to seek council to help me with my depression and stress. I have since been working on losing the weight. My stress has gone down. I'm not sure if this has happened to you but this is the reason for my quick weight gain. Have a great week.


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Have you had a complete physical exam this year? Making sure you are in good health first would be a good place to start in finding some of your answers to why your body is changing....

Your Aunt is right, as we do get older our body does change...we tend to get wider which can explain having to squeeze into your size 3's.
For me this happened at age 40 when I went into early Menopause. It started with hot flushes and feeling cold 24/7 and then a short time after getting that under control, I notice that although I weighed the same 110lbs as I had through out my teen years, my body got wider and I needed to move up a size in my clothes. However, I remained very small busted and braless. At age 50 without my diet or exercise routine changing my weight changed to 120lbs.....around age 55 I was 125lbs. I just turned 61 years old in April...I now weigh 132lbs. and now wearing my very first bra...go figure! I made a change in my diet last week, I'm now eating smaller portions, and added bike riding, roller skaking and swimming several times a week to my daily exercise routine in the hopes I get down to 125lbs which is where my body is most comfortable. I also have always taken vitamins....my choice of daily exercise is Pilates.

Turning gary at an early age: My brother in law was totally gray at age 16...and I know a 13 year old who is also gray. Although pigment loss can come from illness and the body lacking in things, for the most part hair turning gray is inherited.

Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for someone else...

I know nothing about acne as I never suffered with it...

Are you sure this isn't a side effect from your IUC?

In any case I am glad that you are in fact noticing and questioning changes in your body as a lot of people tend to ignore them. As I said above, start with going to your doctor... Good luck in finding your answers.

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Go to the doctor. It is not normal for these changes to happen suddenly, but it absolutely sounds hormonal in nature. I'd get my thyroid checked.

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When I read that you could not get into a size three, I thought to myself that I could not even get my toe into a pair of size three pants, but here it goes...Yes you might be changing a bit, but certainly you would not be anywhere near getting old at 26. When I hit about 30, I noticed a few changes too, a little more boobs, little harder to loose wieght and eat what I wanted, and even a couple of greys that I dyed back to my natural color. But I was no where near menapause, I had my first baby 10 years later, completely without using any medical help. Since you use an IUD, however, especially if it is sudden. Your doctor can do a more sensitive pregancy test, and also run a hormone panel on you to see if there is any problem there. Changes in the thyroid are the most common culprit. Good luck to you.

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Hi E.,

Maybe the above website can help you. You are pretty young to be haveing these symptoms and it may be that you have developed something on your overies. My youngest daughter has a problem with weight and acne and has a condition with her overies, (I can't remember the name). Maybe you should see your doctor. God Bless, J.

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