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Advice on Mittens/ Gloves for Young Children That Stay On!!!!!

Does anyone have any advice on any brands of snow (water proof) gloves or mittens for young children that will stay on their hands? I have a 4 y/o and a 2 y/o. I have tried several different kinds/ brands. I find that I am constantly fixing their mittens because they keep slipping off their hands. Most of them are so rigid the kids get frustrated because they can not grip anything. Any suggestions?

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My husband bought mitten clips ($5) at The Rugged Bear in West Hartford center. We have an older son and wanted to use his old mittens (look brand new!) so we opted for the clips as opposed to new. (They were LL Bean)

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LL Bean!!! They have the BEST mittens for little ones and they are cheap $19.50 they are called coldbuster waterproof mittens. LL Bean also guarantees them for the life of the product. Doesn't get much better than that!


My 16 month old would not keep his mittens on until I found the website snowstoppers.com that has an ingenious design. The mittens are high quality and come in waterproof snow mittens or waterproof fleece. I highly recommend them! Good luck, K. =)

Hi there,
My name is H. and I recently came across these gloves that I may try for my daughter:

Good luck!
-H. B.

believe it or not, but homemade mittens are really good at protecting against snow. I use them for me. I cannot make them, so I check out church fairs for new ones. I also find they stay on better. Some have ties to hold them on.

My husband bought mitten clips ($5) at The Rugged Bear in West Hartford center. We have an older son and wanted to use his old mittens (look brand new!) so we opted for the clips as opposed to new. (They were LL Bean)


So far, the Land's End mittens stay on very well. They have a strap to tighten around the wrist which works great. I have a special needs child who loves to "shake" the mittens off, but these are great. Check out the web site - they have both gloves & mittens with the wrist strap.



nosnowsnuggle.com is a cool webiste that the mittens are attached to an under coat so no snow will get int eh mittens. a little bit pricey but they work

I got some great mittens and gloves last year for my 2 and 5 yr olds. They are called L-Bow gloves/mittens. I got them online. They have extra fabric attached that you pull it all the up to the elbow. No more snow up the sleeve or mittens falling off.

I bought a pair of gloves for my 5 yr old at Target that he really likes, they are micro fleece with the gripper part on just the palm of the glove (like adult driving gloves) and then to keep them on I have some mitten clips that we attach to the end of the glove and then to his shirt just below the elbow before we put his coat on. he can still take the gloves off if he needs to but they do not fall out of the end of his coat while playing.

I have had luck with snowboard mittens. They have a long attachement that runs up their arm up to their elbow. If you put these on before their coats it should work out. I have had luck finding them in skiing/snowboarding stores. The only challenge is finding the right size. They don't make/sell many small sizes. You might also want to check on line. If all else fails...I have used duct tape in the past to attach them to their shirts, if they are elbow deep in the snow building a snowman. I do what I can to keep them warm and dry, yet still enjoy the beauty of winter/snow.

Good luck!

H. Z. (SAHM 5, 4 and 17 month old boys)

Just want to tell you about awesome snow gloves I have found that work wonderful and go all the way up to the elbows. They are a litle pricey but well worth it. The website is LBow.com, you can also find them on like Amazon.com. I have a 19 month old and the only part of him that used to get cold was his wrists this took care of the problem. Good luck. A.

I get all gloves and mittens at the Rugged Bear in Hanover. You can shop on line also. I buy ski gloves and mittens because of the strap that is around the wrist. Its also a longer glove. I even get mine there!

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