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Age You Started Using the Ergo Baby Carrier

I am curious to know what age anyone that owns the Ergo baby carrier started using it?? Like is it beneficial to even bother getting the infant insert. I have a soon to be 3 month old and I read on their website that I could use it without when they are 4 month old. I want to start using it now because I hate using my bjorn and peanut shell.

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I never ended up getting the infant insert. After everyone that commented and thinking about it more, since this was my last child, I didn't want to spend the money on something I was only going to use for a short time. He was able to fit into the Ergo baby carrier just fine. He might not have liked it but I guess it'll take some time for him to get to it as well.

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Don't buy it. If you're baby doesn't fit then put a little pillow under his/her butt. It helps them have a more comfortable position for their legs. A friend has the becco-- it seems to have a better infant insert than the ergo.

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I wouldn't bother getting the insert at this point. It's really just a padded little blanket - lol.

I got my first Ergo when my first child was about 6mos old - used it for a LONG time!

On the second go around, I used the Ergo from the start. Sometimes w/the insert sometimes with a blankie. I also had a pouch that I liked when my son was brand new :-)

Congrats on your new baby!

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We started at 3 months when the sling just didn't work anymore. I would skip the infant insert as you could just use a baby blanket and it would work just as well. I think we used the insert twice and realized he was fine without it. It does depend how big your child is though. We still use the Ergo at 14 months as my son is just starting to walk.
Some people call the Bjorn the "crotch dangler" as I have been told that it isn't good for their spine.
Your back will thank you for switching to the Ergo as it distributes the weight more evenly and is better for the baby.

I used the infant insert a little bit, but it made my little one and me too warm. If you want to swaddle and put your LO in it sideways, use a couple of receiving blankets.

I started using it the other way when he could hold his head up for a decent stretch without getting exhausted, and when he stopped spitting up all the time (ah, baby puke down the front. Those were the days...)

Don't buy it. If you're baby doesn't fit then put a little pillow under his/her butt. It helps them have a more comfortable position for their legs. A friend has the becco-- it seems to have a better infant insert than the ergo.

Use it now.....I started using mine when he was three months and it was fine. They are so close to you and you can wrap your child to make sure they can breath. It is so awesome to be hands free and still close to baby at the same time. Great for walks, cooking dinner, doing laundry...you will love it trust me.

I never used the insert, but I also didn't wear either of my babies until about 3 months. I didn't find the Ergo until my son was 13 months, but I used it with my daughter beginning at 3 months without the insert. Not sure why I even bought it.

Don't bother getting the insert. You can try your baby in the hip carry if s/he has good head support but can't quite straddle you yet. Otherwise, a blanket should work in place of the insert until s/he big enough for the regular front wear.

I LOVE my Ergo carrier! Used it with my 4 yo and now 6 mo old. I would say it depends on your baby's size. *Most* babies will be able to wear w/o the insert by 4 months, if they are able to hold up their heads. A few will not be able to until they are bigger. A friend's baby was a preemie, so is still only 11 or so pounds at 6 months, and the baby is just too small still. Her head won't cover the opening. I was able to begin using the Ergo w/o insert by 4 months with each of mine, born 7 lbs., 12 oz, and 8 lbs. 9 oz at birth, so around 14/15 pounds at 4 months. Don't know how helpful that is. If baby can hold up his/her head, and comfortably spread legs apart, I'd say you're okay. Good luck!

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