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Ainsley Too Weird???

Hi fellow moms! I am pregnant with #3 and having a huge problem coming up with names for this surprise!! We love names that are kind of unique, and not too popular. We have an Emerald (almost 4) and Calvin (almost 2) so can't do anything too close to those names. In our discussions, we keep coming back to the name Ainsley (for a girl) and seem to like it a lot. I just want to know if you think it's too weird. However, boy names are super hard!! We can't pick a boy name that's too close to my son's name, don't want the top 10 names (love Luke, Jacob, and Ethan but have many friends who've used those names), don't want a boy name that could be a girl's name, and can't do a P name, due to initials. Any help or suggestions?? Thanks!

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Thanks for the wonderful response!! We are the type to not share the name with family/friends before the baby is here (we honestly don't want the "help" or "advice" that comes along with that). With both our other 2 we only had 3 days' notice and it was pretty easy to keep it "secret". That is why I put it out here, to get some opinions on the name w/o asking family/friends and let them in on our secret. I really like Ainsley and think it is my top pick. We did hear the name off West Wing (such a huge fan of the show), but I also babysat a little Ainsley about 12 years ago, when I first fell in love with the name. Although it will be another 10 weeks or so until Lobster (our daughter's nickname for hte baby) joins our family, Ainsley will be floating in my head. Boy names--well......I'll keep thinking. There were some WONDERFUL suggestions, and I thank you!! As always, Mamasource is awesome!! Thanks everyone!!

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Love, love, the name Ainsley. It's not weird, but not common. It's one of those names that sounds cool and different and people won't say "Huh?!".

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I like the name Ainsley - there is a little girl that goes to the dance school that we go to that has that name (the only one I've ever seen). And as far as being weird - have you seen some of the names that people come up with! I think Ainsely sounds fine.

And for a boy name, we have a friend that has a little boy named Braun. I think that one is really neat (it kind of grows on you!).

Good luck!

My grandson name is xavier which is one that you don't hear. I happened to be reading a book an mentioned the name to her an they both liked it so well thats what his name is. Hope it helps you.

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Ainsley is cute for a girl. I heard the name Ronan (ROW-NAN) but not sure how it was spelled...I liked that. You should look up meanings of names, possibly from other countries/languages to have a new found appreciation of a name and then you mind find one that you like.

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Love, love, the name Ainsley. It's not weird, but not common. It's one of those names that sounds cool and different and people won't say "Huh?!".

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Ha ha you definately cant have a little pp! If you like it, who cares. Boys are hard!! My husband and I didnt have a name for our son until after he was born. We couldnt agree on anything. I think its great that you both like it! Its your baby if you like it go for it. The boy names I wanted but didnt fly were Tyler (Ty) or Ryan. IF we ever have another baby and its a girl I love Kate (Katie). Also look up the name and find the meaning. Suppossibly your baby's name is already chosen for him/her. We ended up naming our baby Matthew without checking the meaning and it means Gift of God. =) Considence, I dont think so!! Good Luck and Congrats!!

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I would say if you love it who cares what anyone else says? I think it is beautiful! My husband and I explored Scotland and Ireland for our honeymoon and while there we chose a girl's name in Ireland and a boy's name in Scotland. We ended up with a honeymoon boy baby. I don't care that my son't name isn't status quo here. I love it anyway. We also were tired of all the usual names. His name is Ronin and I wouldn't change it for anything. Congratulations!!

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My 2nd daughter's name is Ainsley. We obviously adore it. It took some of our family & friends a little to get used to, especially since we didn't share the name until right before she was born (we didn't know what we were having). I think it will go well in your family! Good Luck!


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I like Ainsley. Boy names--Chase, Chandler, Liam, Nelson

That name isnot weird enough!!!! Have you thought of looking around your house and then each item you see take that name and turn it around-that might be something you would like. I have seen the name James also as Semaje. Try it on try this for size; light/thgil; floor/roolf; lamp/pmal; there are people out there that have done this very thing go for it or try naming this child without any vowels-now wait till they get into school and all the teachers and kids will absolutely go crazyi I know of one that has done that to their son and yes he is already having to defend himself in school at the ripe age of 5--think seriously of how strange you want to be and how will it affect your kids.

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