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Advice on Whiny 2 Year Old

My 2 year old son has recently started whining when he doesn't get his way. He will throw himself on the ground and throw a tantrum if my husband and I don't give him his way. Is this a behavior indictive of TERRIBLE TWO'S or something else? What do you suggest to curb the whining?

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if you are not in a public area try and ignore him. As you are aware he is learning everyday, which means he is also learning how to get what he wants. My two children started the very same thing around 18-24 mos. I found that simply ignoring the behavior would stop it. After several non-reactions from you he should give up and try to get what he wants in an acceptable manner. The will continue to do what works, if it doesn't work anymore he will stop!

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my daughter just went thru the same thing but we were able to stop it almost as soon as it started.
both my husband and I would stop her from her fit and look her straight in the eye and tell her in a stern voice to stop being ugly. that worked for us for the most part. but as one of the others said you need to find what works best for you and do it every time they throw a fit.
they will eventually stop.

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I have 2 girls..the baby has just started whining i usualy ignore her and just go on. she stops after a little bit. my 4yo i put to bed. when she starts in it usally means she needs a nap. it gives her a chance to calm down. i will tell her to sit there and relax and think of a better way to ask me for what she wants. this only really works when they are older and can talk to you. the biggest thing i can tell you is just don't give in. eventually he will see that the whining doesn't work. good luck.

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First of all the term "terrible two's" is incredibly misleading. It carries on throughout the threes and fours as well (sorry four is as far as I have gotten so far). Secondly, this is common for this age. Every child gets spoiled as a baby (they only wanted what the needed so they have gotten everything they've ever wanted thus far)so when they don't get everything they ask for it becomes very frustrating for them. Patience and consistancy is what works best to nip testy tantrums. Find the dicipline that works best (that's the toughest part) it may be a time out or a stint in the corner or a toy taken away for a pre-determined period of time. Once you figure out what works the best, stick to it. Everytime he starts a tantrum, remind him of what happens. This is the best time to do it, it's his first lesson in consequences.

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It IS the terrible two's. And what that means is that he is at the age where he is going to test ALL of the rules you have enforced up until now. You need to nip it in the butt. Don't let him "get away" with any of his "two's" behavior. As long as you hold stern as to who is the boss it won't get any worse. Just know, that he will test you and he will push you to your limit. Children are munipulative by nature not by reason. Meaning they aren't intentionally trying to make mom mad, they just need to know where they stand in this great big world. Good luck and hold strong, they're fighters!

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Congratulations, you have a perfectly normal child :-). Don't sweat it, girl, he is just testing his limits with you. You have to be strong and consistant with him. Let him know that you will not respond to this behavior and if he wants something he'll have to learn a better way of getting it. Don't warry about what other people in the mall or grocery store or restaurant are thinking about your little guy or you when he throws a fit, you jusy handle him the best way you can. I'v e found that by removing my kid from the room or situation they soon realize that I mean business. My motto is, take away they're audience. See, then they have no one to show off for. And if it's just you and him, the best thing is to ignore his tantrum and simply but sternly tell him that when he's ready you'll discuss in a big boy manner, but by no means get into a yelling match with him or give in to him.

Good Luck. P.S. Whoever came up with the terrible two's thing obviously never had a 1 year old or a three year old or a 4 year old...etc. you know what I mean.

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My lil boy is 2 also and when he throws a tantrum I put him in his room and let him throw it but I don't give in to what he wants because if u give in they'll keep doing it because then they know you'll give in to what they want.

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It is normal for 2year olds to be whiny. At this age, they are just developing their vocabulary. Especially when they can't find the words, or you can't understand them...temper tantrums will develop. The most important thing with whining is to stay calm. Remind your child to "use his big boy words". If you can guess what he is wanting, then say Oh, do you want this? Mommy, can I please have this? Sure honey. Thank you. If you play out the dialouge for how to ask for what you want, he'll get the hang of it. Always praise him for using his "big boy words" & his "big boy voice". Giving in just perpetuates the whining, so try to be consistant. Positive encouragement is the best way to get him to want to use other methods to get his way. My three year old is still whining quite a bit. Her language is developed enough now that I will not respond to any whining. I just say, "Mommy can't understand you when you talk like that, can you use your big girl words?" If she needs help, I will help her to put the sentence together, but then she has to ask in a regular tone of voice, and I always tell her how proud I am of her. Good luck!!

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My advice is to walk away and ignore your son when he throws these tantrums. If he gets no response from anyone, then he'll probably stop. It worked on my daughter. Good luck! Hopefully it's a stage that will pass quickly.

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Seriously, I take a cue from Super Nanny (I know!) I get down on my daughter's level and tell her I don't like her behavior and that she needs to do what I"m asking her to do. Then if she doesn't do it, I put her in a times out (1 minute for every year old they are). Naturally, she cries, but I don't talk to her. When her time's up, I ask her why she was in time out (she can usually tell me) and then it's over. Typically, the threat of time out ends the fit and I don't give into her every whim. Don't give in! Stand strong and whatever you do, don't let your little guy divide and conquer!

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Welcome to the world of the terrible two's!!! My daughter is not yet two and has been doing this since she was about 16 months old. Some advice for you: toddlers will test their limits on anything and everything you can think of! The key is to be consistent. Do the same thing EVERY time! If it is a time out do it. Also, and I heard this from a parent that has six kids, get down on the floor and "throw a tantrum" and let your little boy see how stupid it looks. Also, just ignoring it usually works. Most of the time they will throw a tantrum for the attention and if you give them none, their goal is shot! Fortunately the terrible twos end. Then there are the trying 3's, the frustrating fours and so on! LOL! Hang in there. When you look back on it 10 years from now you will see that the good outweighs the bad, even though right now it may not seem like it!! Good Luck and God Bless You!! L.

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