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Age for Bumbo Seat????

I was wondering about the appropriate age/development stage that the Bumbo Seat is good for? My family has been mentioning getting one for my 4 month old, but I thought I heard that it isn't wise to use the seat if the baby can not sit up on their own....meaning that the seat should not be supporting them in a way that their body can not naturally support itself. Any thoughts? My son is very large and already 17 pounds. He can support his head/neck but can't sit up on his own....

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Thanks to everyone for the reccommendations on the Bumbo seat. Although I feel he is the right age and can hold his head well, based on the advise I don't think I will buy one since he is so large and has especially large thighs. I might borrow one and use it for the little time that we may have left fitting into it :-) Thanks moms!

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This was by far the worst baby accessory I received... my son never looked comfortable in it at all, it seemed he went from far to small to way to big for it overnight. I tried it a few times and packed it up to be sold on E bay.

Mi son loved this seat we bought it when he was 5 months old, it's very conveniente but I think you should do some additional research because I heard the seats are being recalled because of the risk of the child tipping over.

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My daughter was 3 months when she got her Bumbo chair and sat in it a few times a week for about 3-4 weeks until she could support herself a little better, and of course I was always right next to her. But I honestly felt that it helped her to gain the strength to actually support herself... and she loved it! We, too, used it as a feeding chair until her legs were too chubby. Wish we could've used it longer!

My son in 5 months and has been using his Bumbo for about 2 months now. He LOVES it! I have actually heard just the opposite....that it's great for them to use before they can sit on their own because it helps to develop those muscles.

We reaaly love it and totally recommend it! As soon as they can hold thier head up it's ideal! Although it's only good for a few months it was well worth it--our daughter seemed so much happier able to sit up. And, if it's on the floor, they can play by themselves! We used the tray that snaps on ($10) for toys. And, even used it for a feeding chair while out at friends' (attended at all times b/c it could tip). Her legs did get too chubby for it aroung 6 months so we use a Fisher-Price booster seat for a portable "highchair".

My daughter is two now, and we inherited a bumbo seat from her older cousin. We used it with her when she was about four months old. I read up on it and it said she could use it as soon as she could hold her head up. We loved it because it got her out of her baby carrier and supported her when we fed her at friends' houses that didn't have a high chair. She liked it because it gave her more "freedom." We've since bought it for friends that are expecting and highly recommend it. We plan on using ours for #2 due in December!

That is actually a great age for a Bumbo seat! They are awesome. As long as the baby can hold their head up just fine, then it is great to use. I know there have been some warnings about them. But to me they are pretty common sense things, like don't leave your baby in a Bumbo seat up on a table, they can fall out, etc. Anyway, my kids have loved them, and it is a great way to put the baby down and they can sit up and watch you. Congratulations on your new baby!

If your son can support his neck, he can use the Bumbo. My son had one from 3 months until 6 months when he started sitting on his own. It has actually been proven that it can help with building the muscles needed to sit. I would still use it for going out to eat if his legs were not so chubby LOL

Get it you will LOVE it!

4 mo iss great if they are beginning to show signs of sitting up w/ just a little bit of support-that's about the time we started our daughter in hers and it was great for a couple of monthes then she physically outgrew the seat about 6 1/2-7 monthes.(she is in the 90% for height and weight)....very cute but not a super long-use item........good luck! L.

Mi son loved this seat we bought it when he was 5 months old, it's very conveniente but I think you should do some additional research because I heard the seats are being recalled because of the risk of the child tipping over.

Hi H., I gave my 5 1/2 month old his Bumbo seat when he was 4 mos. He was supporting his head/neck as well and still does not sit up unassisted. I think it was good for him while it lasted. He seemed to really enjoy sitting up and he would play with toys on the attached tray. He is large as well....19 lbs and I already had to give up his Bumbo. His legs are too chubby and he no longer fits in the seat. You may want to consider skipping the purchase. I would have if I had known he would only be using it for about 6 weeks.

As long as he can hold his head up well. This is great for when they are first learning to sit up, to help them. Just do not leave him unattended.

You asked this question and quit honestly, it wasn't around for my first one, but was for my second. I still didn't buy it as I didn't think it was wise to sit a baby in it that could not sit up himself. It just seemed odd and uncomfortable. My niece got one for her baby shower so I tried it with my daughter. She could get in and out on her own. It wasn't all that is hyped up to be. I looked opinions on line and found mixed reviews. Some felt the way I felt about putting a baby in who has not developed the mussel tone yet to sit on his own. Some love it, much like the previous posts. However, one thing they are all in agreement on, it doesn't last long. You are only going to use it for a few weeks. So I would say...save your money. Put him in a baby swing, bouncy chair, car seat, stroller, all those items you probably already have. Good luck on your decision.

This was by far the worst baby accessory I received... my son never looked comfortable in it at all, it seemed he went from far to small to way to big for it overnight. I tried it a few times and packed it up to be sold on E bay.

Don't waste your money on buying a new one. My daughter was only able to use it a few times before it was too hard to get her chubby little legs out of the openings. It's not easy to lift a baby and pull a heavy rubber seat off of her at the same time. You're better off investing in a high chair or feeding seat that has reclining positions. That way you can use it when they are not sitting up well, right on through to toddler stages. We have the Chicco Polly highchair and just love it. By the time you have bought a Bumbo and a tray, you're almost half way to the cost of a nice high chair (especially if you use coupons!).

Get it at a consignment store. I used it as soon as each of my boys could hold their heads up. It's perfect for feading them their first rice cereal. My 5 month old likes sitting it a lot more than laying on the floor. Or borrow one. They're big to store, but I let all my friends borrow it until I needed it again for my 2nd (now).

I got one for my daughter when she was 2 months. I think it is more in their ability to hold their heads up than an age. She did great in it and I think that is what helped her to sit up faster. Hope this helps. Also, I would recommend getting the tray. You can put toys and stuff on it, it really helps out.

My daughter was born big- she was nearly 9lbs and at 3mos - maybe before that even I had her in her seat. I think, if anything it HELPED her learn to sit up. By 4 mos she was sitting up all by herself. Dont wait too late or he won't fit in it anymore. My daughter is now 10mos old and walking all by herself so i dont think the seat hurt her in any way at all!

I bought one of these (thankfully at a second-hand store, so I didn't pay full price), but never really used it. My baby was too tiny. I think I put her in it at abut 6 months, and she would slide all around. It just didn't support her, and she seemed so uncomfortable. I would try to pack a light receiving blanket around her body to support her, but of course it would shift around and didn't work for long. By the time she could sit properly in it, she didn't need it. Shortly after that, she'd just get up and walk away! LOL. Every baby is different! I gave it to a friend, who uses it (with the tray) for her 6 month old and loves it.

My baby loves it and shes 6 weeks!!!! Shes so quick in learning. She held her head up at 2 days old.

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