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Age Recommendation for Madagascar 2/ Movie Suggestions

I'm looking for new movies for an upcoming road trip for my 2 year old boy and 5 1/2 year old girl to both like. My husband just bought Madagascar 2 and I noticed it was PG. Is it appropriate for them? I thought of Cars. Any other suggestions for films? We've already got DVDs of their favorite shows. Thanks.

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I wouldn't show them Mad. 2 unless you watch it first without them. You know what they will repeat and won't. :) Cars is good. Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, Toy Story (all of them) are all good as well. Good Luck!

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Here's what our two boys (4 years and 2.5 years) love to check out from the library over and over: Finding Nemo, Shrek, Spongebob Squarepants (the movie and episodes), Cars, Kipper, Pingu, Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, Happy Feet. Also look for nature DVDs. Ask each child his and her favorite subject and find books/DVDs on that subject. Maybe The American Girl series for your daughter and dinosaurs for your son? They've seen Madagascar 2 and I can't think of anything really PG except a rifle pointed at a lion cub and a hippo date with a funny song. Oh, and both boys loved Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!

Like everyone said, Madagascar 2 is cool. My son is 3yrs old. Do you have the first one? He likes that one too. My son has so many DVD's. He loves Cars as well. "Chicken Little", "Ratatoulle", "Toy Story" are a few of the ones that he really likes. "Happy Feet" is another suggestion even though I kind of thought it was boring. Hope this helps.

I think the "Curious George" DVD is the best movie for two year olds and up. It's very light, entertaining, musical, and calm. Also, "Finding Nemo" is my toddler's favorite. The bonus to "Finding Nemo" is that it all the creatures/characters are not made up, but biologically correct.

Madagascar 2 is great! That was the first movie my then 2 1/2 year old saw in the theater. He LOVED it! I can't remember a single curse word in it. I don't consider "hell" to be a curse word, so I wouldn't notice it, and if it had "damn" in there I certainly didn't notice it either. That's not much of a curse word anyway! My son picks up on curse words pretty easily, so anything worse than that would have been noticed. He also loves the original Madagascar -both are really funny!

Cars is also great, and we LOVE the "Ice Age" movies. "Finding Nemo" has been a hit, "101 Dalmations" has been watched about 800 times, and Wall-E is a big hit right now with my son (who just turned 3). Other well-loved animated films in our house are "The Jungle Book", "Lady and the Tramp", "Fox and Hound" and all the Looney Tunes cartoons on DVD. "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" are also well-loved and I HIGHLY recommend "A Bug's Life" -HILARIOUS for all ages!

Another thing to consider -if it's not animated, your boy may not be too interested yet. Most toddlers are all about the cartoons!

Honestly -at the age of your children, they don't really get double entendre. Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks put that in so parents will enjoy taking their children to movies and watching DVDs with them.

We just finished watching Horton Hears A Who with my daughter, who is 3. She really liked it, and we appreciated the under-the-radar bits of grown up humor. Our local library always has a great selection of kids movies.

Madagascar 2 is fine. Just remember there are innuendos in most every movie out there! Look at Shrek-it's filled with them!
If it's a movie they like at home, they will ask to watch it in the car-novelty of watching in the car last for many years!- so every movie is new.
My kids watch most everything (they are much older) and there are still movies I haven't seen that they only watch in the car.
Most of the time, the kids sleep in the car...so the movies just play to air!
good luck

We have the same ages. We have been very careful about movies because my 5yo daughter gets upset/scared at the least and most unpredictable things. (We learned this the hard way when she came running out of the bedroom in tears in the middle of Frosty the Snowman! Who knew?) Cars is a favorite, as is Cinderella and Disney's cartoon Robin Hood. The "villains" in these are not very scary at all. There's also a cartoon Charlotte's Web they like (but I don't know how hard it is to find). My 5 year olds had listened to the book, but my 2 year old seemed to enjoy it even without being familiar with the book beforehand. Have a fun trip!

C. -

When my children were young, I use to purchase their movies from feature films for families. They are great movies with a morale lesson. Check them out and I have also seen them for sale on amazon.

Enjoy your trip.

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