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i am in some financial need with mortgages and need some financial advise on what to do asap

What can I do next?

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The best mortgage broker I know (and I'm a Realtor so I know many) is:

Eric Rothberg
work: ###-###-####

Good luck,

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The best mortgage broker I know (and I'm a Realtor so I know many) is:

Eric Rothberg
work: ###-###-####

Good luck,

I'm not sure what your exact situation may be but as part of the government's efforts to assist people who are in a over their heads with their mortgage they have enacted some refinancing and loan modification options. Take a look at this website (it's the government website that talks about all this): www.makinghomeaffordable.gov

It has some questions you can answer to see if you are eligible for the refinance or the loan modification.

Good luck.

Call your mortgage company. There are so many people defaulting on their loans and going into foreclosure, mortgage companies would rather work with you on payments than lose the acct. altogether. (Sometimes they're more willing to work with you after you've missed a payment or two -- but, hopefully, you don't have to go there.)

Good luck to you!

I'm not sure what your situation is, but I just read this article from the dollar stretcher:


"There is help for those who are employed, whether or not you still have some home equity. Refinancing, which usually requires some equity in the home, and loan modification, when equity may not be necessary, are possible options but can be very complex. The main issue is to know who to talk to and what programs are available.

My preferred way to tackle this problem is to call the Homeownership Preservation Foundation at (888) 995-HOPE (4673). The foundation's counselors are part of "HOPE NOW," an alliance between counseling agents, servicers, investors and other mortgage market participants approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, who provide free foreclosure prevention assistance. Because everyone has come together under the auspices of the government, lines of communication are already in place. Although they're not perfect, this can speed up getting to the decision makers.

If you have no income or have been unable to refinance, the foundation's counselors will give you all your other options, including short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure and more. These may not be the alternatives anyone wants, but they may be the least stressful, least damaging to your credit and least expensive for you in the end.

No one knows what new mortgage assistance programs may become available from Uncle Sam, but the foundation will know first, so I recommend them. Plus, they are free of charge and funded by the government."

Good Luck!


I just went through this. Call your local Representative to Congress. They will get you in touch with the correct people to work on your behalf.

I don't know what your financial need is exactly, but I would contact your mortage company...believe me, they want to work out a situation to help you out. You can apply for a loan remodification so that you will not go into foreclosure. This can be done a number of ways...lowering your rate and/or extend the time, etc. They are usually always willing to help people. Call them today! You can email me personally if you would like.

A. - If you could give some more specific information, it would be helpful in responding to your inquiry

Call Home Development Resources


if you happen to speak to Jane Owens, tell her K. Schmitt sent you.

these folks are a non profit and help with situations like yours. PLEASE be careful. there are a lot of scams out there. this isn't one of them

With these people behind you the mort comp can't say they didn't know or don't care you have a modified agreement. my girl friend is losing her house AFTER having a signed modification agreement with her mort company and the other side says they don't care, won't take her money and is foreclosing. Talking to the mortgage company used to be the thing to do. I don't agree anymore. In fact my girlfriend even talked to her congressman who referred it to the Treasury Dept TWICE nadda

Not exactly if you are referring to a refinance or not but I am currently looking into that myself. Luckily I know a girl who I used to work with and became friends with over time. She and I no longer work together but remain very good friends and she knows my situation and understands. She would not do anything to hurt us in the long run or short run. She is just a really sweet gal true and honest. She got into the whole mortgage scene in the first place because of a bad situation that happened to her. She always tells me I am here to help others from making that same mistake and I truly want to help them. BE VERY CAREFUL right now about who you choose to deal with, what they are "telling" you, etc. Times are tuff and unfortunately there are people out there that prey onto that kind of thing. E-mail me if you want her name and number.

i have a friend who is going through a program with naca. google them and give them a call. i understand they are non-profit. i've heard from a few others that it's a good program but i've had no experience with them myself.

Since we don't know your what your exact situation is and I don't expect you to share everything here, feel free to contact me. I'm a Realtor and if you need advice on a short sale situation or you need to refi, I can give you a few names of mortgage folks who you can speak to.

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