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Advice on Portable Cribs

I was just wondering if anyone has used a portable crib or mini crib and any advice on if you liked it or not. We have a 3 bedroom house and 2 daughters already. We are having our 3rd (surprise!!!!) daughter at the end of this month and she is going to have to stay in our bedroom until we move next summer. The girls rooms are way too small to bunk them together and my older daughter is in school and the younger one is 3 so I don't want her keeping the 7 year up at night. I plan to get some type of mini crib seeing as it will be in our room, and also they have wheels and are small enough to fit through the doorways if I need to move her into another room during the day. I thought she could nap in my daughters room while she is at school. Thanks for any info you can give:) Wanting an actual crib, not a pack n play seeing as she will sleep in this all the time til she is almost a year old. Most mini cribs I have seen come with a 1 inch matress. Plan on getting either a 3 inch or thicker matress to go with it. Then the problem of sheets etc... to go with it begins. I really should have done this sooner!!!

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We used one of the pack n play set ups for the grandson and it workled great until he out grew it. Now he just sleeps on the sofa with maw maw which he loves to do.

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We used a mini crib for our daughter when we were in transition housing, while building a new house. It worked great. She could see out of it just like a regular crib, as opposed to a pack-n-play, which she hated. She slept in it until she was about a year old and fit fine the whole time. We did get a thicker mattress for comfort and support. The baby store sold sheets and bumper guards to fit. Good Luck!

We used one of the pack n play set ups for the grandson and it workled great until he out grew it. Now he just sleeps on the sofa with maw maw which he loves to do.

Pack n Plays are awesome. Most of them are smaller and do have wheels on them. They are also easy to move and to pack up if you need to go somewhere.

You can use a Pack'n'Play as a crib if you need to. But, do not use any kind of memory foam padding or anything like that. If you feel that the bottom is not soft enough (they are slightly padded), you might try folding a blanket and make sure that it's completely flat to prevent it from getting too close to your little one's face.

Also, you can use the little metal ones. I'm not sure exactly where to buy them though. We got ours from the health department. If you have a local B.A.B.E. program, they can help you out too. Just ask the norse at your next prenatal visit for information.

You can also use a bassinet, but the problem with those (especially the ones that rock) is that babies tend to outgrow those quickly.

Your last option (and the best in my opinion if you are nursing) is a co-sleeper. It's smaller than a crib and fits on your bed. It makes night feedings much easier. Gives you the comfort of your baby having their own sleeping space but the convenience of closeness for bonding and breastfeeding.

God bless,

I used the co-sleeper, it was great. It attachs to your bed, it is your bed height, one side folds down, and it was very nice for nursing too. They run about 100.00 at babysrus but they are well worth it. I doubt it will work till the baby is one though.

I would agree with the pack n play opinion. You can get one that is high and low for different ages and the diaper changing part would be very helpful as well. Portable cribs are the same, but PNP are known for hteir safety.

We are using a PnP in our room until our son is up less than 3 times a night to nurse. You could just add a thin memory foam topper for extra padding if you wanted. But, I have seen portable cribs on ebay that aren't too expensive. I'd try that.

IMO a Pack and Play would work just fine. You can buy mattresses and sheets for them not. You may have to spend a little extra money to get a good one, but it will be well worth it. Check at Babies R Us and see what they have. They usually have a good selection and I think they carry the mattresses too.

I had 2 actually, both GRACO one was the smaller bassinet size worked very well until she was about a year. Then it gets a little too small, & went to the larger "playyard" size. They both pretty much set up the same. The first time I had trouble figuring it out to set up, but once you know how to do it, it's very easy. The only thing I would say is add a little extra padding as it's not as padded as a bed. I bought the sheets for them and folded blankets on top of the pad then covered with the sheet to make it more comfortable.

I'm a foster parent and I use portable cribs all the time as a matter of convenience. You can buy the sheets almost anywhere, Walmart for sure!

I have a portable crib that I use for my niece that I babysit. I don't know if they make thicker mattresses for it. I found sheets for it at the Carter's outlet - just make sure you have the dimensions with you and verify before you bring bassinet sheets home. The dimensions are the same as a pack and play, however, the pack and play sheets are usually made without elastic to fit snugly over the flat mattress of a pack and play. We're also planning the arrival of our third and need to move next year and I plan to use the porta-crib for this one. I would check on-line for the sheets - you can probably find a good selection somewhere - day care centers use the porta-cribs a lot so maybe look for someplace that supplies to day cares. If my memory serves me correctly they can stay in a portable crib in the centers until they are 32-36 inches tall (don't remember for sure), but that usually is at least age 1, and obviously for home use it's not "required". My niece is 17 months old and fits in it great.

Pack and play cribs are great. I use one for my 2 yr old grandson when he naps or spends the night at my house.

We have 5 children and a 3 bedroom house. Our youngest who just turned a year last week has never slept in a crib yet. We were short on room and then I lost the hardware, so she has been in a pack n'play since moving her out of the bassinet. We have added a little extra padding because the mattress is not that comfortable, but she is happy and has slept through the night since 2 weeks old. It is nice, because when we travel, we take it with us and she always has the familiarity of home which is nice.
Hope that helps!

I'd get a pack-n-play. I have a 20 month old that will still sleep in that over at the neighbors for a nap. We do have a crib she sleeps in at home. But she was in her pack-n-play in our room until just a few months ago. They're pretty sturdy.

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