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Airplane Ears - Babies - Styrofoam Cup Trick?

I just asked a question about flying with a 10-month-old (and camping) but I have another related question: I've heard to give your baby a bottle (or sippy cup?) during takeoff and landing to help with the ear problems and pressure, but my baby is currently on a hunger strike so who knows if she will want anything at the time of flight. So...I've also heard a trick where you take 2 styrofoam cups, soak some paper towels or cotton balls in warm water, squeeze it out a little, and stuff in the bottom of each cup, then hold one cup tightly over each ear during takeoff and landing. Has anyone tried this and does it really work, or will I just look like an idiot on the plane? THANK you for your help! I'm planning to do what I swore I'd never do (take a baby on a plane) so I want to be as prepared as possible for a smooth flight for her, ourselves, and our fellow passengers.

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I took my 9 month & 2 1/2 yr old on a trip a while back by myself. My baby got sick just before we left & had congestion. I took her to Dr. The congestion makes the pressure worse & she suggested giving them both a small dose of benedryl. I took her advice plus would give them drinks as we started down the runway. Neither had any trouble. Am not a big fan of meds but was one time when I was glad to use them.

A stewardess, (I am in that age bracket where they are still stewardesses),told me that if you take a packet of sugar, wet your finger and put it into the sugar to coat your finger, and put it into the baby's mouth it forces them to suck and swallow plus it tastes good. This will help with the pressure. Good luck.

Grams of 18

I have used warm/hot towels from the flight attendant before. Seems like a similiar idea. I have seen the cup idea other places online. I say who care what you look like, you won't know if it helps YOUR child unless you try it and there doesn't seem to be any risk other than looking silly.

Good Luck and let me know how it goes.
God Bless,

about a million years ago i had a flight attendant do that for me. unfortunatley it didn't work but when you are miserable in the air you'll try just about anything (without caring about looking silly!) maybe it would work better for a baby, i really don't know. hopefully her pediatrician will have some good suggestions for you. best of luck!

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